After the Fall

Chapter 30

"Sugar, to quote that book your Daddy supposedly wrote back in the days of the Apostles, 'There's no more room at the inn.' The damned nephilim are multiplying faster than Mickey Mouse's brooms in Fantasia." Spicy grumbled as Lucifer ushered another of the beings into hell.

"Hadrian seeks to thin his ranks and wear us down at the same time." Lucifer said. "Just find somewhere to stick him for the time being, I'm late for a meeting. See if Sam has any ideas of what to do with them. His not just my second in command for the perks, put him to work."

"Well somebody got up on the wrong side of the sulfur pit this morning." Spicy said. "You need to take a breather, sugar." Spicy said. "Your temper is getting shorter and shorter. After your meeting you should head down to the dungeon, Jackie has been getting really creative with those two Egyptians and Gordon Walker. Maybe a little good old fashioned torture will lighten your mood."

Lucifer sighed deeply. "You're right I do need a breather, we all do. Maybe I'll see if Gabriel has any ideas for a good alternate reality so we can all take a break. But for now I have to go meet with an alpha vampire."

"Now that's a brilliant idea Sugar." Spicy looked down as her cellphone started ringing playing Angels We Have Heard on High. "I need to take this call. It's Bobby Singer. We've been putting our heads together to see if we can possibly confine some of the less 'pliable' nephilim in Purgatory. I wasn't kidding when I said we're running out of room."

"An interesting idea, have either of you spoken to Castiel about it?" Lucifer asked.

"Not yet, but we will. Now shoo!" Spicy said. "You have a meeting to get to don't you."

Mary wasn't surprised to see Henry sitting in the rocker feeding a bottle to Angelica, but she was surprised to see Ajax sitting alert and on guard next to the chair.

"Sam ordered him to protect her." Henry said. "Surprisingly, he's turned out to be quite the 'family' pet. I laid her on a blanket on the floor early and that monster of a hellhound lay down with her and curled up next to her wagging his tail. That's surprising knowing hellhound behavior."

"He is very docile with all of us in the bunker, but I have a feeling he will eat someone alive if they threatened any of us." John said walking over to pat the canine on the head. "I'm thinking it's a good thing. We know she's protected and that's a worry off of our minds."

"I take it something else is worrying you?" Henry said as he burped the baby and handed her to Mary.

"The vampire we rescued, she was young. Very young." John said. "Barely in her teens and the Alpha turned her."

"Benjamin told me. He seemed quite upset about it." Henry said. "There are records of a few vampires around who were turned that age, but most of them would be hundreds if not thousands of years old. There seems to be an unwritten rule against turning anyone under the age of consent and the alpha has always enforced it. I can't fathom why he let it happen now."

"He didn't let it happen, he did it himself." Mary bit out. The archangels were going to talk to him and ordered us to 'go home and see to our child."

Henry looked at his daughter in law for a long moment. "They are going to speak to the Alpha? I would expect them to simply smite him, unless they feel that there is something deeper going on here. Mary, stay with Angie and Ajax. Son, I hope Sam got his researching skills from you. We are in for a long night going through the library."

"John don't forget to let Sam know what's going on, maybe he has some idea of what is going on through his connection to Lucifer."

"Where is Allison?" The alpha asked when the four archangels were escorted into the study.

"She is in the hospital." Raphael answered the question. "Surely you are not surprised by that considering her condition. Even a seraph would smell the sickness on her."

"And notice her age." Gabriel added. "You didn't mention that she was so young. You've not only managed to upset four archangels, Benny was also a bit out of sorts on seeing her."

"Do you honestly think that I would tell you." The alpha said. "I had hoped it would escape your notice."

"Well it didn't!" Michael said sharply. "Is it not your orders that no one will be turned under the age of consent?"

