After the Fall

Chapter 23

"Sam, let's just say that they are your royal entourage." Belarus said. "We have spoken many times about the need for you to act in accordance with your standing as Lucifer's second in command of hell. The Hell Knights rightfully belong to Lucifer; for all that they serve you now. Jake, Andy and others will belong to you in the same way."

Sam sat at the conference table, Ajax leaning against his leg as Sam absently scratched at the hell hound's fur. "And who else are you going to dig up? Andy was okay, and Jake well at least I could understand how he reacted, that was his training."

"Lucifer and Michael have been going through candidates and the do have another but she is not of your generation. There have been several generations of 'special' children. Most of your generation did not reach adulthood so they have had to expand their search." Castiel answered. "You will soon be joined by a young woman named Rosario Montoya. She was born in Portugal in 1894. I understand that Gabriel is blessing her with the gift of English so that she can communicate with you."

"So what is her special talent?" Dean asked. "All of Azazel's kids had some kind of psychic thing going for them."

"She is pyro kinetic." Belarus said. "She died on her 22nd birthday of Spontaneous Human Combustion."

Dean stood up and muttered. "Awesome, I guess I'd better check the damned fire extinguishers. The last thing we need is some hot-headed bitch burning the place down around our ears."

Sam watched Dean leave then turned to the angel and demon. "How many of Azazel's kids are you planning to saddle me with?"

"The exact number is unknown Sam. Lucifer and Michael will determine the number." Castiel answered.

"And I have no say in it?" Sam grumbled.

Belarus gave a long suffering sigh. "Sam, do you retain any of the instruction that I give? You outrank every demon in hell or out of it; your authority is second only to Lucifer. Your intelligence level is well above average, I made it a point to review your academic record. Your SAT scores were impressive enough to garner you letters of acceptance from both Princeton and Harvard; but you chose to attend Stanford because they were offering you a full scholarship."

"So what does that have to do with anything?" Sam asked.

"It means that you are a smart young man. You should be able to figure out how to handle this." Belarus said.

"So you must be Mary Winchester."

Mary looked up to find a woman dressed in a police uniform standing in the doorway to her office. The woman had a diaper bag slung over her shoulder and was holding a baby seat.

"Yes, I'm Mary." Mary looked at the woman curiously.

"I'm Jody Mills, a friend of your boys." Jody said setting the carrier down on the desk and extending her hand.

"Sheriff Jody Mills?" Mary said. "I've heard so much about you from Bobby Singer. And who is this little one?" Mary asked turning her attention to the baby seat.

"Well I've been calling her Angelica. The boys haven't gotten around to giving her a name yet and I couldn't just keep calling her 'the baby'." Jody said.

"The boys?" Mary's face darkened. "Not my boys."

"Actually, yes. But it's not what you're thinking." Jody explained. "Abaddon attacked her mother and Raphael did all he could, but he was only able to save this little sweetheart. But evidently, she carries Winchester blood, a distant cousin or something. I've been watching her but she really needs to be with her family."

Mary leaned down and lifted the baby. "Angelica huh? That's an awfully big name for such a tiny girl. But I think you'll grow into it and wrap a few Winchester men around your little finger while you do it."

"A few Winchester men?" Jody asked.

"Well Henry missed most of John's childhood and John always wanted a little girl." Mary said as she smiled down at the baby. "We were planning on trying again when Sammy was older. So I guess now the boys get to have that little sister we intended them to have."

"I'm glad she'll have family." Jody said glancing at her watch. "I need to get back to the station. I promised Verchiel I wouldn't be gone long."

"Oh and I'm sure we all expect Aunt Jody to stop by and visit regularly." Mary smiled as the other woman was turning to leave.

Gabriel was sitting in his office in Heaven reading the scroll that Zachariah had brought to him.

"Well is this the scroll that you wanted or not?" the seraph asked. "I do have other duties that don't include being your errand boy. I believe that was Balthazar's job."

"Yeah well Balthazar got promoted and until I find a replacement, you're it." Gabriel said as he quickly scribbled something on a piece of parchment.

Zachariah let out a loud sigh. "So you are really taking this idea of resurrecting Samael seriously when it comes from Metatron?"

"Considering the fact that we don't have a better idea, yes. We are taking it seriously." Gabriel said.

"So you're willing to play God?" Zachariah asked. "That is what you are planning to do when you get right down to it, play God."

"Dad isn't exactly telling us to stop now is he?" Gabriel snapped.

"No he isn't, but did you stop to think that he is testing you?" Zachariah asked. "It is clear now that he didn't want the apocalypse either and he did nothing to stop us then. He let us rush headlong into the fire and get burnt."

Gabriel stuck the peacock quill he had been using into the inkwell and leaned back in his seat. "Well sit down Zach. Obviously you have something to say so sit your ass down and say it."

Zachariah settled himself into the metal folding chair that had appeared next to the archangel's desk with a bit of distaste and made a show of straightening his jacket. "Have you read the entire ritual?"

"Not yet, Metatron just gave us the list of items we would need for it." Gabriel said.

