After the Fall

Chapter 34

"I have to admit, you archangels are even stupider than I thought." Samael said. "Gabriel was the only one even close to being on your side and you killed him? You let your vessel take control and drag you and Michael down into the cage and you Raphael, got splattered by a seraph barely weaned from ambrosia the last time I saw him."

Samael shook his head and burst into laughter. "Your destined vessels had all of heaven and hell running around in circles trying to get their consent and it didn't occur to you that Father did not intend for the end times to play out as he had written them? And to think you would all slap us for not heeding him or mistaking his messages when we have never laid eyes upon him. How could the four of you be so dense after seeing him?"

"What makes you think that you have the right to lecture us?" Michael asked.

"Did he or did he not give you the duty of leading the host?" Samael asked the eldest archangel.

"You know that he did." Michael growled.

"So if he gave you leadership, why didn't you lead instead of blindly following?" Samael questioned. "This is the same query I made before you waged war against our children. You did not consider it then and that brings us to the mess that you are in now. Did it never cross your mind that father put you in charge because he trusted you to know when to abandon his plan, just as you always knew when to abandon a plan when on the field of battle?"

"Lucifer, tell me something was your vessel compliant when you did finally take him or did he fight you the entire time?" Samael asked. "Did it never occur to you that your vessel, devout as you say he was; was more attuned to father's wishes than you were? And how could you not know that he had been in contact with father, not once but twice?"

Samael turned to Gabriel. "Okay you actually did get the memo but going toe to toe with Lucifer?"

Finally he turned to Raphael "And you are the most moronic of all trying to restart the Apocalypse after father let it be stopped in such a clear manner. There was no mistaking the fact that he had changed his mind as He allowed these two to come together and then be overpowered by a human vessel and tossed into the pit. He kept bringing Castiel back and you were so willfully obtuse as to think that this was his will?"

"You have yet to meet the vessels." Raphael said. "They are stubborn and willful on a level that you do not understand."

"So where are these vessels?" Samael asked. "It seems they are more obedient to father's will than the eldest of his children."

"Dean is with Death." Michael said "It was the price for him bringing you back."

"And Dean would be your vessel Michael? What of your vessel Lucifer, I believe his name was Sam?" Samael asked.

Lucifer snapped his finger and a demon appeared, bowing before the archangel the Demon spoke. "I will have our young royal return immediately sire."

"Sire?" Gabriel looked at Lucifer questioningly.

"Belarus idea. He thinks that we should formally adopt our hierarchy to give hell structure." Lucifer answered a split second before the mentioned demon appeared next to his charge.

"Samael, meet Samuel Winchester, Boy king of hell." Lucifer said.

"Humph!" Samael looked over the hunter. "Looks like a nephilim to me."

"Descended from a nephilim, like his brother Dean." Gabriel said. "Occasionally humans are born with the height of a nephilim, but to be honest height has become so ingrained in the human genome that it is becoming the norm."

Gabriel stood up and went to stand next to Sam. "When I took this vessel I was like Sam; very tall since the average height of human males was somewhere in the vicinity of 5 foot 3 inches. Every generation, the average height increases."

"So you inherited height, did you inherit anything else of worth from us?" Samael asked.

Sam looked at Gabriel. "Hoc enim verum est conatu?" (Is this jerk for real?)

Samael burst out laughing. "Outspoken and fluent in Latin." The angel stepped up to Sam and slapped him on the shoulder. "You'll do, human. You'll do. How many other Languages do you understand and speak?"

"All of them. He has a lot of my knowledge in his head." Lucifer said proudly. "When he needs it, it is there."

"So Samuel," Samael started.

"Just Sam." The hunter corrected.

"Alright Sam, Tell me about Abaddon." Samael looked the hunter in the eye. "And I want the truth."

"Let go ya idjit. I might be a guardian angel but I still need to breath." Bobby said untangling himself from Garth's embrace.

"It's just good to see you!" Garth said grabbing the hunter again.

The flutter of wings announced Michael's arrival and saved Bobby from another hug. "Robert, welcome back to Earth. Hello Garth."

"Michael, I haven't got the faintest clue why I'm here. That Zachariah just zapped me into Jody's office and didn't say shit. Then another feathered idjit zapped me here where this human octopus was waiting."

"Yes I told Zachariah that you would be needed. I assume you at least have the basics of what is happening from Virgil?" Michael asked.

"From him and this demon named Spicy." Bobby said.

"Good then you realize that we need experienced hunters who can be depended on to get the job done as you humans would say." Michael nodded.

"You got the entire Winchester Family and this idjit." Bobby gestured at Garth.

"Actually we don't. Mary Winchester has obligations here in Lebanon and the situation with Dean is complicated." Michael explained. "And Sam is not going to let Dean go through this without backing him up."

"Wait a minute; what did those two idjits get themselves into now?" Bobby demanded.

"Death has claimed Dean as a reaper." Michael said. "And Dean agreed with it."


Samael had been standing quietly, leaning over with his hands pressed against a small cabinet on the other side of the room since Sam had stopped speaking. The room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop, everyone wanting to give the newly resurrected angel time to come to terms with what he had just heard. Samael had asked Sam for the truth about Abaddon and Sam had given it, sparing no detail.

Eventually Samael straightened and turned to face Sam. "Thank you. The fact that you have spoken the truth about my daughter without attempting to soften the blow is a sign of respect." He turned to Question Gabriel who was the only angel to remain in the room after Sam had finished his narrative. "Where is she?"

"At the moment, we don't know. She is in hiding." Gabriel said. "We hope that Hadrian will lead us to her. We haven't seen any hint of her since her supposed suicide."

"Why didn't you bring me back then?" Samael demanded.

"You know why. As a father, I know what your first thought would have been." Gabriel said. "And you can't tell me that somewhere deep down inside you're not rejecting what Sam told you; even though you know he is telling you the truth. If we had brought you back then, before she did whatever it is she did that started raising the nephilim; you would have fought us tooth and nail."

The seraph opened his mouth to say something but the older archangel cut him off. "Look, I understand. Like you I'm a father. My first instinct will always be to give my children the benefit of the doubt and to automatically want to believe them. That was not a risk that we were willing to take with all of creation hanging in the balance. And none of us wanted to be at odds with you, not even Michael or Raphael. Some of us have put a lot of effort into protecting the reputations of those siblings we lost during the Cleansing, on both sides."

What is it that Samuel did not tell me?" Samael asked.

The flutter of wings announced the arrival of Castiel and a young female nephilim shackled in chains engraved with Enochian.

"Sam didn't tell you about her, he didn't know." Gabriel said glaring at the nephilim. "Jana, Jana, Jana; how stupid can you get? Did you think Raphael wouldn't notice your father's grace on that vampire? I mean the ability to infect someone with a case of stage 4 cancer that would kill them in a matter of weeks? Only Raphael and your father knew how to do that, and then Reziel passed that knowledge onto you."

Castiel looked at the growing smirk on Gabriel's face. "Brother, you are thinking something that pleases you?"

"I'm thinking that Hadrian finally made the mistake we were waiting for." Gabriel said. "Take her downstairs and lock her up."

A/N: I apologize for it taking so long to update but I have been in a lot of pain and having muscle spasms since my surgery on the 7th and have really not been in a writing mood. I will try to do better and not take so long with the next update.

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