After the Fall

Chapter 29

"It is as you thought; they could not resist the urge to rescue the vampire." The female nephilim spoke. "However they took her to Raphael, he will notice that her relapse is not natural if he has not already noted it. He will know that someone had a hand in it and very few of his attendants created nephilim. It will not take him long to figure out that I was responsible."

"I am aware of that but it is a moot point. His knowledge will be of no value." Hadrian said without turning around. "You will have to trust me in this, soon we will engage them. Then we will take our place in heaven, where we belong."

"You keep telling us to trust you but we lost several in this ill-advised scheme to place the vampire in their midst." The nephilim countered. "Michael attacked even as the rescue party took her from us. I know you did not plan for that."

"Didn't I?" Hadrian said finally turning to face her. "There was a reason that those I sent to guard her were of questionable loyalty. All we lost was cannon fodder that could not be trusted. When we attack it will be a force united and committed to our goal, not cowards who only follow along from fear. Leave me now. There are still others out there that must be found before we can make our move."

The nephilim spared one last glare at Hadrian before turning to leave the room. When she was gone Hadrian walked to the closed door and opened it to reveal Abaddon lounging on a large comfortable bed. He entered the room with a smile. "Our plans progress my love. Soon all of heaven will kneel at our feet."

Abaddon smiled as she held her arms out. "Yes they will. We will take the place of those feathered fools that call themselves the pillars of heaven." As soon as Hadrian was in her arms and he could not see her eyes, they turned a solid demonic black.

"A good story will have plots within plots. Just when you think you have it figured out; the writer will throw you a curve ball that changes everything that has gone before." Metatron said. "It is what keeps you coming back for more."

Krissy picked up one of the case studies. "Like this? When Gabriel led Sam and Dean along in this TV world, letting them discover the Trickster and them kill him just so he could put them in another TV show?"

"Yes that was one case of a plot twist but in this Gabriel like the Winchesters are simply the characters in the story." Metatron explained. "The real twist came later and no one was expecting it, least of all Gabriel himself. All this time over all these chapters and Gabriel keeps adding twists that shock the Winchesters never realizing that the biggest plot twist of all was against him. It was the revelation of who he really was and the only author with the power to write a twist like that was God himself."

"Okay so what does that have to do with anything?" Krissy asked.

"It's all about the structure of the story, characters will lead a writer in a different direction now and then, but ultimately it's the writer who approves the final draft." Metatron said. "Never forget that you are in a story and there are twists on top of twists; plots within plots. Things will often not be as they seem, if you can remember that; you will be ahead of the game. Now go see Sam, I think he will be quite surprised at your research." Metatron gave the girl a shove toward the end of the stacks and when she turned around the angel was nowhere to be seen.

"We are all here." Michael said as Lucifer entered the war room and took his seat. "Why did you call for this meeting Raphael?"

"I believe that you should be informed of the situation with the vampire that we secured from the nephilim." Raphael said. "There are unsettling facts that need to be brought to your attention."

"Unsettling facts? Sounds more like something that's going to piss us off." Gabriel said. "You only use the sugarcoat approach when you're convinced that one or all of us will lose our shit."

"I am sure of it, however I think that we should contain ourselves and consider the situation before we act." Raphael answered.

"Just spit it out." Lucifer said. "Your pussyfooting around is pissing me off."

"The vampire is under age, 14 human years by her own admission." Raphael said.

"Gabriel why did you not inform us of this. You are the one who spoke to the Alpha." Michael demanded.

"Maybe because I didn't know?" Gabriel shot back. "The question of the vampire's age didn't come up in our conversation. I can certainly understand why it didn't."

"That is not all." Raphael interrupted to head of what would most likely turn into an argument between the two. "The child is suffering from leukemia she has a natural case of it which is in remission and an additional case of stage 4 leukemia that is active and virulent."

The three other archangels all paused at that tidbit. Raphael relaxed just a bit. "I can see that you are all aware of how this affects the situation."