"I figured as much." Zachariah produced a scroll and handed it to Gabriel. "You might want to read the entire thing and then decide if you really want to perform this particular ritual." Zachariah now leaned back in his chair, imitating Gabriel's pose.

Gabriel scanned the document and then looked up at the seraph in alarm. "Sacrifice the majority of the reapers? Death would have our asses!"

"That is the conclusion that I came to." Zachariah said. "Our brother has already bound him once and he was not at all pleased. Killing his reapers and then binding him on top of it? Abaddon would be the least of our worries."

"We wouldn't have any worries because Death would just wipe out everything." Gabriel said. "So much for that idea."

"Not exactly, there is another ritual but it means creating a special reaper, an heir for Death so to speak. A reaper responsible for the souls of monsters, a reaper whose job is to make sure Eve's children end up where they belong. No more sneaking off to Limbo. It has to be someone who has worn the ring and defeated a lesser horsemen." Zachariah suggested as he handed another scroll to the archangel. "And we have the perfect candidate, Dean Winchester."

"Dean has to be willing according to this. That is easier said than done and Dad already claimed him as a guardian." Gabriel said.

"Actually, I don't believe that our father would see a conflict. Sam Winchester has been claimed as a guardian and he is Lucifer's heir." Zachariah said. "It comes down to how badly Dean wants Abaddon dead. This is a way to save people after all. And he is familiar with Purgatory."

Gabriel looked over the ritual again. "You're right he is familiar with Purgatory and in this case he would dominion over the Leviathan also. Good job Zach."

The seraph snorted. "It is what you don't pay me the big bucks for after all."

The Winchester family and the assembled humans, angels and demons at the bunker were just sitting down for a meal when Meg arrived with the Nephilim Zora. Balthazar sighed and stood up heading to the kitchen to get extra plates.

"I'm not staying." Meg said. "Just making a nephilim delivery." Zora was looking at the group shyly.

"What is she doing here?" Dean asked. "I thought you were going to keep her in lockdown for her own good."

"The bunker is protected." Sam said. "Besides, she's disrupting things. She makes most of the demons uncomfortable. Lucifer and I figured if she's here in the bunker she can help out a lot more. She can help out with the Hadrian sightings." Sam stood up and took the nephilim's arm, guiding her over to his seat.

"Since you've got things in hand, I need to head back to the school. Castiel and I are working with your two young hunters." Meg said. "I can definitely tell she's been learning hunting tricks from you Dean. Did you even try to teach her to have a plan before rushing into things? She's died in every scenario we tested her on. How on Earth was she hunting vampires and surviving?"

"Someone else was coming up with the plan and they were hunting vampires that had just been turned and didn't even know what they were." Dean said. "If you can teach Krissy to use a little caution, I'll thank you; because she never listened to what me and Sammy said."

"That girl was stubborn from the day she was born." John said. "I told her father to keep her out of the life but then again he was stubborn too. I guess she got it honest."

Meg gave a snort of laughter. "Oh by the way Dean, Sam; your mother wants you to know you've got some 'splaining to do." The demon gave an evil smile before disappearing.

John looked at the boys. "What did you do now?"

Nathaniel was returning Metatron to his heavenly cell when he caught sight of the pissed off archangel standing there. Then angel immediately dropped to his knees dragging the scribe down with him.

"Nathaniel, you are excused." Gabriel bit off before Metatron sailed through the air to slam against the back wall of his cell. "You just never learn do you?"

Metatron got to his knees. "I don't know, maybe if you tell me what I am supposed to have done now."

"A smart assed attitude will only dig you a deeper hole at this point Metatron, so I suggest that you remember exactly who and what you are talking to." Gabriel said as his true voice bled through.

Metatron knelt and formally addressed the archangel "Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, Herald of Heaven, and Pillar of God's Throne, Blessed of The Divine Presence; I haven't got a damned clue about what you are pissed off at me for so I humbly beg that you tell me what put your panties in a twist this time."

"Bind Death to get Samael back, you didn't think that was an important requirement of that ritual that we would need to know?" Gabriel asked.

"I knew that you wouldn't even entertain the possibility if you knew." Metatron admitted.

"So you deliberately sought to manipulate us?" Gabriel demanded. "Did you think Death would be happy about being bound by Archangels again? He's still pissed that Lucifer did it during the apocalypse and here you are suggesting that we do it again?"

"It was the only way! Abaddon is a threat, rare as it is, I agree with you Archs about that." Metatron said. "I don't want to see the Earth destroyed, it would mean the destruction of humans and they still have so many stories yet to tell." Metatron said. "Father gave me that ritual to hold on to eons ago. He said to use it only as a last resort. And this whole situation screams last resort to me."

Gabriel produced a scroll. "You didn't think that maybe you should have told us about this one first?'"

Metatron took the scroll and scanned over it. "Where did this come from? That is not my writing, I have never seen this before but had I known about it, I would have suggested it."

"I got it from Zachariah." Gabriel said calming down. His grace told him that the scribe was speaking the truth.

"And you don't recognize whose hand it is written in Gabriel?" Metatron asked. "As his messenger, you should have recognized right off that this is father's writing."

Gabriel snatched the scroll back and studied it. "Well damn!"

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