After the Fall

Chapter 13

Jack the Ripper drew back the sheet covering the body that had been placed on an autopsy table. "A female specimen." He pointed out. "This is obviously why the human hunter notified my colleague of the body." Jack gripped the shoulder and hip and pulled turning the woman's corpse on its side. Two small protrusions grew from a point between the shoulder blades. "What appears to be a small budding immature set of wings."

"I guess that's how Garth figured out that it was a nephilim." Dean said.

"I would assume so." Jack agreed. He pointed to a wound in the woman's back. "The cause of death, her spine was severed with a blade. I will even hazard a guess that it was an angel's blade."

"Hadrian has his father's blade." Lucifer said. "I recall seeing him with it before the cage incident."

"Why would Hadrian kill her?" John frowned. "I mean he needs every nephilim on his side right?"

Karel was staring at the body. "She was a pacifist. She would not even defend herself when you came to destroy us. She would not have joined him."

"You know her?" Mary asked.

"Her name was Zora." Karel said "Her father was Jophiel."

Michael and Lucifer shared a glance.

"I remember Jophiel; he was a healer that once worked with Raphael." Michael said.

"Yes, he spoke of his father's love for both angels and humans." Karel said. "And yet he sent you to destroy the issue of his favorites. Tell me where was his love for us? Why did he single us out for persecution? I have read your bible even the original texts you gave to me Gabriel. He had us destroyed but he did not stop there. You did not stop there. I read how you destroyed in his name again and again. Sodom, Gomorrah, Egypt; is this how your father shows love to his children?"

"Karel, it was disobedience that drew down father's wrath." Lucifer said. "He had me cast down and imprisoned for centuries and I was once the most favored of his angels. He will not tolerate disobedience to his will."

"Were we disobedient?" Karel countered. "We had done nothing!"

"You were the evidence of disobedience." Michael said. "Things are different now; we have no desire to destroy nephilim if we can help it."

"But you will destroy Hadrian?" Karel asked.

"It's not like he is leaving us much choice." Gabriel said. "No more of a choice than Abaddon gives us. She started this. Put your knives away Jackie. If Zora here follows the pattern she'll be up and around in a day or two."

"Hadrian will just kill her again." Lucifer spoke up.

"Not if we protect her." Michael said. "It's clear that Hadrian cares nothing about his kinship for you, but you are part angel. Our nephews and nieces deserve our protection."

"I agree." Lucifer said and waved Alistair over. "Karel will remain here under guard. Let no harm come to him or to the body of Zora, when she awakens she will also be under the protection of heaven and hell."

"Wait, you are going to keep me a prisoner here?" Karel sputtered.

"Not a prisoner," Michael said, "Safe, protected."

"Yeah, it's safer here than in the bunker." Sam piped up. "And we can put more of our effort into finding this Hadrian since we won't have to babysit you 24/7."

"An excellent observation Sam, excellent!" Lucifer said. "We can set a contingent of demons to watch over them and those who have been guarding him on Earth can join the search."

"You are speaking of imprisoning me!" Karel shouted.

"Just think of it as witness protection." Gabriel said. "And it will be temporary right Luci? Once we've destroyed Hadrian, Karel here will be free to romp around the Earth to his heart's content."

"Then it's settled, Lucifer, Sam; make the arrangements for your guests." Michael said. "Gabriel you will return with me. I understand that Thor is due to arrive with your children today and you still haven't acquired a house for them."

"Yeah, yeah I'll handle it don't worry." Gabriel said. "So Winchesters not needed to get Karel settled in, are you coming?"

Hadrian looked around the room at the small group of nephilim he had gathered. "Zora rose but she stood against us. I had no choice but to end her renewed existence. Soon our cousin Abaddon will rise. We must prepare."

Hadrian walked over to the counter and picked up a scroll. "We will gather her army; it will be waiting when she comes back to us."

"How will we convince demons to follow us now? Lucifer is firmly in control of Hell they will follow him." A female nephilim spoke up.

"And Lucifer has returned to the bosom of his heavenly family." Another added. "He will not raise a finger to help us against Michael now."

"Gabriel was sympathetic to our plight in the past." A third opined.

"No son of heaven will help us," Hadrian said. "Especially heaven's princes. They salivate at the thought of seeing our blood once again spilled onto the dust of this earth."

"Then what army will we raise without demons or angels to fight at our side?" The first nephilim asked.

"We will seek out the children of Eve." Hadrian said. "They too have been wronged by heaven. But before we approach them, we have need of their blood."

"Now you speak of attacking our potential allies." She argued. "What madness possesses you?"

"We will turn the attack to our benefit." Hadrian explained. "We will leave the impression that the attack comes from heaven and her allies, the human hunters. Abaddon has after all left them with a gift. Some of them resurrect when killed."

Raphael made his way to the garden where Nathaniel was working to rebuild God's throne. The base was almost done, a four sided stairway rising up to a broad flat marble platform.

"Brother!" Nathaniel yelled down from the top. "Have you come to check our progress?"

"There is no need for that Nathaniel, your work ethic is well known. I wish to speak with you about something else. You have been spending much time with Metatron." Raphael said. "I am curious as to your opinion of him. Do you believe he can be trusted? Under supervision of course."

"It would need to be a close supervision." Nathaniel said after a few moments of thought. "After what he did, I don't know that he can ever be trusted again. I have checked the prisons, they remained secure all those whom father imprisoned remained imprisoned during the fall. Perhaps Metatron should be added to the number of heaven's inmates?"

"That is an option that we had not considered." Raphael nodded. "I will take that under advisement. Also, if you could spare the time; the cells in the Men of Letters repository, I need you to check the security of them."

"They have been well warded to hold all known creatures." Nathaniel said.

"I need you to check and ensure that they will hold unknown Creatures, namely nephilim." Raphael said. "I know we held a nephilim there recently but with the situation that is developing, we would all feel better knowing the cell actually can hold one that desires to escape. I think our recent guest may have been held more by his fear of other nephilim than the cell itself."

"Very well brother. I will go do so now." Nathaniel turned and shouted orders at the angels busy rebuilding the throne before turning back to Raphael. "Shall we?"

Inias and Castiel had remained at the bunker. "Castiel, I still do not understand, what fort are we holding down?"

"It is a human saying. It makes no sense to me either but as Gabriel has explained many times the meanings of these phrases has been lost or changed over a period of time. The meaning is figurative and not literal." Castiel said. "In this case a 'fort' was a secure and well-defended haven against one's enemies and to hold it down mean to repel an attack."

"Are we in imminent danger of attack?" Inias asked.

"No, in this case we are expected to ensure things continue to run smoothly in their absence." Castiel said then straightened. "Someone approaches."

The two seraphs let their blades drop into their hands before appearing in the foyer. Castiel nodded to Inias who opened the door to reveal a couple of young people standing there.

"Please tell me that Dean and Sam are here." The girl said. "I need their help."

"What assistance are you in need of?" Castiel asked.

"My name is Krissy Chambers. Just please tell them I need their help." The girl said. "Josephine is dead. Something killed her."

"The Winchesters are not here. I am Castiel, an angel of the Lord." Castiel said vanishing his blade. "You had best enter and tell us what happened to your companion."

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