After the Fall

Chapter 18

Once Michael had laid down the law it didn't take very much longer for the hunters to get themselves ready. However they weren't using to having their bags checked, by their mother of all people. Mary was going along and poking into the bags making sure her 'boys' which included John at this point hadn't forgotten anything.

"Mary will you stop worrying. I taught them how to pack for a hunt." John said.

"That's not comforting me John. No one taught you how to pack for a hunt." Mary countered as she looked up from Sam's bag. "Where's your wolfs bane? If this is a canine shifter, you need wolfs bane."

"Mom, I have an Archangel, The Great Wolf of Ragnarok and a squad of demon bodyguards. Not to mention the Devil himself is going to be nearby." Sam explained. "I think I can get by without the wolfs bane."

"Don't you dare argue with me Samuel Winchester!" Mary scolded. "If I say you need wolfs bane, you need wolfs bane!"

"Uh excuse me but I happen to be allergic to wolfs bane." Fenrir spoke up.

"One of the reasons we didn't pack any." John said. "Mary stop it. The boys know what they are doing; you don't need to baby them."

"John have you forgotten that they are my babies? And I don't care how old they get, or how big," Mary craned her neck to look up at Sam. "They are always going to be those same little babies that I carried around in my womb for nine months!"

John sighed. "And they will always be my boys too Mary. They boys that I taught to hunt, shoot, fight and yes kill monsters. I taught them everything that I know and they have proven themselves over and over. They stopped an apocalypse. I'm not going to cheapen what they have done by treating them like kids."

"Jeez, give Winchester wings and he turns into Pa Walton." Gabriel said. "Can we get a move on? In case you've forgotten we are supposed to be hunting down a shifter, and I've got kiddies to get home to."

"Gabriel is right. We're wasting time." Michael said. "And Mary, we do have a couple of students that need to learn about hunting. So you need to meet with Uriel and figure out where to start with them."

"Be careful. I want you boys back in one piece." Mary said giving both of her sons a kiss on the cheek. "And keep your father out of trouble."

Hadrian looked at the building in front of him. Although he was half human he was astounded by their arrogance. Here in this unguarded building a text of great power was housed because humans had no idea of what it was or the power it held. They labeled it ignorant, superstitious nonsense.

Inside this building was a collection of knowledge that predated even the Sumerians. Records written by the nephilim long before the cleansing, knowledge brought from heaven itself by their forefathers and that knowledge was said to contain the secrets of the creator himself recorded by Metatron.

Abaddon's spell had resurrected all of the nephilim. Now Hadrian would use this knowledge to resurrect Abaddon and then they would hunt down the rest of the nephilim. The nephilim would join them or like Zora, they would die at Hadrian's hands.

Hadrian made his way up the stairs and into the building. He wasted no time going to the directory and finding the name he wanted. He made his way down the hall to the door marked 'Professor Morrison' and opened it to see a bespectacled man sitting in a chair completely engrossed in an old scroll.

"You are Professor Morrison? You have something that I require." Hadrian spoke.

The man didn't raise his head from the scroll. "Office hours are from 10 to 2 on Fridays. Make an appointment and come back then."

"I'm afraid that my need is immediate Professor." Hadrian said reaching across the desk and grabbing the startled man by the throat. "I must insist that we conduct our meeting right now. You recently came into possession of a group of stone tablets, I want them."

Dean slapped another mosquito intent on sucking his blood. "I hate the swamp! These freaking little winged vampires are trying to suck me dry."

"It's not that bad Dean." Sam said.

"Easy for you to say. They aren't trying to eat you for some reason. In fact they aren't trying to eat anyone except me." Dean realized he was the only one being bothered. "Why is that?"

"They can sense what isn't human and they avoid it." Lucifer explained. "Just shows that insects are so much more intelligent than you hairless apes."

"Sammy's human. They aren't biting him." Dean grumbled.

"He is no longer entirely human." Belarus said. "He is a ruler of hell with dominion over demons."

"Being part demon does have its benefits." Gabriel smirked. "But hey, I like you Dean so here." The trickster manifested a can of Off insect repellant. "Don't say I never gave you anything."

"We should stop the chatter. I think we're getting close." Fenrir said. "My senses are sharper in wolf form." The pagan began to shift allowing his form to gain mass until the wolf's shoulder was level with his father's head.

"Now I know where the big bad wolf came from." Sam said as the others followed the path the pagan god had used to venture deeper into the swamp.

