After the Fall

Chapter 16

"Whoa! Slow down Sugar! Where's the fire?" Spicy asked as Dean barreled into the building with Sam trailing him. "I mean His Highness is running to keep up with you, and that takes some doing with those long legs of his."

"Where is she?" Dean demanded looking around.

"Oh I'm going to go out on a limb here and take a guess, you mean young Krissy and her companion?" Spicy grinned. "I believe Michael is enrolling them in our little school here."

"I think he got her to realize that they need more experience and knowledge before tackling the big baddies out there." Spicy said. "They realize just how lucky they are to have gotten away from an 'immortal' werewolf."

"Dean, Sam;" Michael greeted as he stepped into the reception area. "I take it that you've come to see Krissy?"

"Is she alright?" Dean asked.

"She is fine; she and her friend Aiden have simply come to recognize that they are not invincible a bit earlier than most humans." Michael said. "They are with Uriel who is speaking to them about the werewolf they encountered. Inias is arranging for lodgings for them and then they will be learning how to correctly confront the monsters they wish to hunt. And they have already made a 'friend'."

"A friend?" Sam asked. "Who?'

The question was answered with a flutter of wings as Samandriel appeared.

"Alfie!" Dean said. "I thought you were dead? I mean you didn't show up with the rest of the God Squad."

"Hello Dean and Sam. Father chose to wait to resurrect me until I had a purpose." Samandriel said. "He is impressed with what you are building here and thought that I would be of help with the young people who will be coming here."

"So what, you're like an angel student advisor?" Dean asked.

"Father has charged me with counseling the young people who will be coming to this place to help them adjust." Samandriel explained. "Are those the duties of a student adviser?"

"More like a Resident Advisor." Sam said. "Don't worry; you'll be good at it."

"I am grateful for your faith in me Sam." Samandriel said.

"Okay now that we're done with all the back patting, where is Krissy?" Dean asked.

"Come, I will take you to them. Uriel thought that perhaps you should hear their story." Samandriel explained. "Abaddon's spell is not just local. He says that it will affect hunters far from here."

"Kiddos!" Gabriel smiled as he opened the door for his family. "Thor come on in. I got the house pretty much done but I figured I'd leave you guy's bedrooms for you to decorate the way you wanted."

"This dwelling is small in comparison to your Asgardian home brother." Thor noted as he stepped inside. "I take it you intend to blend in with the locals?"

"There's no blending in really. They know what I am, but that doesn't mean that we intend to flaunt that fact. The goal is to assimilate into the community, not lord it over them." Gabriel explained as he watched his kids head up the stairs to pick out their rooms.

"And create a generation of hunters better able to kill what they hate?" Thor asked.

"Hate is normally rooted in fear, brother. By having them know us, we should cut down on the hate. Maybe they can learn that everything supernatural is not automatically, evil." Gabriel said. "We can get them to focus on the ones that pose a threat rather than just kill everything different."

"An admirable goal my brother but isn't it the religion of your father that teaches us the road to hell is paved with good intentions?" Thor countered. "Are you positive that this scheme will not indeed lead to your brother Lucifer's domain?"

"I'm pretty sure Dad won't let that happen." Gabriel said as the kids came back downstairs.

"Daddy, can I get a canopy bed?" Hel asked.

"You can have whatever you want Baby girl, same for you boys." Gabriel said. "There's a catalog in the kitchen that should give you some ideas. You guys decide what you want."

Gabriel watched his children fondly before turning back to his pagan brother. "And what about you, aren't you going to see which room they left you." Then Gabriel noticed the Norse god didn't have anything with him, not even that stupid hammer. "I've heard of packing light but you haven't packed at all!"

"I am not staying. I cannot be away from Asgard for too long." Thor explained. "However Mother and Brunhilde should be arriving tomorrow."

"Oh hells no!" Gabriel said picking up his cell phone and dialing a number while muttering to himself.

"Loki, what are you doing?" Thor asked, thinking his brother was having some sort of fit.

"Calling my realtor! I refuse to have that woman under my roof!" The archangel/trickster exclaimed.

"This is how you feel about the woman who adopted you as her son?"

"What? No! Not Mom, Brunhilde you vitskertr! The last time I was anywhere near that bitch, she grabbed me by the balls and threatened to tear them off!" Gabriel said. He stood up a little straighter as the call connected. "Hey Neicy, no the house is perfect but I need another one. I need to go on the mother-in-law plan! No not my mother in law, a distant cousin. Believe me if she's miles away from me it will be worth it!"

Thor chuckled. It wasn't everyday he could throw Loki into a full blown panic.

Dean released Krissy after one of his 'glad you're alive' hugs while Sam just shook his head. Krissy was a girl and was allowed to have a chick flick moment if she wanted to.

"We're sorry about Josephine but why were you hunting a werewolf in the first place?" Sam asked. "Hunting them is completely different than hunting a vampire."

"Yeah, why didn't you call me or Sammy?" Dean asked.

"We're not little kids." Aiden spoke up.

