After the Fall

Chapter 33

"Whoa dude!" Dean said looking around at the thick fog. "Where in the hell are we?"

"The veil." Death said tonelessly.

"The veil?" Dean repeated, confused.

"The veil Dean; is the place where life, death, existence and non-existence converge." Death said turning to face the hunter. "When you can navigate the veil you hold true power over everything that lives now and will live in the future."

As they stood there a shimmering iridescent light began to form in front of them. It grew brighter for a moment before vanishing with a trace.

"What was that?" Dean asked looking at the now empty spot in front of them.

"That was a human soul being brought into existence. It will join with the body that has been created for it and then soon, it will emerge from the womb. And the clock will begin slowly ticking down until I or one of my reapers comes for it." Death said.

As they watched another glowing light materialized. "So that little blob of light is a person?" Dean asked nodding at it.

"Eventually it will become one, but for the moment it is simply…potential" Death said, "But that is not why I brought you here. I brought you her so that you could see the bigger picture, the one that God and I see. Not even the angels have an understanding of this place. Gabriel has come the closest to understanding it, and even he does not fully grasp the connection."

"If an Archangel can't understand it, what makes you think that a high school drop out with a GED is going to understand it?" Dean asked.

"You humans have simple minds, sometimes a simple mind will grasp a concept faster than a complex mind will." Death said. "A complex mind occupies itself with unraveling the mechanics of a thing instead of just 'seeing' the thing."

Death began walking not looking back trusting that Dean would follow. "In the time that we have been here; reapers have taken three souls to their eternal rewards."

"So every time a soul is brought into existence, somebody dies?" Dean questioned.

"It seems that you do have the capacity to understand." Death said. "Life and death are a balance Dean. One that God and I work to maintain. Only Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo are infinite, Earth and Hell are finite. That is why everything dies. I make room for new life to thrive; there must be new life to fill the void that I leave. This equation exists across the cosmos on many different worlds and planes of existence. Life and Death must maintain the balance, which is the small picture, the one that Gabriel grasped and understood. It was the incentive for his little lesson to Sam. You and your brother spent most of your lives attempting to destroy the balance that allows this little world to keep spinning. The Apocalypse would have shattered the balance."

"Yeah it would have destroyed Earth, we knew that." Dean said "It's why we worked so hard to stop it."

"Dean there is a bigger picture." Death pointed out. "Do not be deliberately obtuse just when you are showing some sign of intelligence. Earth is but one little world in existence, the apocalypse would have destroyed the balance between existence and non-existence. The destruction of Earth would have caused a chain reaction of destruction that would have rippled throughout the cosmos. Abaddon's plans for resurrecting not only nephilim but their father's also will destroy the balance on Earth. It will set off the chain reaction that God and I are working very hard to prevent."

Everyone was gathered around the conference table to attempt to explain to Samael why he had been brought back and the threat that his daughter now presented. Everyone looked up at the sound of feathers announcing the arrival of Gabriel and Erlang Shen.

"Your mission was successful?" Michael questioned giving the little god the once over.

"Meet Erlang Shen. That third eye of his isn't just for decoration; he can see the truth with it. So he'll be able to tell us if the nephilim are lying to us or not." Gabriel said. "Samael, it's good to see you again."

"Now that Gabriel is here, you will tell me of my daughter and Hadrian's plans." Samael said. "I cannot believe that you had Death bring me back for anything less than an active and highly destructive threat to father's creation. But she is my daughter, she is my priority; that is something that none of you will ever understand."

"Actually, you're wrong." Gabriel spoke up. "I can understand exactly what she means to you, I have a daughter of my own and three sons also."

"You lie!" Samael yelled and got to his feet leaning on the table in an attempt to intimidate the archangel.

"Gabriel speaks the truth." Erlang Shen said quietly. "Although he never impregnated a woman he is indeed a father, perhaps more so than you. You became a father through circumstance; Gabriel chose to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood."

Samael looked closely at the archangel. "What has she done?"

"Samael, the situation is complicated." Michael started.

"No!" Samael's eyes never left the youngest archangel. "I want to hear it from Gabriel."

"Michael is right, it's complicated." Gabriel said meeting the seraph's eyes without flinching. "She is no longer the child you raised. She wants to destroy heaven, to kill us. To rule hell and release the demons on Earth. She has raised hundreds of nephilim, supernatural creatures that have been killed reanimate. She has created chaos to the point that everything is at risk. And Hadrian is by her side."

"You say that you have a daughter also, if this was your daughter; what would you do?" Samael demanded.

"I don't know." Gabriel answered. "You want me to tell you that I would kill her? I doubt that I could, no I know that I could not smite my own child. But I could stand aside, as much as it would hurt If Hel threatened all that father created and the only way to stop her was through death, I would stand aside and allow Michael or Lucifer to do so. Luckily, I don't have to make that choice. I don't envy you the fact that you must."

"What do you mean I must make that choice?" Samael snarled.

"Hadrian is an ambitious and underhanded cretin." Lucifer said. "He may be underhanded and ambitious but we all know that he does not possess the intelligence to put something like this together."

"And only Abaddon was in a position when Metatron cast down the angels and closed heaven to actually put something like this in motion." Michael added.

"Metatron did what?" Samael asked. The angel pulled out his chair and sat down. "I think that you had best start at the beginning. Start with my death."

"So Dean just up and turned himself over to Death?" Bobby scratched his head then pulled his cap back down. "Well I guess it makes sense. I did warn him that Death was going to want more than Dean wearing that damned ring for 24 hours. And you Sam, Boy king of hell? Blue eyed demon? Lucifer's second in command? The whole damned universe has gone to hell in hand basket!"

"Well, we're not quite there yet you old sot." John said. "I think that's why we're all down here; after all it was Winchesters, a grumpy old hunter and a borderline human angel that saved the world from the apocalypse last time around."

"This time we've got everybody on the same page." Sam pointed out.

"This time we've got the United Nations of supernatural baddies." Spicy finished up. "I thought I would drop in and see if you or Lucifer made any instructions for me, if not I have a date to keep with a certain Sheriff Jody Mills."

"What in the Sam Hell? Going out to dinner with Crowley ain't enough?" Bobby grumbled. "She's got to go out with every demon in and out of hell too?"

"Oh it's not that kind of date, sugar." Spicy said. "I made reservations for us tomorrow for a full spa day At Chez Beverly West." The demon grinned. "And they bumped the Hilton sisters to get us in. Paris is throwing a full on bitch fit right now."

Sam looked at the demon. "How did you manage to get Paris Hilton bumped off the appointment book?"

Spicy reached into her purse and pulled out a contract. "I just offered the owner another year. His contract comes due in a few weeks. As a matter of fact I actually made reservations for three; I figured Mama Winchester would like to join us."

"At Chez Beverly West?" Mary gasped. "Damned straight I'd like to join you!"

"Mary, Have you forgotten that your son just disappeared with Death?" John reminded.

"Of course not, but I also know that it will take a few Days for Death to do whatever training he need to do with Dean." Mary countered. "And the archs have been telling us to rest up and relax while we have the chance. I'm not saying no to a full day at the spa, full body massage, mud wrap and the rest."

John started to protest but Mary cut him off.

"Besides you could all do with a little bonding time with Angie." Mary added. "You can introduce her to her Uncle Bobby."

Mary and Spicy put their heads together talking about the treatments that they planned to get as they left the room. Bobby turned to John and Sam "Balls! Ya ain't just idjits, you're whipped idjits!"

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