After the Fall

Chapter 17

"I believe that we may be able to study Abaddon's death spell, with study we may be able to counteract it." Zachariah said as he appeared unannounced in Michael's office on Earth.

"How do you plan to do that?" Lucifer asked. "Last I heard we didn't know what type of spell she used."

"We didn't. However, I have located one of the creatures affected by her spell, and am currently tracking it." Zachariah said. "We should be able to capture it alive and then we can kill it as many times as necessary to find out how it is resurrecting."

"Where is it now?" Michael asked.

"Here." Zachariah pointed to a spot on the globe sitting on Michael's desk. "Just west of the place the mud monkeys call Baton Rouge Louisiana, in the Atchafalaya Swamp."

"I'll get Gabriel and the Winchesters. If we're going after something that's been zapped by Abaddon, we'd be stupid to do it with anything but our 'big guns'." Lucifer said.

"Since I found it when it killed a hunter, taking those two stubborn hairless apes along would probably be for the best." Zachariah agreed.

"Three, John and Mary are also here but Mary will be busy teaching." Michael said. "I will gather Gabriel; I'd suggest that you gather the Winchesters Luce. Zachariah prepare a squad to join us."

"I'll bring Alistair and Meg also. Sam of course has Belarus." Lucifer said. "Along with the two of us and Gabriel, I think we can handle a werewolf, even an enchanted one."

"Agreed brother." Michael said as he stood up. "Oh and Zachariah, please tell Raphael to prepare a cell in heaven. We will confine it there."

"We should gather at the bunker and brief everyone at the same time." Lucifer said. "That way we only have to answer a dozen questions one time."

"A sound plan, Lucifer. I will gather Gabriel and join you soon." Michael said and the two archangels vanished from the office, each to complete his assigned task.

Michael reached out a finger tentatively pushing the button as a melodic chime reached his ears due to his angelic hearing. He waited patiently as the door was opened. Fenrir grinned and pulled the door all the way open.

"Hey Dad, Uncle Mikey is here!" The young pagan gestured the archangel inside. "Everyone is in the kitchen."

Michael followed Fenrir to find his brother surrounded by his children and hunched over a catalog.

"Come on Hel! This is so stereotypically 'girly'. White French Provincial furniture and pink bedding?" Gabriel teased. "I can't believe my baby girl is betraying me with normalcy. Oh the shame, how will I hold my head up at the next Trickster's convention?"

"You're the only Trickster Dad. So it shouldn't be too hard." Jormungandr snarked.

"Hey, stop ganging up on your old man or I'll have to ask your uncle for backup! Right Mikey?" Gabriel said.

"I need to speak with you. Zachariah came to me with news." Michael said causing Gabriel to lift his head from the catalog.

"Give us a sec kiddos." Gabriel said seeing the seriousness of Michael's expression. "I think Michael and I need to have a little grown up talk."

Michael waited until the young pagans had left the room. "Zachariah has managed to locate a creature affected by Abaddon's spell and is tracking it. We intend to follow and capture it. Hopefully by doing so we will discover how to counteract it."

"So what? You came to ask my permission?" Gabriel asked. "Have at it."

"Actually I came to collect you. As Lucifer put it, 'we'd be stupid to do it with anything but our 'big guns'. You are an archangel so you qualify as a big gun." Michael said.

"Great timing there. The kids just got here. They aren't even settled in yet." Gabriel grumbled.

"I do not ask lightly Gabriel. I know that reconnecting with your 'children' is important to you but until we stop Abaddon there is a risk to all of us, including your children." Michael said.

"What kind of creature is it?" Gabriel asked.

"A shifter, Zachariah believes some manner of canine." Michael answered.

"Dad, I want to go with you and Uncle Mike." Fenrir said from the doorway.

"You know kiddo when I asked to speak with my brother in private it wasn't so that you would eavesdrop." Gabriel said.

"I'm the great wolf Dad, I didn't eavesdrop intentionally. I just have really good hearing." Fenrir said. "I've got a really good nose too. I can you help track whatever it is."

"No kiddo. You stay here with your sister and brothers. I want you to stay safe." Gabriel said.

"Gabriel, perhaps you should let him come. Fenrir has a point, he does have heightened senses and he handled himself well in assisting you and Lucifer before." Michael broke in. "And before you tell me that he is your son, I'm well aware of that. You have taught him well, trust that he has taken your teaching to heart and treat him as the adult that he is. It took Lucifer pointing out that you and Raphael were adults to me. I still have the tendency to shelter both you and Raphael but I realize that it is past time I trust you to be the adult angels that we raised you to be. If I can manage this, you should have no trouble baby brother."

"I would still prefer that you stay here, but Michael is right. You are an adult the decision is yours." Gabriel huffed.

"Good, we must go." Michael said. "We need to meet Lucifer and Zachariah at the bunker for a briefing since we are taking the Winchesters with us."

"Garth he was your friend, we get that." Sam said as he laid a hand on the hunter's shoulder in comfort. "But right now you aren't thinking straight. We need this one alive, maybe we can figure out how to kill these things so they don't kill anyone else."

"Right now you're focused on revenge, we can't risk you trying to kill it and getting yourself killed too." Dean said. "Revenge doesn't have any place in what we're going to try to do here."

"Come off it Dean." Garth said. "You're telling me about revenge? Revenge was the whole reason you and Sam went after Dick Roman. Cause he killed Bobby."

"We won't deny that was a part of it." Sam started.

"Not helping Sam." Dean cut in. "Yeah, Dick killed Bobby, but we were already hunting him before Bobby died. We had been after Dick from the moment we found out he was the head Leviathan and Bobby had been right there with us from day one. So don't try to compare that to this."

"Obviously we've missed something." Gabriel said as he, Michael and Fenrir appeared next to Lucifer who leaned against the counter eating popcorn.

"Somehow Garth found out that we're going after this thing." Lucifer said as he tossed a kernel of popcorn into the air catching in his open mouth. He chewed and swallowed. "Now Garth wants to crash the party, and our former vessels are just as adamant that he stays here."

Gabriel snuck a hand into the bag of popcorn. "So basically we're watching the clash of the irresistible force and the immovable objects."

"Pretty much." Lucifer agreed holding the bag out for Fenrir to help himself to a handful of popcorn.

"Enough!" Michael roared. "We have work to do and you waste time with your silly argument. Garth you will remain here. It is of great importance that someone warns the other hunters of the risk and that task falls to you. You are the one who has been organizing the hunters since the beginning of this fight against Abaddon. Remain focused on your task."

Garth glared at the angel while Dean piped up "Yeah. Thanks Michael."

"Shut up Dean. We are taking you, Sam and John only because of your experience hunting and Gabriel and Fenrir will be with you at all times. You aren't going to get any closer to this creature than Garth will in the end. Once you locate it, Lucifer and I will capture it using the angels and Hell Knights."

"Wait a minute, if we hunt this thing…" Dean started.

"Deano, Mikey was issuing orders, not inviting a discussion." Gabriel said. "Now can we get to it? I was in the middle of getting my kids settled in."

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