"Right and did you call anybody before you rushed off all Van Helsing on it?" Dean asked. "You've got our numbers and I gave you Garth's number."

"It was a werewolf." Krissy said. "That's basic hunting, silver bullet."

"Except there are things going on that you don't know about." Sam said. "There's a reason we told you to call us before you went off hunting again."

"If you had, we could have warned you about monsters not staying dead." Dean added.

"There is no need to emphasize their error." Uriel said. "I trust that the lesson has been learned and at a high cost. They have agreed to remain here and to learn how to hunt with less risk."

"Good." Dean said. "You're going to have an awesome teacher." Uriel cleared his throat. "Awesome teachers."

"We will prepare to hunt. You will learn about many creatures, perhaps even some that the vessels have not encountered." Uriel said. "There will be no more just going off hunting; it will be a coordinated effort with an organized support system."

"This is something we have needed for a long time. Instead of one man trying to do everything, Bobby Singer, we'll have people doing research, and we've got the full backing of heaven, and hell." Sam said. "And we've got an entire town backing us."

"If nothing else we won't all be running around stepping on each other's toes," Dean said "And we can ease you guys into the more dangerous hunts."

"Indeed perhaps even pair you up with more experienced hunters." Uriel said. "But for now Samandriel will see to getting your lodgings arranged."

Curtis Thorne had been a hunter since he had lost his girlfriend to a troll in college. They were both avid spelunkers and when they had learned that there was a network of natural caves in the mountains no more than an hour away from the campus, they had to go. Curtis still had nightmares of the day she had died.

It was also the day he had met Garth Fitzgerald IV. Garth had told him that there were all sorts of creatures out there that were a threat to people and that Garth hunted them. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed the hunter's number, peering out into the darkness as he waited for the call to connect.

Of course it was just his luck to get Garth's voicemail. "Hey Garth its Curt. I've got a bit of a situation here. I'm in Louisiana; I picked up the trail of a shifter. Looks like it decided to take to the swamp. I'll be out of pocket for a bit. I'm going to leave the car at this little rest stop off I-10. I'll check in in a couple of hours." Curtis slipped the phone in his pocket then checked his weapons. It would be better to have a partner but he had left a message. Time to hunt, he thought to himself as he got out of his car and locked the door. He walked across the parking lot and slipped into the woods.

It didn't take him long to pick up the trail. He found himself going deeper into the swamp than he had planned. The trail was just too fresh. He had the chance to catch the damned thing, something no hunter worth his salt would ignore. He was well armed with silver ammo, a silver knife and a couple of syringes of silver nitrate. Turning back was not an option.

The sound of something rustling in the underbrush set his senses on high alert. He silently took the safety off of his gun just in time to bring it up as a hairy body leapt at him from the bushes. The hunter half panicked at the dead weight pinning him down for a moment before he gathered his wits and pushed the body off.

Curtis scrabbled backwards on his butt until he felt the solid comfort of a tree at his back. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed and chuckled at his panic. "Dammit! Curtis Thorne you're worse than a girl!"

The hunter got to his feet and walked over to the corpse that lay on the ground and reached down for the knife that he had dropped. He straightened up and slid the blade into the sheath on his belt. He had just turned around to pick up his gun when he felt a sharp pain in his lower back.

"Lucifer, good. We need to talk." Michael said as he sat down. "Have a seat. I have spoken to Gabriel and Raphael and learned of something that we didn't know. I think you should also be aware of it. Our brothers may have inadvertently contributed to this whole apocalypse mess."

Lucifer sat down slowly. "Raphael I could see maybe being involved but Gabriel? We both know that he was never interested in anything that set us against each other."

"Which is why I stressed inadvertently. You never believed that he was responsible for Jophiel's death. That he was not was confirmed today. I also discovered that Raphael's contempt for him all these centuries was a lie." Michael said.

"Raphael was faking it? Why?" Lucifer asked.

"They were protecting Jophiel's killer, Anael." Michael answered.

"Anael killed Jophiel? But why would she do that?" Lucifer asked. "Back then she wouldn't have killed a flea!"

"I'm aware. Her reason was just, and this explains why her personality underwent such a drastic change." Michael said. "It also may explain why Father chose to order the destruction of the nephilim."

"I'm lost Mike, maybe you'd better start filling in some of the blanks." Lucifer leaned back in his seat crossing his arms.

"Jophiel attacked Anael and she killed him in self-defense. Gabriel and Raphael were the first to arrive. They took it upon themselves to obscure the facts of what had happened. Raphael spirited Anael away to heal her and Gabriel dropped his blade before leaving the scene himself. As they put it we lost one sibling rather than two, and Jophiel's reputation was protected." Michael sighed. "And we never knew of the corruption that had grown within Jophiel during his time on Earth."

"If Jophiel had been corrupted, then the others had probably been corrupted too." Lucifer figured out quickly. "And passed the corruption to their children."

"I believe that was Father's logic, yes." Michael agreed. "And the destruction of the nephilim was the straw that broke the camels back in our already strained relationship."

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