After the Fall

Chapter 19

"Hey guys, you remember mentioning that professor in Seattle? What was his name?" Kevin asked as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Morrison." Sam answered. "Last I heard he was on sabbatical studying the Trobiand Islanders, why?"

"I think you'd better take a look at this." Kevin held out a sheet of paper. "He was found dead in his office this evening. Somebody killed him; I think it was that nephilim you've been looking for."

Dean walked over and took the paper from Sam. "A witness saw a guy with wings leaving his office this afternoon and the janitor found him when he went to clean tonight. Son of a bitch!"

"You act like you knew this professor." John said as he took the page to read it.

"He helped us out with translations a few times after Bobby died." Sam said. "He didn't deserve this. He wasn't a hunter. Why would he even be on Hadrian's radar?"

"I think I may be able to clear that up." Spicy said sashaying into the room. "Jackie gave me a message for Lucifer but he's not here and I have a feeling this is connected to that message."

The demon looked like she had gotten trapped in a bad 80s movie. She was wearing a bodysuit with tights and leg warmers. Teased hair and a head band completed the look.

"I know you're a demon but why do you look like you just escaped from an old Olivia Newton John video?" John asked.

"Well Damn! Is there any such thing as an ugly Winchester man?" Spicy sidled up to John and gave him a grin. "You're making me rethink my aversion to older men!"

"Spicy! Stop flirting with my dad. He's a married man." Dean shouted. "Besides my mom would kick your ass."

"Spicy just give me the message." Sam sighed.

"Of course tall, royal and handsome. According to the female nephilim that is enjoying our 'hospitality', one of those fallen angels that fathered the nephilim was translating and recording some texts that God had dictated to Metatron. Supposedly that included the incantations that the creator used when bringing forth life. She thinks Hadrian is looking for these tablets which are older than cuneiform."

Sam frowned. "That would make it older than the oldest known writing. If Professor Morrison had stumbled across tablets like that…"

"Pack your bags boys, we've got a hunt." John said. "We need to know if this Hadrian found the tablets."

"I think we could use Cas' help with this one. Somebody needs to find out what Metatron put in those tablets." Sam said.

"I'll give Cas the heads up." Dean said. "You pack the Impala."

"Nathaniel, I must speak with Metatron immediately." Castiel said as he appeared in heaven next to where the disgraced scribe was spreading out blueprints.

"By speaking with him, I hope you do not imply smiting him." Nathaniel said, his childish face screwing up into a frown.

"It is not my intention but depending on the course of our discussion I cannot promise you that the temptation will not arise." Castiel honestly answered.

"If it does, control yourself." The seraph answered. "At least until Father's new throne is completed."

"And to what do I owe this displeasure, Castiel? Michael has reassigned me to the secretarial pool except when Nathaniel needs my help and other than that I'm stuck for eternity filing routine requisition requests in triplicate." Metatron said. "I have been banned not only from the base of God's throne once it is completed; I'm banned from the Garden. What misery have you come to heap on me now?"

"I have not come to further your punishment, I came to ask what you recorded of the creation?" Castiel said.

"Father only had me record the events as they unfolded." Metatron answered.

"I did not ask what father had told you to record, I asked what you had recorded." Castiel countered.

"I only recorded what he told me to record." Metatron said. "You may not believe this after what has happened, but I'm not stupid Castiel. Recording Father's methods would have been a highly dangerous move. Even if I had known how he had done it I wouldn't have recorded that information. If I had, I would have just created my own universe instead of casting out the angels in this one and locking down heaven."

"So there is no tablet telling of how to create life? Or how to resurrect the dead?" Castiel questioned.

They knowledge of resurrection is something that every angel is created with. There is no need for a tablet explaining it. And Father has always been jealous of his knowledge of creation." Metatron said. "What's with the twenty questions?"

"It seems that there are rumors floating that one of our brethren who sired nephilim was translating your work and that one of the tablets he was translating held the incantations father used when creating the cosmos." Castiel explained.

"Let me guess, you speak of Ezra?" Metatron sighed at Castiel's nod. "Figures. Look Ezra always had 'issues with his self-worth. He wanted a position with the Archangels but they all passed him over. Ezra's 'translations' were a falsehood he created hoping that Michael would choose him over Zachariah. Evidently our respected archangels weren't very gentle in letting him down. Raphael declared him inept, Lucifer wouldn't even consider him and Gabriel laughed in his face. Michael was his last chance and, well we all know who Michael chose."

"It would seem that Ezra's insecurities live on in rumors." Castiel said. "I pray you are telling the truth brother."

"I've been bitch slapped enough by those four assholes." Metatron said scowling at the thought of the archangels. "Believe me; I am not giving them reason to do it again."

"Agents, I figured you federal guys were going to show up sooner or later." The sheriff said as he sat in his office speaking to the Winchesters. "I wasn't expecting it to be National Security though. Guess I should have when I saw Morrison's file was flagged."

"We have a vested interest in his studies." John said.