The alpha vampire stood up and made his way over to a sideboard picking up a small crystal picture frame. "Allison has been with me since she was six years old. When went through her illness when she was eight years old." He held the photo of small dressed in a frilly pink dress with a matching scarf wrapped around her head. "I took her to human doctors, paid for all the treatments that they recommended; radiation therapy, chemo and miraculously the illness went into remission. She was happy, healthy; she was ready to start high school come September but six weeks ago it returned. Within a week's time she was too ill to even get out of her bed. I was told there was no hope."

"You didn't want to lose your child." Gabriel said.

"She was human, she was dying and she was scared." The alpha agreed. "I turned her. And then she was taken. She was surrounded by my trusted and still she was taken. And one of my people is still missing."

"One that was guarding her?" Lucifer finally joined the conversation. "Just the one, all of the others are accounted for?"

"What are you thinking Luce?" Michael asked as he could practically hear the wheels turning.

"I'm thinking that the disappearance of your most trusted at a time like this is not natural. The vampire has to be dead or he is in league with Abaddon." Lucifer said flatly. "I keep telling you how intelligent she is and you keep ignoring it. She did not spend her time in hell twiddling her thumbs. She was not just a hell knight she was the hell knight. She will use any means necessary to gain her desired end, haven't you learned that yet. And we know that she has worked with monsters in the past, usually those with a grudge against the Winchesters."

"The Winchesters wiped out Marcus nest a long time ago when John Winchester still lived. Dean and Samuel helped." The alpha said. "Marcus only lives because he was not present when they found the nest."

"So I believe we have a target." Michael said. "We will find this Marcus and he can lead us to Abaddon."

"I don't know how much good it will do." Bobby said into the phone. "I wasn't around for that part but I do know Castiel and if he was stuck in Purgatory it was probably his choice. Near as I can tell from researching the library here angels pretty much have the power to waltz in and out of any plane of existence they want at will. The only thing that slows em down is if they have to smite something along the way."

The grizzled hunter paused listening to the conversation at the other end. "Yeah I'll keep looking, maybe there's a spell of something that can slow them down. Looks like we have to do something cause we sure as hell don't want those assholes destined for downstairs showing up at the gates because y'all ran out of room down there. I'll keep on it and give you a call tomorrow."

Bobby hung up the phone with a sigh. Ellen sat a shot of whiskey in front of him. "Things really that bad?"

"Well Spicy sure thinks so. They just don't have the room to house any more nephilim without turning away the human souls showing up on the doorstep." Bobby knocked back the shot with a cough and a grimace. "What the hell is this shit?"

"Balthazar's private stock. Virgil and Rufus like it." Ellen smirked.

"Well if that feathered idjit and Rufus like it, it's expensive. But it still tastes like shit." Bobby said. "Pour me a shot of something that tastes like I can afford it."

"Robert, one of the perks of heaven is that you don't have to drink what you could afford while you still lived." Virgil said as he slipped onto the barstool next to the hunter. "It is within your power to splurge and enjoy."

The angel blinked out of existence for a moment only to reappear holding a platinum bottle encrusted with diamonds. "Now this, my frugal compatriot is the only known bottle of Tequila Ley .925. Platinum bottle encrusted with diamonds and it just sold at a Christie's auction for the asking price of $1.5 Million dollars." Virgil gestured to Ellen to set up a row of glasses and doled out the shots. Virgil picked up his glass and gestured for the others to do the same. "If you are going to pickle your liver, you may as well do it with the very best!"

The angel downed the shot then looked around at the hunters all sputtering and coughing trying to get the taste out of their mouths. Ash frowned at his empty shot glass then looked over at the angel. "Dude you got robbed. It tastes like fermented mule piss." A soft beep drew Ash's attention to his computer. "Don't look now but Zachariah is on the doorstep."

The mood in the Roadhouse shifted as the seraph entered the room. He looked around before pinning Bobby with a stare. "Well Singer, it seems you presence has been demanded by Michael himself. Say goodbye to the rest of the former mud monkeys." Zachariah snapped his fingers and the only sign that Bobby had ever been there was the sound of his shot glass crashing to the floor.

A/N: The Tequila Ley is an actual liquor and it's estimated price is $1.5 Million

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