Lucifer suddenly grabbed Dean and yanked him back before reaching down and grabbing a serpent from the ground. "You don't want to step on him. Eastern Diamondbacks are venomous and they don't hesitate to strike when they sense a threat."

"Then he should be biting you. I can't think of anything much more threatening than the devil." Dean said.

"He knows Lucifer is no threat to him." Gabriel said. "Lucifer loves the Earth and its many creatures. Well except for most humans, but he's working on it."

"I no longer think you should all be wiped out of existence, just the largest majority of you." Lucifer said as he released the snake in the brush along the side of the path.

"So you actually like some of us?" Dean asked.

"I like Sam, the rest of you that I don't want to smite get a pass because Sam likes you." Lucifer said walking off.

"Don't let him fool you. He has a reputation to uphold you know." Gabriel said. "He'll never admit it out loud but he does actually like some of you for yourselves and not because of your connection to Sam."

"Are you saying he's getting soft?" Sam asked.

"No just more tolerant." Gabriel said then suddenly stopped and whistled. Fenrir bounded through the trees to post himself in front of the hunters alongside Gabriel. Gabriel tilted his head to the side in the way of all angels. "Time to hit the road. Lucifer and Michael have the shifter cornered, but the battle is headed in this direction."

Belarus suddenly appeared a very ugly looking club held in his hand. "We must leave now."

"Yeah I got the message already." Gabriel said snapping his fingers and transporting the group to the bunker. "Fenrir I need you to take care if Freya when she arrives. I may be busy for a while. This shifter doesn't know the meaning of the word cooperation." The archangel said as he disappeared.

Jack sighed as he made his way to the small suite of rooms where the nephilim were being held. He had managed to avoid them so far. Being anywhere near them set his teeth on edge. But the female Zora had demanded his presence and invoked Lucifer's wrath should he ignore her summons.

Opening the door he was greeted by the pair of demons set to guard the two. "Did she tell you what she wants?"

"No, only that she had information that Lucifer would deem of great importance." One of the demons answered.

The torturer groaned. "Then its best that I get this over with." Jack knocked on the door to the nephilim's room mentally preparing himself for the discomfort to come.

The door opened. "I'm flattered. Hell's Grand Torturer answers my summons." The nephilim said. "I'm well aware that my presence disturbs you so I will make this quick. If Hadrian has not already done so, he will make it a point to track down the tablets of Ezra."

"Tablets of Ezra?" Jack asked. "I take it that these tablets are important."

"More than you know. Let the Morningstar know that Ezra was in the middle of transcribing the words of the creator." Zora said.

"There are bibles all over Earth. Humans transcribe the creator's words at will." Jack said.

"Not these words." Zora explained. "It was never confirmed to us but many of us heard our fathers arguing about Ezra's work. These words were the incantations that God spoke when bringing forth life to the universe."

"This is of grave importance. Lucifer is not available but I will take your warning to his regent immediately." Jack said.

"Please tell me these two have not been hunting." Mary said when Uriel introduced her to her two young students.

"I've been hunting for a few years now." Krissy said.

"Really? And what have you hunted?" Mary asked.

"Mostly vampires." Krissy answered. "A vampire killed my father."

"And you've been concentrating on them ever sense then. Am I right?" Mary ventured. "That doesn't make you a hunter little girl. It makes you a vengeful human with no idea of what is really out there."

"I know how to take care of myself." Krissy argued.

"Show me your journal." Mary demanded.

"What?" Krissy asked confused.

"Your journal. Every hunter keeps a journal. You never know when you will come across a creature again and that journal with your notes could save your life." Mary explained.

"Sam and Dean didn't say anything about a journal." Krissy said.

"Mmmhmm. And did they know that you intended to keep hunting or did they think you were going to be the young girl that you are?" Mary shook her head. "Okay you don't have a journal, how much research do you do before you go out to track something?" Mary waited. "Okay from the blank look, I'm going to assume that research isn't very high on your to do list either. As of this moment forget what you think you know, we are starting from square one. Get some sleep; you are going to need it. We'll start in the morning with basic self-defense and just to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to, I personally kicked Dean Winchesters ass when he was an experienced hunter and I wasn't much older than you. I didn't take it easy on him, and I won't take it easy on you either."

"If I may make a suggestion Mary, perhaps having Dean assist you would encourage them to take your lessons to heart." Uriel said.

"That's a wonderful idea. Besides, there's more that Dean could learn also. John did the best he could but he wasn't a Campbell." Mary said. "I'll bring the boys with me in the morning."

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