After the Fall

Chapter 22

Andy Gallagher looked around at the room wondering how he had gotten there and where there was. It was definitely not a place he would go willingly it looked like something out of Buckingham palace. A man stood there with a condescending smile on his face.

"Andrew, thank you for arriving so promptly. I am Zachariah and we have something to discuss. Have a seat." Zachariah said. "Are you hungry?" A large order of nachos smothered in chili and cheese appeared in front of Andy.

"I'm not hungry." Andy said out loud then in his mind sent a push in the direction of the man, 'Tell me where I am.'

The man, Zachariah, chuckled. "Your 'gift' doesn't work on angels Andrew. However I already intended to answer your question. Now sit down!"

"Angel huh?" Andy said. "You don't look like any angel I imagined."

"No angel looks like any angel any human has imagined. Your tiny little brains cannot comprehend us in our true forms which is why we take vessels. But believe me I am an angel. You will believe soon enough." Zachariah said leaning back in his own seat. "The last thing you remember is being in hell. Lucifer gave you to Michael and Michael sent you here. The humans who have been in this room usually refer to it as the 'Green' room."

"I remember them, wait where are the kids?" Andy looked around alarmed.

"The little ones are in heaven. I believe that their heaven is a Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie. They are stuffing themselves with cheap pizza and playing Skeeball." Zachariah said. "Lily is with them. You however will not be going to heaven just yet. We have a job for you."

"What job?" Andy asked.

"The one Azazel created you for. Sam Winchester has taken his place at Lucifer's side in hell; you will be a part of his entourage. You will keep an eye on Jake Talley. If he steps out of line you will report it to me and to Lucifer." Zachariah said. "For all that the mud monkeys down there are oblivious, these are dangerous times for heaven and hell and we need to employ every advantage that we have. Ergo, you have earned a first-class ticket on the Resurrection Express."

Zachariah raised his hand and waved. "Bye bye. Have a nice trip." The Green room disappeared, replaced by the sensation of falling.

Andy was surprised when instead of splattering on the ground he found himself frantically digging through dirt. The angel could have warned him that being resurrected meant you suddenly found yourself buried alive. He just managed to get his hand through the dirt covering him when it was grasped and he was pulled out of his impromptu tomb. He found himself string up at a man in a trench coat.

"Welcome back." The man said.

"Let me guess," Andy coughed clearing his throat of the dust. "You're an angel."

"I am Castiel, an angel of the Lord, yes. I will take you to Sam." Cas replied.

Crowley sat at his desk regarding the soul in front of him carefully. "I take it that you understand the magnitude of his decision? You will be expected to perform your duty without incident. Screwing up in this army doesn't earn you an Article 15, it earns you a trip to the rack, and I can guarantee you that Dean Winchester will make a special trip to hell to be the one to torture you on that rack."

"I know what's expected of me and I know that I'm spending eternity here. Knowing that, I'd be stupid not to do everything in my power to make my stay as painless as possible." Jake Talley said. "Besides I don't have anything against Sam, he's a nice guy. Staying on his good side is in my best interests after all."

"Spoken like a true demon." Crowley snarked. "You'll have a fairly easy job, the moose knows how to take care of himself so it's not like you're guarding some helpless milksop. And you're not the only one of Azazel's little projects that's getting drafted to the cause. It will be like a class reunion."

"Not Ava or Ansem I hope." Jake asked.

Crowley waved a dismissive hand. "Those two are too busy learning that the only thing a hellhound likes chewing on better than a human soul is a demon. No, heaven is sending down Andy. I think between the two of you, Dean's overprotective streak and Sam himself; our boy king should be quite safe."

"What about Lucifer?" Jake said. "He still wants to see me suffer."

"He is forgoing his revenge as long as you fill your side of things. Whose idea did you think this was?" Crowley snarked. "You thought this was Sam's idea? He may not want you tortured, but I don't think he's ready to add you to his Facebook friends page just yet. Report to Belarus, he will fully brief you on what you need to know."

"I thought you were against Metatron's suggestion, Gabriel. You were very vocal in pointing out what a bad idea it was not even a month ago." Michael said.

