After the Fall

Chapter 14

"Gabriel I am impressed." Michael said as he looked around the modest house. "I was expecting you to snap up a palace."

"Why would I do that? I mean this is only for show. It's not like they will be spending any time here, they will be off doing whatever it is kids do these days." Gabriel said.

"Hopefully they will be better behaved than their father. You were a holy terror in your youth." Michael said. "Wait let me correct that, you're still a holy terror and you're supposed to be an adult now."

"Ha ha. I take it you want to talk about Jophiel?" Gabriel sighed. "Look, he wasn't the angel you thought he was. He deserved what happened."

"We found your blade next to his body." Michael said "But since we've been reunited I can help but think that it wasn't your blade that killed him. You're too much of a peacekeeper in the family to just kill a brother."

"It's ancient history Michael, just leave it be." Gabriel said. "Changing things now won't bring him back. And there's no need to ruin reputations either."

"Who are you protecting? There was no reason for you to cross paths with him but you took the blame for his death. Why?" Michael pressed.

"He took the blame for Anael, Michael." Raphael said. "As Gabriel has said, Jophiel was not who we believed him to be."

"Anael killed him? Why?" Michel looked at the two younger archangels. "No more falsehoods and deceptions. What happened?"

"As it is in heaven, so it must be on Earth." Gabriel said. "Rape didn't just materialize out of thin air."

"She had taken a human vessel, a female." Gabriel said "He tried to force himself on her and she fought back. Raphael and I heard her screams."

"We arrived in time to watch the grace burst from his vessel. Anael was injured, but he was well respected, she was young. Gabriel and I chose to protect Anael's future." Raphael said, "And Jophiel's reputation."

"Mikey, let it drop. It happened too long ago for you to go worrying about it now." Gabriel said.

"You have lived all this time with the stigma of killing Jophiel but it was not your burden to bear." Michael said.

"And if I hadn't, Raphael would have been forced to punish Anael when she was a victim of Jophiel's lust." Gabriel said. "That would have been a worse burden to bear. This way Raphael and I worked it out and no one had to suffer because Jophiel gave into human corruption."

Michael looked at the two, "You knew where he was didn't you?" he asked Raphael.

"I knew he was with the pagans. It was easier on both of us after he left. Keeping up a façade of hatred is exhausting." Raphael said. "Like Gabriel, I ask that you drop this. Thanks to Metatron's actions we no longer have to act like we hate each other. Besides neither Jophiel nor Anael is here to suffer or benefit from the revealing of this situation."

"I will not reveal it to the host, but Lucifer should also know." Michael said. "We should have known when it happened."

"And what would you have done?" Raphael asked. "Would you have hidden the truth to protect her or would you have insisted on punishment? She killed another angel long before we took to taking up arms against each other."

"This is why we never told you, we spared you from having to make a decision that would have taken two of our siblings from us instead of one." Gabriel said. "Just let this die, please."

Castiel sat patiently while Krissy and her companion ate the sandwiches that he had made. Inias stood at his side also watching and when the teens were finished Inias waved his hand clearing the dishes from the table.

"So Dean and Sam?" Krissy asked.

"They will return when they are able. You may wait for them here but it is imperative that you explain to us what you meant by 'something killed' your friend." Castiel said.

"We don't know what it was." The young man spoke up.

"And you are?" Castiel prompted.

"My name is Aiden. We thought it was a werewolf. But it couldn't have been."

"Why do you think it was not a werewolf?" Inias asked.

"Silver kills werewolves. We stabbed it and we thought it was dead." Krissy said. "But it wasn't. It got up and it killed Josephine."

"So we came here." Aiden said. "Sam and dean know a lot about hunting and they don't treat us like little kids. We thought maybe they would know what it was, and how to kill it."

The two angels stared at each other for a couple of minutes. When Krissy and Aiden were thoroughly creeped out by the silent communication, Inias spoke up.

"I will remain here and guard them while you locate Sam and Dean." Inias turned to the two young people. "You say that Sam and Dean Winchester treat you as adults, we will also regard you in this way. Castiel is leaving to find them. There are things happening that you may not be aware of, they will be explained to you upon Castiel's return but for now you will remain here. Michael will also wish to hear your tale."

"Michael, as in the archangel that tossed the devil into the sea of eternal damnation?" Aiden asked.

"He is the archangel but that particular event will not happen. Our brother Lucifer has been forgiven and regained his place among the host." Castiel said. "Your 'Book of Revelations' has been rendered void."

"Hello my son." The voice echoed in the angel's head. "It is time for you to return to the fold, you brothers have need of you."

Samandriel's eyes opened. "Father?"

"Yes Samandriel, it is I. I have brought you back as I did with Castiel many times." God said. "Many things have happened since you were last aware. The archangels have returned to heaven and you have many new brothers and sisters. But it is time now for you to take up your duties."

"Will I report to Naomi again?" Samandriel asked.

"Naomi is no more. Her actions in setting you against each other are not yet forgiven. She sealed her fate when she began using you as puppets to do her will. As she did in forcing Castiel to kill you." God explained. "Castiel's vessel was controlled by her, Castiel would never do you harm. What happened was not the action of Castiel."

"He has been forgiven?" Samandriel asked. "I am glad; Castiel's has always had such heart. I did not think that his actions were his own."

"Yes Castiel has been forgiven and he is not the only one. The Morningstar has also been welcomed home." God said.

"Lucifer is back?" Samandriel asked shocked.

"Yes, he is once again Michael's second and all four of the pillars of heaven once again take their place." God said. "But I have a specific duty for you. Heaven and hell are allied with each other and with the group of humans known as hunters. These allies have ambitiously thought to work together to train hunters. There will be young humans chosen for this training, you are young also Samandriel, these young people can relate to you. I am sending you to Michael. You will tell him that I have chosen you to counsel the young humans and to be their confidante."

"I am not allowed heaven, father?" Samandriel asked.

"You are free to come and go to bask in the presence of your family, but your place will be on Earth. You will not be alone; Gabriel, Castiel, Uriel and Balthazar will also be on Earth. You will have brothers to commune with there also." God smiled "Now go, your resurrection will bring much joy to Castiel, he wallows in grief and guilt for the actions he was forced to under Naomi's influence.'

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