After the Fall

Chapter 28

Balthazar and Castiel suddenly stopped. The two seraphs did that angelic head tilt in unison and Balthazar reached grabbing John and bringing him to a halt. "Nephilim." Balthazar spat the word out like a curse.

"And vampire." Castiel added. "We have located our objective. Michael wants us to proceed and draw their attention. He will attack from their blind side."

Mary pulled out a revolver and checked the chamber. John unslung the shotgun from his back and pumped it.

"John I though we agreed to use the bullets Sam made from Colt's instructions." Mary asked looking at the 12 gauge her husband was brandishing.

"I am. Sammy's been making shotgun shells using the same method." John grinned. "Rock salt and the special pellets, I guarantee this will make life miserable as hell for anything that gets hit with it."

"Just remember, we're here for the baby vampire." Benny reminded them as he gave the axe a swing, testing the weight.

"When Cassie and I transport you, you will be right beside an enemy. Make sure that you strike immediately." Balthazar warned before the group appeared each next to a being, with Benny closest to the captive vampire.

Benny immediately used the element of surprise to wound the nephilim and reached down for the vampire only to be surprised himself at the child he was now holding onto. The vampire was probably no older than 13 or 14 years in human age. He managed to shake off the shock long enough to drag the girl away from the fighting.

Balthazar who had quickly dispatched the nephilim he was fighting against and come to Benny's side took one look at the vampire and exclaimed. "Well shit! This is going to go over wonderfully."

"Yeah I know that genius." Benny said tightly. "There's going to be a heavenly fall out when everyone get a load of her."

Balthazar grabbed both vampires teleporting them to the rendezvous point everyone had agreed on. "Okay sweetheart, I'm Balthazar; and you are?"

The vampire looked up at him. "Allison, are you going to kill me now?"

"After we just went through the trouble of saving you, that really wouldn't make much sense would it?" Balthazar asked. "It's just that you are very young to be a vampire, how old were you before he turned you?"

"Fourteen, but he had good reason." They girl explained. "I had Leukemia, it had been in remission but it had come back and he said he wasn't going to let Death get his hands on me. So he changed me, made me a vampire."

Castiel appeared with John and Mary. The look on Mary's face was disapproving and John looked like he was ready to explode. Castiel tilted his head to the side and regarded the young vampire.

"This is unexpected." Castiel noted.

"Tell us something we don't know." John said. "And we are just going to let this slide?"

"I doubt that Michael and the others will be willing to overlook this development." Castiel said. "She is a child; it is unacceptable that children be turned."

"It was not done arbitrarily." Balthazar said. "Look closely at her Cassie, The Alpha prevented her death. But I agree with you about Michael's reaction, I believe it would be best to take this up with Raphael."

"Why Raphael?" Mary asked.

"He is heaven's healer. He will be more apt to understand what the sickness is and what it can do." Balthazar said.

"We should go now, the battle heads this way." Castiel said as he grabbed the Winchesters leaving Balthazar to transport the two vampires.

Krissy stopped at the library with a frown. "Come on Sam really? I mean how hard is it to research something?"

"It can be harder than you think." Sam said. "Especially when your life depends on it. Thinking you know what you're hunting and locking yourself into the idea that you know when you could be wrong, you need to know not only what you think you're hunting but be prepared for other possibilities."

Sam opened the door and ushered the girl into the room. "You are looking at a part of the most extensive collection of supernatural lore on Earth. The Men of Letters have been collection information on monsters and legends for over 1000 years and it's all in this bunker somewhere. The library is just the books."

Krissy looked around. "How are you supposed to find anything in here?"

"Sam!" Gertie said making her way over to the hunter. "And who is this?"

"Gertie meet Krissy. She's training to be a hunter. Mom asked me to try to teach her something while they were out rescuing that vampire." Sam said then pulled a stack of papers from out of the air. "She needs to learn how to research cases so I got a little help putting together some practice cases for her."

"I still don't see why this is so important. You find the monster and you kill it." Krissy said.

"But how do you find it, and what actually kills it?" Sam said. "What kills one monster might just tickle another. If you don't know how to do your research, how are you going to know the difference?"