"Yeah well a month ago we were trying to kill her. She took care of that herself." Gabriel said. "Now we have Hadrian trying to resurrect her. I say we let Metatron help us bring him back for the same reason I was against it before, he will do everything in his power to protect her."

"I don't understand how you think to apply the same rational to such polar reactions." Raphael said.

"Baby brother actually is on to something here," Lucifer interrupted. "Samael didn't like the idea of Hadrian and Abaddon together, in fact he hated it. If he knew Hadrian was trying to resurrect her, there'd be hell to pay."

"And if she tells him about how we planned to kill her, what then?" Raphael asked. "Do we just trust that he will do the right thing and choose us over her?"

"No. I talk to him, father to father." Gabriel said. "I think I can understand and predict his emotions and reactions better than any one of us."

"We're supposed to depend on you to talk to him?" Raphael snorted.

"Yes, I have kids, you don't." Gabriel said.

Michael sighed. "I think we need an outside opinion." He closed his eyes for a moment and Mary Winchester appeared in the room.

"This had better be important," she looked at heaven's commander. "I was in the middle of making lunch for the boys."

"You are yet a fledgling Mary, but you should learn that nothing is more important than a summons from the commander of the host." Michael chided gently.

"When it comes to Dean and Sam, God himself comes in second place." Mary countered. "When it comes to my children nothing and I do mean nothing comes ahead of them."

"And I rest my case," Gabriel said. "Kids change your priority if you're any kind of parent. They come ahead of everything. And say what you will about Samael, he was always a good father."

"That is true; Abaddon did not become what she is until after his death." Lucifer said.

"Mary, tell me, if you had been alive when Ruby was with Sam; what would you have done?" Michael asked.

"Well Lucifer would still be in timeout because I would have torn her limb from limb, and Lilith too." Mary said fiercely. "If I hadn't weakened myself protecting Sam from that damned elemental that had taken over my house, I still would have done it. Dead or not."

"And if your boys were planning some serious mischief?" Michael questioned.

"Well they are a bit big for me to handle, but that's why they have a father. John would certainly take them in hand." Mary replied.

"Please tell me that you are not considering this Michael. He's fallen." Raphael said.

"In case you've forgotten little brother, so was I. I got a second chance and I'm the devil." Lucifer said. "But I can see the merit of bringing him back. Gabriel can talk to him in a way that he will understand and fallen or not; Samael never blatantly disobeyed father's edicts. I think we should offer him the chance to come home if possible."

"Jesus H Christ in a hand basket Cas! Stop doing that!" Dean yelled as he dropped his beer on the floor.

"My apologies, Dean. We were looking for Sam." Castiel said.

Dean finally noticed the person at Castiel's side. "Andy? Well hell nobody stays dead these days do they? He's in his room, taking a nap. Belarus had him studying royal codes of conduct all morning. But you might want to warn him before you spring Andy on him. He wasn't in a very good mood after spending the morning surrounded by demons."

Castiel nodded before disappearing and reappearing in Sam's room. Sam was sprawled on the bed snoring softly with Ajax curled up at his side. The hellhound lifted his head and growled then identifying Castiel laid his head back down on his paws and closed his eyes.

The seraph had spent enough time around the Winchesters to know that Dean would totally take advantage of the opportunity. Pulling out his cell phone he snapped a picture of the two before returning to the kitchen where Dean had just finished cleaning up the broken glass.

"Sam appeared to be sleeping peacefully," He held the camera out to the hunter. "I was loathe to disturb him."

"Good idea. That damned hellhound gets cranky when you try to wake Sam up." Dean said. "I know he's supposed to be guarding the bunker but he stays glued to Sammy's ass making sure he gets his beauty sleep."

"It is understandable, Ajax recognizes Sam's position." Castiel said.

"So what about Andy?" Dean asked. "What's he got to do with Sam?" Dean asked.

"Michael ordered Zachariah to send him to Sam and Lucifer has ordered Crowley to brief Jake." Castiel explained. "It seems that Azazel's children will take their place as Sam's entourage. I believe that this is why Belarus has been tutoring him."

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