After the Fall

Chapter 2

"Did you try cutting off its head? Well try fire, if that doesn't work then try running really, really fast." Garth said as he disconnected the call.

"Hunter?" The young waitress asked as she refilled his coffee.

Garth gave her a wary look. "What makes you think that?"

"Let's see; you're in Lebanon Kansas, a town that was almost overrun by demons a couple of weeks ago. Then there's the fact that you're dressed like you live out of your car but you answered your phone claiming to be an FBI agent; take your pick." She grinned. "But mostly because this reservation was made by Uriel. I figure if you're dining with an angel there's a reason for it."

"Oh. I guess you guys would pay attention to strangers coming into town after Abaddon tried to possess everybody." Garth said. "I just don't understand why I'm here."

"Well kiddo, I'm about to explain that for you." Gabriel said appearing in the booth across from him.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to how you angels do that." The waitress said. "Can I get you anything or are you going to give me the 'I am an angel of the Lord and I do not require sustenance' speech?"

"Sounds like you've met my brother Castiel." Gabriel chuckled. "I may not require sustenance, but there's no law that says I can't enjoy it. I think a slice of that 7 layer chocolate cake and a big strawberry milkshake would hit the spot."

"Aha! You must be Gabriel. Uriel warned us that you had a serious sweet tooth. Coming right up." She said and went to place the order.

"So I'll get straight to the point, the fine citizens of Lebanon had the bad luck of being the town closest to the spot The Men of Letters chose to locate their main information repository. That's why Abaddon dumped a shitload of demons in their laps." The archangel said. "But their bad luck is a blessing for hunters here in the US. They know what's hiding in the dark so they want to do something, to be a part of protecting the masses from things that go bump in the night."

"Okay but what do you need me for? Sam and Dean are pretty much residents now." Garth said.

"They are the ones sitting on the knowledge and we have plans where they are concerned. The thing is some people want to be more involved, to become hunters themselves. That's where you come in kiddo. They need someone to teach them." Gabriel paused as the waitress returned with his order. "We've managed to cover most of the bases but they need practical experience learning from a hunter that knows what they are doing. That's where you come in."

"What, like on the job training?" Garth asked.

"That works." Gabriel said as he slurped his shake. "The truth is that hunters have never really had any kind of training unless you guys managed to find a Bobby to hook up with or like my two favorite chuckleheads, had a father that had gone head over heels obsessive with hunting down a demon. So the life expectancy of hunters is shit. We want to change that. Not to mention having an organized structure for research will make getting through a hunt faster and easier."

"I guess you have a point." Garth said. "I'm in. Oh and by the way, your teeth are going to rot out of your head."

"Huh?" Gabriel asked confused at the abrupt change of subject.

"All that sugar, it's bad for your teeth." Garth said. "You really should floss and brush about ten times a day."

"I'm an angel you ass. We don't have to worry about tooth decay." Gabriel sputtered. "What's it to you anyway?"

"I was a dentist before I started hunting and you angels might not need to worry about tooth decay but if you are going to be hanging around down here you might want to think about the example you will be setting." Garth grinned then stood up, pulled the angel to his feet and enveloped him in a hug. "I need to go. I'm on the trail of a ruguru and Inias thinks he figured out where it's hiding.

Gabriel stood there flabbergasted.

Dean made his way into the bunker's kitchen following the smell of fresh brewed coffee and an underlying hint of cinnamon. Entering the room he blinked in confusion at the small woman setting a plate in front of Sam.

Sam was grinning from ear to ear and even Kevin was stuffing his face. Dean's normally suspicious nature took a backseat to his growling stomach and watering mouth.

The elderly woman looked over at the hunter standing in the doorway. "Well are you just going to stand there or come get some breakfast before these two bottomless pits eat all the cinnamon toast?"

"Dean this is Gertrude. Gabriel dropped her off earlier to help with organizing all this information and to help out with research." Sam said around a mouthful of toast.

"Just call me Gertie. I was the head librarian for the town for 30 years. Lebanon has seven branches in the Public Library system and I oversaw all of them. I figure I can get this place into shape." She said.

"Librarian huh?" Dean said as he pulled out a chair and sat down. "So what's with the breakfast?"

"Gabriel also may have mentioned you boys haven't exactly been taking care of yourselves. It wasn't part of the deal but once a mother always a mother. I figure it will keep me in shape for when the grandchildren visit." Gertrude said. "Now eat up and you can give me a tour after breakfast."

"Gabriel, Michael has called a meeting of the Archangels." Castiel said. "He has ordered me to assist Uriel in organizing the residents of Lebanon."

Gabriel snapped his fingers and a rolled parchment appeared. "This is a list of the residents Uriel and I decided on." Gabriel said and handed the document to the seraph. He turned and started down the hall then paused and turned back to face the seraph. "Oh and make sure that the garrison there understands that there will be hell to pay if they get smite happy with Meg or Spicy, Lucifer will have their balls on a silver platter."

Castiel cocked his head to the side, a sure indicator that he was confused.

"Never mind," Gabriel said. "Just make sure they understand that those two particular demons are under the protection of the archangels."

Castiel gave a nod of understanding and Gabriel entered the war room to find the other archangels already gathered. "Sorry I'm late, I had to deliver a surprise to the Three Stooges."