"There are more nephilim risen than we originally thought." Michael said.

"The Alpha may have been manipulated into turning the girl." Gabriel added.

"This is a ploy that Hadrian is too stupid to conceive." Lucifer finished flatly.

"The odds are that Abaddon has already been raised and is attempting to keep her presence from us." Raphael said with a nod.

"We need to talk to the Alpha, all of us together." Gabriel said. "If he has been manipulated that girl has to die before she can reveal anything to Abaddon."

Balthazar shifted in his chair, obviously bored. Castiel sighed. "Balthazar, you have grown impatient. It is not seemly for an angel to fidget at his post."

"I know that Cassie, but I also know the archs. I was working for Gabriel before Father thought to create you. This could turn out very ugly depending on how they choose to proceed." Balthazar said. "If they come to the conclusion that I have, we'll be ordered to smite that girl."

Castiel glanced over to where Mary and John were sitting on a love seat heads together as they quietly spoke. "I do not believe that they will allow it without a fight."

"Exactly why I say that this will get ugly." Balthazar said. "They don't have our ability to distance themselves. They will simply see an innocent girl; humans do not see that the young can be made into effective weapons against them."

"We will have to convince them if it comes to that." Castiel said. "They are both intelligent beings."

Balthazar snorted. "They are both parents. They are susceptible to the innocence of childhood. It is why young Angelica has bonded with them so easily. While John as a father may be a bit less stubborn, Mary will be influenced by the most powerful force Father has ever unleashed on this world besides us, maternal instinct. Maternal instinct can even give us a run for the money."

The two seraphs quickly stood to attention with the arrival of all four archangels. Balthazar sent a telling glance toward Castiel.

"You will continue to guard the vampire but with increased vigilance until we return." Michael said. "No one enters this room, not even the hospital staff. Castiel you will guard her from within the room. She is to have contact with no one other than you, Balthazar or the four of us."

"What about them?" Balthazar said indicating the Winchesters.

"They will be ordered back to the bunker." Lucifer said. "They have taken on the responsibility for an infant have they not? It will distract them long enough for us to make a determination."

"Warn Sam to be alert while you're at it." Gabriel said. "Although there is no evidence that this girl is a spy yet, we need to proceed as if she is until we have proven that she is not."

"So Sam, you wanted me to do some research and name the creatures responsible right?" Krissy said smugly. "Angels, every last one of these case studies an angel was responsible."

Sam frowned at the girl. "There's no way you did this by yourself."

"You're right I had help, from an angel." Krissy crossed her arms over her chest. "I guess Metatron didn't like the whole angelic joke that you were playing on me."

"Metatron!? There's no way!" Sam pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Yeah Jake, is Metatron in his cell?" Sam waited for a few moments. "You're sure it's him and he hasn't gone anywhere." Sam listened for a moment before grabbing Krissy and heading for the newly installed elevator.

"What? Sam let go!" Krissy said trying to pull her arm from Sam's grip.

"I don't think so. I'm not the only one who is going to want to know how you and Metatron pulled this off." Sam said as the doors opened dragging her down the hall to where Jake stood outside of Metatron's cell.

"Well, well; what have I done to rate the undivided attention of Hell's blue-eyed demon?" The scribe said as he got to his feet and looked at Sam.

"How did you do it?" Sam demanded. "How did you give her the answers?"

"What answers?" Metatron asked seeming genuinely confused. "And who exactly is this little hairless ape anyway?"

"Uh Sam, that is not Metatron. At least not the Metatron that helped me with it." Krissy said backing away from the cell. "The other one, he had this vibe. Kind of like static electricity or something. Like your hair would stand on end if you got too close to him."

Sam and Metatron were both looking at her strangely now. "That's impossible!" Metatron sputtered. There's nothing special about you. He wouldn't lower himself to talk to you."

"Sam what is he talking about?" Krissy asked.

"Don't quote me, but I think God just helped you with your homework." Sam said.

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