Henry walked up and clapped a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Do you know why Sam and his brother are so successful when it comes to hunting? Sam knows how to research, so they don't make the same mistakes a lot of hunters make."

Sam looked at the girl then sighed. "Okay Krissy, I'll make a deal with you. You go into the library right now by yourself and correctly identify what creature was behind half those case studies and I'll drop the whole learn to research thing. If not then you apply yourself to learn proper research."

"So I just have to be right on half of them?" Krissy said and grabbed the papers. "See you in a bit Winchester."

"Are you sure that was a good idea Sam?" Henry asked.

"Positive, she might get three of them right but the rest no way." Sam said. "She's going to say half of them are Tricksters. And we all know that she will be wrong."

Henry chuckled. "Does Gabriel know you're used him as an object lesson?"

"Who do you think gave me the list? In every case the culprit is an angel although it looks like the work of other creatures. There's even one case she's going to tag as a wendigo." Sam snorted. "And when she gets them wrong, she gets to listen a lecture from a group of archangels."

Raphael closed the door leaving the young vampire in the examination room. He made his way to where Benny, the Winchesters and the two seraphs waited. "It is good that you brought her to me. She does have leukemia but its development is not natural."

"Not natural? I believe that we all require a more detailed explanation." Castiel said.

"She has leukemia on top of leukemia." Raphael explained. "She has leukemia which is old, the natural development of the disease within her body which is in remission. She also has a second active case of stage 4 leukemia which would have killed her in a matter of days had she not be turned."

"Is that possible?" Mary asked.

"By natural means no. But with the intervention of angelic being, yes." Raphael frowned. "It is something that Castiel or Balthazar could easily do once the method was shown to them. Zachariah always showed a great aptitude for diseases. But while it is something that we are capable of doing, it would not be something that we would choose to do. We would be more apt to inflict a different disease, something that would not come to the attention of a healer."

"You seem troubled by this Raphael." Balthazar noted.

"I am troubled brother." Raphael said with a frown. "Someone deliberately set this affliction upon her; I cannot help but ponder the reason why."

"To get the alpha to turn her maybe?" John questioned. "Especially if they think it would get the angels riled up."

"But to what end?" Balthazar asked. "At this point in time, vampires are very low on our list of priorities."

"Yeah but we did rush in and save the girl and we brought her to Lebanon." Benny said. "Maybe that was the point."

"I'm not sure that I follow." John said.

"The girl is young. We've all ben outraged about her age." Benny said. "We haven't seen her as a threat, but what if the whole purpose was to put a spy in our midst that we wouldn't suspect."

"So what's your story?"

"Excuse me?" Krissy said as she turned to the man standing at the end of the stack.

"What's your story?" The man asked again. "All of you humans have one. Maybe not as exciting as the person next to you but a story all the same. I happen to be a collector and connoisseur of stories. My name is Metatron."

"The angel Metatron?" Krissy snorted. "Yeah Dean and Sam already warned me about you.

"Of course they did. The story of our history is not a peaceful one." Metatron said. "I don't think that your history with has been peaceful either. So how about I tell you the story of my history with them and you can tell me yours."

"I'm actually in the middle of something." Krissy held up the stack of papers. "I need to identify the monsters in these case studies."

Metatron stepped forward and held out his hand. "May I?"

Krissy handed over the papers and Metatron scanned them before letting out a chuckle. "1 through 10 are all angels. But each case was designed to look like something else. As for tricksters there is only one and stabbing him with a wooden stake accomplishes nothing, try an archangel's blade. You would have better luck. I don't think that you were meant to solve these little riddles, at least not without hours of research."

"Yeah Sam and the rest of them want me to learn how to do research." She grumbled.

"Well research is all about stories." Metatron said. "You are piecing together a story. Eventually you get all the pieces together and you end up with a story that makes sense. The thing is while you a searching for those pieces, you learn the parts of other different stories that you may need to know in the future."

The scribe snapped his fingers and a large pile of books appeared on the table. "How about I show you how to put a story together?"

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