"Three Stooges?" Michael frowned in confusion.

"You know; vessel 1, vessel 2 and mini-prophet." Gabriel stretched his wings for a moment then sat down. "So what is so Cosmos shatteringly important that you had to call an urgent meeting Mikey?"

"I also await the answer to that question brother." Raphael added.

"Let's just say it has been brought to my attention that I am perhaps a bit 'overprotective'." Michael answered complete with air quotes.

"What Michael is trying to say without actually saying it, is that it's time we recognize the fact that you two are all grown up and treat you like it." Lucifer said. "Mike here thinks he still needs to treat you like a couple of teenagers. We can't afford that; to throw your words back at you Gabriel, time to grow up."

"Call me dense, but you've lost me." Gabriel said.

"What we are trying to say is that over the years we have always tried to keep the worst of things from you and deal with them ourselves. But now that we have discovered Abaddon's intent, it is no longer possible." Michael said. "We are looking at another Cleansing."

"Impossible!" Raphael exclaimed. "Abaddon was the last of the nephilim, they no longer exist!"

"We know the purpose of her death spell now. The unconsecration of divine ground canceled out the divine blessing on all consecrated ground in the western hemisphere. That's why all those in the deepest pits of hell are being reanimated." Lucifer said. "And every time a hunter sends one back, the death magic adds to the power of her spell."

Jody spun around to face the demon that had appeared in the passenger seat next to her. "Hello darling."

"What do you want Crowley?" She demanded.

"To gaze upon your lovely face?" He offered.

"Crowley." She growled.

"Can't blame me for trying." He sighed then held out a rolled parchment.

"I'm not making a deal with you!" She yelled.

"You can relax it's not a deal, it's a job offer." Crowley said. "My conscience wouldn't let me make a deal to take advantage you even if I wanted to. And if that didn't stop me, the threat of the moose going blue eyed on me would."

"What do you mean a job offer?" Jody asked.

"Well it seems the pigeons, including my boss Lucifer have decided to take advantage of the fact that everyone in Lebanon Kansas is now aware of the supernatural and create a consolidated power base there complete with a garrison." Crowley explained. "As you might guess, this will lead to some unique problems for the town. They decided that you've been around enough hunters to make you the only qualified candidate for sheriff."

"I already have a job." Jody said.

"I told them that but you try telling the arch-pigeons they can't have something that they want." Crowley sighed. "I will tell you this darling if there is anything you want; ask for it. They will accept pretty much any terms you put forth. You have them over the barrel as far as negotiations are concerned. They will make it worth your while. I'd suggest reading the offer to see what's already on the table since I took the liberty of negotiating a few perks and a large bonus for you."

"What bonus?" Jody asked but not quickly enough, the demon was gone. She unrolled the parchment and scanned the offer her eyes widening when she discovered exactly what that bonus was, the resurrection of her son.

"Michael, this is a joke right? Zach just misinterpreted the signs yeah, that's what happened." Gabriel said shaken.

"When have you known Zachariah to make a mistake brother?" Michael asked. "No his conclusion is the right one. Abaddon's spell is meant to resurrect the nephilim. One has already risen."

"And what about humanity? They are going to be caught in the middle of this mess." Gabriel pointed out.

"Why do you think we are putting so much effort into little Lebanon? So we have a central point for the defense of the little cockroaches. There needs to at least be a handful that will be able to see beyond the nephilim's charade." Lucifer said. "They are part angel and they can easily appear as 'divine' beings. It won't take much for them to take over the world."

"Brothers, I just had a thought." Raphael said. "This spell is meant to resurrect nephilim; Abaddon was a nephilim before she became a hell knight. Will she also resurrect?"

"It is the conclusion that Zachariah has come to and I agree with him. Abaddon has ensured that she will return to this plane of existence and she will bring an army with her." Michael noted.

"I cannot believe that grace filled dickwad has ordered us here." Spicy grumbled. "I was doing just fine with my office in hell and now here I am topside again."

"Oh I don't know," Meg said as she spied Castiel. "It might not be so bad."

Spicy followed Meg's line of sight. "I should have known that was why you volunteered for this, Castiel. You do know you've got it bad for an angel right?"

"Like you aren't simpering up to an archangel." Meg spat back.

"I am not! I'm just assisting our king as I am capable of assisting him." Spicy protested.

"You plot to spend as much time jammed up under him as possible and when you can't, you're buttering up Sam so he'll put in a good word for you." Meg snorted.

"Don't look now, but your boyfriend is headed this way." Spicy smirked.

"Hello Meg. Hello Spicy." Castiel greeted the demons.

"Hey Clarence, I thought you were on Dummy detail?" Meg said. "Who decided to let the Winchesters run around unsupervised?"

"Michael assigned me here to assist with training the residents; Gabriel has made other arrangements for Dean and Sam." The seraph answered.

"Well I'll just leave you two alone to catch up." Spicy said then whispered to Meg "I hear angel food cake is pretty good if you're into that type. Very virtuous you know." Then cackled as Meg made a half-hearted swipe in her direction.

"Devil's food Spicy, devil's food." Meg smirked as Spicy headed off toward the City Hall building. "So Clarence, I guess it's going to be the two of us again."

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