After the Fall

Chapter 27

"Can you pinpoint where the spell was performed?" Michael asked. "If so, we could end this now."

"We just sensed the energy." Tessa replied. "But it's an old spell; it will take several days to complete."

"Do we even have enough time before Death comes calling?" Gabriel asked.

"Yes but it will be close. That's why I'm here, so I can teach Dean now before Samael returns." Tessa asked.

"Why not just take Dean now?" Sam asked. At Dean's frown he explained, "It would save time if it's so important for you to be prepared."

"It's going to take the boss every moment between now and then to resurrect Samael. The angel's grace has been scattered for millennia, who knows how much of it has been reclaimed by the cosmos." Tessa said.

"Gabriel, you said that you guys could be prayed back to life. That's what happened with you and Raphael and with Balthazar." Sam said. "Why wouldn't it work with Samael too?"

"Archangels' grace is different than seraphs' grace. We're a different breed of angel; our grace is too different to just be absorbed by space dust. And the only reason we were able to pray Balthazar back so easily was because he was newly scattered. If he had died a hundred years ago it would have taken decades of prayer to get him back." Gabriel said. "Samael has been gone so long it would take a geological era of constant prayer to bring him back this way. Only Death can separate his grace from whatever it is entangled in now, remember grace is pure creation."

"So the only way he's getting back is if Death brings him back personally, got it." Dean said. "So how about we move on to you teaching me whatever it is you have to teach me."

"In a minute Dean but first I need to know how much control Sam has over his demon." Tessa said looking pointedly at Sam. Seeing his shocked expression she added. "Come on Sam, you are a totally new kind of demon. Do you really think the boss wouldn't be curious as to what permanently destroying so many demons, at lot of them old and powerful? Imagine his surprise when he heard that is was your doing. Of course then he had to know how you were doing it."

"So Sam is a blue-eyed demon, I fail to see how that matters to you needing to teach Dean." Lucifer grumbled.

"You don't think Sam is going to go running to Dean's side as quickly as you would to Michael's?" Tessa asked. "I'm sure that you realize how dangerous this is going to be, even if no one else does."

"Her interest in Sam is quite understandable." Uriel piped up with a smirk on his face. "As soon as the least threat to the hairless ape is presented, the famed Winchester codependence is going to be activated and the mostly hairless yeti is going to come running to help him."

"Really Uriel?" Lucifer asked.

"I would have said Cousin Itt, but Cousin Itt is short." Uriel quipped. "He makes even Gabriel's vessel look gigantic."

"That's it; I am officially banning you from watching The Addams Family." Gabriel grumbled.

"I'm beginning to see why Cas called you the funniest angel in the garrison. You pegged Sam and Gabriel in the same joke." Dean cackled.

"Let's try to stay on subject here." Michael said fighting down a smile of his own. "Tessa is alluding to an important possibility, or should I say guarantee. Hadrian will not be happy to summon Death and get Dean Winchester instead."

"Okay so I'm a blue-eyed demon, and I can smite other demons." Sam said with a sigh.

"By smite you mean destroy them with your powers and not using a weapon like a knife or a gun?" Tessa asked to confirm his meaning.

"Sam is the boy king of hell, second in command and the powers of hell are his to wield, just as they are mine." Lucifer said. "He is also backed by several Hell Knights who serve him personally."

"Good, it may come down to fighting this nephilim and his forces. You need to make sure that you're prepared for that." Tessa said.

"I never thought I'd be trying to save a vampire." John said. "This goes totally against the grain."

"I understand that Winchester, but if Hadrian took this vampire to be used as a sacrifice you can at the very least delay his spell." Balthazar explained. "You will gain additional time for Dean to train."

Mary glared at the angel. "Dean shouldn't be training at all. What is it with my sons? Sam claimed by hell and now Dean claimed by Death? Out of all the billions of people on Earth, why them?"

"Your sons stopped the apocalypse and were instrumental in sending the Leviathans back to Purgatory." Castiel said. "That speaks of a level of determination and strength unheard of in humans. It is only logical that they would draw the attention of the most powerful beings in existence."

"The fact that they were born as the vessels of Michael and Lucifer hasn't escaped anyone's notice either." Balthazar added.

Benny joined the group carrying an ugly homemade axe. Noticing the attention it was getting he explained. "It's Dean's from Purgatory. I left mine back there when he and Michael brought Madison and me out. Figured it would come in handy."

"So this vamp we're supposed to be rescuing, you know anything about her?" John asked.

"I know she's still a baby," Benny said. "She probably has no idea of what she can do yet. That's why they grabbed her and not a more experienced one. Evidently she was raised by the Alpha and he wants her back pretty bad."

Castiel and Balthazar suddenly snapped to attention just as Michael appeared in full battle armor. It comes to my attention that you will be engaging nephilim. It's going to take a bit more than two seraphs, a couple of fledglings and a vampire to handle a battle of this magnitude."

"Well I never thought I'd be fighting side by side with an angel." Benny said.

"You won't be." Michael said. "I expect you, Castiel, Balthazar and the Winchesters to get the young vampire to safety. I will be leading a full garrison. Those who are willing to surrender will be shown mercy, those determined to follow Hadrian will meet their end."

"Michael, I know that we are going to have to cleanse them again, but are you sure that this is the time to do so?" Balthazar asked.

"Zachariah believes that a significant number of Hadrian's force will be guarding their prisoner." Michael replied.

"Zachariah has always been dependable in selecting the battles that will be of the greatest importance to a victory." Castiel said. "Even if he is an assbutt in all other ways."

"Castiel, you need to learn some new insults." Balthazar said. "Assbutt is growing old."

"I believe the humans have a saying, 'Do not fix what has not been broken.'" Castiel replied.

"Close enough." John said with a chuckle. "So if we're ready, what are we waiting for?"

Gabriel would rather be anywhere except where he was at this moment, but somebody had to calm the Alpha. The vampire was clearly agitated.

"A being with wings attacks us. What else am I supposed to believe it is other than an angel?" The Alpha said. "And by your own admission it is half angel."

Gabriel was quickly running out of patience. "Maybe you should think that I went out of my way to come here and speak to you man to man as the humans say." Gabriel grace flickered in his eyes. "Or may you should think that there is a full garrison of seraphs lead by Michael himself, a couple of Winchesters and one of your own mounting a rescue as we speak to get your vampire back as we speak. That is something else we didn't have to do." Lightning flashed casting the shadows of six wings on the wall behind Gabriel framing his body. "But I think most of all you should think about where you and your kind really sit on the food chain. Right now Abaddon is our priority, you would do well not to make yourself an additional priority. I can smite every vampire on this estate with a thought."

The alpha had not survived this long by being stupid. While he might push against Sam and Dean Winchester's pet angel, this was a whole different class of angel, an archangel. And there were only four of them, Michael was otherwise occupied and it wasn't Raphael either. That meant it was either Lucifer of Gabriel standing in front of him.

"Forgive me, I am worried. I raised her. She holds a special place." The alpha bit out.

"Yeah, consider yourself lucky that we are willing to let that go right now." Gabriel said. "But take this as a warning, once we have handled Abaddon and the rest of the nephilim, you would do well not to bring yourself to our attention. Benny Lafitte is a special case; our acceptance of him is not a blanket acceptance of all vampires. We won't hesitate to smite you or send hunters after you if you bring yourselves to our attention." The archangel gave the vampire one last glare then disappeared.

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