After the Fall

Chapter 32

"Trickster, you approach me directly?" The small Chinese boy chuckled as he sat on ground. "This is certainly not in character for you. Have you finally decided that this challenge is beyond even your ability for deceit?"

"Erlang Shen." Gabriel greeted the other with a small bow.

The little god narrowed his eyes. "You offer me honor that I do not deserve, it is I that should kneel before you. Or do you still think that your identity is yet a well-kept secret from me son of heaven?"

"My identity is well known among the pagans thanks to Kali, but I'm not a douche that thinks being created by him makes me so much better than you or anyone else." Gabriel answered. "I lived among you for a long time."

"Yes you did, and you still could not resist performing the duties laid upon you at your creation. I have known who you truly are for a long time now." Erlang said. "You have ever served mankind by delivering your messages. Or duties are greater than we are and so we must bow to their completion."

The little god got to his feet rolling up the bamboo mat he had been sitting on. "Your message is delivered Archangel Gabriel. Let us return to your brother's realm and I will seek the truth among the lies on one condition, you and your brothers will never lie to me."

"Thank you." Gabriel said sincerely.

"Do not thank me yet, there is another condition that must be met." Erlang said. "These beings cannot be allowed to wander this plane of existence. There are too many for hell to hold them all and Purgatory is not a secure prison. They need to be placed somewhere that will hold them and where they can be overseen by one who rules the realm. Helheim Gabriel, it is the obvious choice. It is ruled by your daughter and no one can leave her realm without her agreement, not even Odin could leave without her permission."

"She is in Midgard, along with her brothers." Gabriel pointed out.

"I am aware of the attack on Asgard. I am also aware of the effort being invested into rebuilding it." Erlang said. "Once the rebuilding is done, where will your dead dwell? She needs to return to her own realm. You must remember that your reason for cutting yourself off from them for so long no longer exists. Your Christian apocalypse passed with but a whimper."

Gabriel gave a sigh. "I'll talk to her."

The graveyard was quiet. Dean looked around as he began laying out the ingredients for the spell that summon Death. Sam sat a bowl on the ground at his elbow.

"I kind of want to ask if you're okay with this, but it would be kind of a dumb question." Sam said quietly.

"If you can get used to being Satan's sidekick, I guess I can get used to being Death's understudy." Dean shrugged. "Not like we have a better plan at this point."

The rustle of feathers announced the arrival of Lucifer and Michael. "It's almost time. Dam you might want to stand next to Lucifer. Dean has to do this on his own."

"Where are Gabriel and Raphael?" Sam asked noticing the two archangels were missing.

"Raphael remained at the hospital with the vamp and Gabriel hasn't gotten back from his errand yet." Lucifer answered. "He did say it might take some time to track down this Erlang Shen character."

"It's not necessary for four of us to be here." Michael said. "Lucifer and I are the oldest, which means we hold more authority than Gabriel and Raphael. Samael will afford us the respect that we are due."

"I guess all that's left is to get started with the spell." Sam said.

"No time like the present." Dean said as he sprinkled powder in the bowl followed by a match and speaking the incantation that would summon Death.

The group watched as two shadowy figures appeared and then solidified into Death cadaverous figure and the figure of a man garbed in robes with longish red hair and a full beard. The redhead looked around the clearing eyes passing over everyone until they came to rest on the two archangels with a frown.

"Lucifer and Michael. I take it that your meeting was successful after I was treacherously killed." Samael queried.

"Not exactly, Samael." Lucifer answered. "Much has happened since that day that you need to know. For now we must finish our business with Death and then Michael and I will let you know what has happened since then."

"We hope that your presence will calm your daughter and allow us to come to terms that do not involve more killing of angels…or nephilim." Michael added.

"I see only have of Heaven's princes here." Samael noted. "Gabriel and Raphael are missing. Is that because they do not agree with the orders of the Morningstar and the Commander of the host?"

"They are occupied with missions deemed too important to fail. They will join us soon." Lucifer said.

"I have filled my end of the bargain." Death interrupted. "Samael is returned to you. I take it that you are ready to fill your end?"

Dean turned and walked over to Sam the two grabbing each other in a tight hug. "Take care of yourself Sam."

"Yeah I will. I'll make sure I'm there when Hadrian does his summoning ritual." Sam answered.

"Hadrian!? He still serves you Lucifer?" Samael asked.

"No he was cast from the ranks of hell eons ago." Lucifer said. "But he has now returned and he seeks to influence your daughter to commit acts of destruction that even the devil will not tolerate."

The newly resurrected angel snarled. "I will tear that entitled child limb from limb!"

"Before we commit to such acts of violence you should be aware of what has come to pass." Michael said.

"Ehem, Dean it is time." Death reminded.

"Don't worry; I've got your back." Sam said with a nod and a smile towards his brother.

"You got it backwards, bitch." Dean grinned back. "I've got your back." As the hunter and the horseman disappeared.

Samael now turned toward his two elders. "Now tell me of my daughter."

Hadrian entered the room where Abaddon sat brushing her hair. Coming up behind her, he took the brush from her hand and began stroking it through the long red tresses. "They guard our young vampire as if she was the most precious thing in their possession, not even the hospital staff is allowed near her. Raphael himself tends to her."

"They suspect something." Abaddon said. "We shouldn't disappoint them. Jana is afraid that Raphael will know that she had a hand in this. Let's give them what they prepare for and a guilty nephilim at the same time."

"Jana is loyal to us." Hadrian pointed out.

"Send her to the hospital, let her prove her loyalty." Abaddon said. "And we will give her a special message to take with her. In the meantime find another sacrifice. We need to raise the horseman as soon as possible."

A/N: I apologize that the chapter is short. Hopefully the next one will be longer. Right now I'm taking a lot of pain meds so it's kind of hard to concentrate.

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