"You must be talking about those old rocks with the scratches all over them." The sheriff nodded. "Do you think that's why he was killed? The murderer wasted his time then. The professor was forced to give them up about a month ago. Some people from the Smithsonian, something about the 'magnitude of the find'; something like that. Anyway Morrison had the rocks and all of his research confiscated. He bellyached to everyone in town that would listen."

"Thank you for your time Sheriff." John said. "One more thing, what was his address. We'd like to check his residence before we wrap this up."

"Just ask Sally to look it up for you. Lord knows the old woman needs to do something to justify her paycheck." The sheriff turned to a stack of files clearly dismissing the agents.

The group got the professor's home address from the Sheriff's secretary and made their way outside.

"So now we know your Professor found those tablets on his sabbatical." John said.

"Yeah but it's weird that the government is involved. Why confiscate everything from him?" Dean asked.

"We're talking about writing that predates Sumerian. That's one hell of an archeological find. You really can't measure the importance something like that would have in the Academic community." Sam said. "The bragging rights alone."

"So Uncle Sam nabbed the stuff so that they could have bragging rights?" Dean scoffed.

"It's one of those discoveries people will still be talking about hundreds of years from now." Sam shrugged. "Wars have been fought over less."

The Archangels had managed to get the shifter into one of the cells in heaven, but keeping it there was taking quite a bit of work. The cells had been created to hold angels and demons but this shifter had a core of humanity which required constantly repairing cracks and reinforcing the construction.

"This is not working." Raphael said as he noticed another crack. "We no sooner repair one weakness when another presents itself."

"Yeah, I kind of feel like that kid in the painting sticking my finger in a dyke to hold back the floodwaters." Gabriel agreed then added. "Don't even go there Luci."

"Brothers you appear to be having some difficulties." Castiel said as he appeared.

"No shit Sherlock!" Lucifer said. "This isn't exactly the brightest idea we've had in a millennium."

"Castiel, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be keeping an eye on things back in Lebanon." Michael demanded.

"I apologize for disobeying my orders Commander. But I believe that it is warranted and Uriel and Verchiel remain in the vicinity." Castiel explained.

"What could be so important that you're here Cassie?" Gabriel asked.

"I needed to consult with Metatron. Certain tablets have been found on Earth and the nephilim Zora warned us that they might present a danger. Metatron assures me that this is not the case, due to his fear of your wrath, I believe that he is being truthful." Castiel said.

"You have determined that they present no threat yet you have not returned to your post." Michael pointed out.

"Hadrian has resurfaced. He killed a human know to the Winchesters in an attempt to locate these tablets." Castiel pointed out. "I believed that you would wish to know of his activities."

"Damn straight we do." Lucifer said. "I suggest we try imprisoning this thing in hell. The cells there will hold a human soul. Then we get back to trying to find Hadrian. I will make it clear that you have the authority to come and go as you please Raphael."

"That would be for the best since stopping Hadrian is the priority." Raphael agreed.

"Especially now that we know he hasn't resurrected Abaddon." Gabriel added.

"How do you come to this conclusion?" Castiel asked.

"If he had, he wouldn't be running around looking for Ezra's tablet." Gabriel said. "He and Abaddon would be running around raising hell."

Sam, Dean and John stood in the foyer looking around Professor Morrison's modest home. It was a single story ranch three bedroom 2 bath house that had been meticulously cared for.

"So there's the master bedroom, and a guest bedroom. Looks like he used the third bedroom for an office." John said. "Dean you take the master bedroom, Sam the office. I'll check the guest room then start on the living room. You guys head to the kitchen when you're done."

Sam nodded and made his way down the hall to the room Morrison had been using as his home office. One wall was taken up by a built in bookcase. A variety of college textbooks occupied most of the shelves.

Dismissing the books Sam moved to the desk. A stack of unpaid sat on the desk along with several files. Sam flipped through them briefly before deciding they held nothing of interest. He tried to pull open the top drawer of the desk only to find that it was locked.

Looking around he found an old style letter opener under the stack of bills. It figured Morrison would have one like this. Sam used the tip of the blade to jimmy open the lock. Pulling the drawer open he softly said "Bingo." And pulled out a journal. Flipping through the pages he realized that the government didn't get everything. "Hey guys! I found something!"

Dean and john came through the door almost at the same time. Sam held up the journal. "Looks like they missed this. Morrison's journal."

"Anything important in it?" Dean asked.

Looks like he was keeping a detailed journal. Right down to making note of the coordinates of every place he stopped." Sam flipped the book open. "Listen to this:

October 5th, my guide and I we caught in a sudden downpour and had to seek shelter from the rain. I know as a scientist I'm not supposed to be superstitious but I can't help but feel it was divine providence that brought us to this cave. The walls are covered in what can only be writing. It's similar to cuneiform but different and too far away from what was considered Sumeria. This means that we may have it all wrong; there may have been a civilization even older than the Sumerian civilization.

He knew he was onto something. I guess this was his way of protecting his discovery."

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