After the Fall

Chapter 35

Sam was in the nursery with Angie when Belarus interrupted him. "Samuel, there is a reaper here, not Tessa but he says that he bears a message from your brother."

"Okay let me put Angie down." Sam said walking over to the crib.

The demon sniffed then called out. "Andy, Take the young one to Gertrude. I believe a diaper change is in order and our king has business to attend to."

Sam sighed when the hellhound looked up at him with pleading eyes. "Well go ahead you big softie, just stay out of the way."

"It seems that Ajax has bonded with her." Belarus noted.

"I think it may be because she's so small. He knows that she is the most in need of protection." Sam said. "But it's adorable when mom lays her down on the blanket. Ajax lies down with her and sort of wraps himself around her. So what's this reaper want?"

"He carries a scroll from your brother. His instructions were to give it to you and no one else." Belarus said. "Jake is waiting with him."

"Well let's go see what he wants then." Sam said leading the way to the bunker's entrance. On arriving he found not only Jake waiting but also Castiel.

"Cas I thought you were helping with the interrogation of the nephilim?" Sam said.

"With all four archangels, Balthazar and Alistair; I believe that my presence would be what you humans call 'overkill'." The seraph replied.

Sam looked at the reaper, "You have a message for me?"

The reaper bowed respectfully holding out an envelope toward Sam. Before Sam could take it however, Belarus grabbed it and broke the seal carefully. He took out the folded paper and after a moment handed it to Sam. "A precaution, my young king. We are at war with a crafty adversary; everything should be checked before it reaches your hands."

"What were you expecting, a letter bomb?" Sam asked.

"Poisons and curses can be easily transmitted in a letter." Belarus said. "It would not be the first time such a method of assassination was employed."

"You know," Jake said to the older demon, "Sometimes your paranoia is way over the top Belarus."

"Ah youth, so trusting and innocent." Belarus said. "What you call paranoia, is wisdom gained over centuries of observing perfidy and evil firsthand. As a Knight of hell in young Samuel's service, his safety and well-being are paramount. I view every situation as if it is a threat to my liege; therefore I am more likely to discover a subtle attack."

"You know Belarus; I'm not some helpless princess. I can take care of myself, but thanks for being so alert." Sam said.

"Belarus may be a demon Sam but his point is valid." Castiel said. "It is well-known that invoking Dean's name would likely cause you to lower your guard."

Sam opened the folded sheet with a huff. He read it and chuckled. "He wants me to get the Impala ready for when Abaddon summons him. He also told me that I should make sure my 'babysitters' have a vehicle too."

"Guess we're headed for the garage." Jake grinned. "I have just the vehicle in mind too."

"Okay, um Cas I need a favor. I need you to find someone in town that can handle this." Sam wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to the angel.

Castiel looked at the sheet. "I will return shortly."

The nephilim Jana sat chained to a chair at a table. Across from her the archangel Raphael sat still as a statue while the other archangel's placed wards around the room. Lucifer finally turned to Raphael and said "It's done."

Raphael stood up and made his way behind the nephilim's chair. "I am going to remove your bindings. Do not think to run, this room has been warded to contain you and any one of us can smite you in less time than it takes to blink an eye."

The archangel removed the chains and gathered them in his hands setting them on the table in front of him before retaking his seat. "Your father Reziel was one of my best healers; he has obviously passed his knowledge on to you. It is no easy thing to cause a blood cancer of such virulence."

Raphael leaned back in his chair and regarded the nephilim for a moment. "Surely you must have known that I would discover your hand in this, and yet you did it anyway. Do you place such low value on your life? Or perhaps Hadrian promised you that he would protect you?"

The nephilim remained closed mouthed. Lucifer snorted, "It looks like she's going to be a tough nut to crack. I wonder if Hadrian warned her that we would be guarding the little vamp? Like you said little brother everyone had to know that you would trace it back to one of Reziel's line and since Reziel is dead…"

"Not for long!" Jana yelled. "Hadrian is going to bring him back!"

It was Gabriel's turn to snort. "Hadrian doesn't have the juice to bring him back. Archangels don't even have that kind of juice."

"You know brothers; I think that this stupid girl believes that we are just as stupid as she is." Michael finally spoke up. "She thinks that we have fallen for Hadrian's little ruse of hunting down Ezra's tablets."

"Whatever you believe doesn't matter now. He knows how to bring them back, all of them." Jana said with full confidence. "And even if you kill me, it doesn't matter. He'll bring me back too."

"In order to bring you back, he has to know where to find you." Gabriel said. "But we won't kill you, however if you die; well that's a different matter." Gabriel snapped his fingers and the nephilim disappeared.

Michael glared at his brother. "Gabriel."

"Pocket dimension, don't worry." The younger archangel explained. "She told us what we needed to know. She pretty much confirmed that they have a way to bind Death."

Death watched as Dean grabbed the vampire named Marcus. "Remember me?" Dean grinned.

The vampire struggled in Dean's grip, fear beginning to show on his face when he couldn't break the hunter's hold. "You can't be stronger than me. You're human!"

"Yeah, about that." Dean said letting his appearance change to that of a reaper's true form. "Not quite human anymore, and neither is my brother. I'm a reaper and he's a hell spawned demon; if you thought we were something to fear before, you're in for a shock now."

Dean dragged the vampire over to a chair and shoved him down into it. "Now I have a few questions for you. Answer them and I'll take you out nice and easy and deliver you to Purgatory where you belong. Give me any grief and you'll be begging the big guy there to obliterate you. Who set up this whole situation to get your alpha to turn a child?"

"You expect me to tell you? They will kill me! Then they will bring me back and kill me again!" Marcus replied.

Dean placed his hand on the vampire's chest and watched as the vampire began to gasp painfully. "What you're feeling right now is the blood circulating through your body changing; it's becoming dead man's blood." Dean gave an evil grin. "And I can keep your heart pumping that poison through your veins for as long as I want." After a few minutes Dean took his hand away and the vamp began to breathe easier. "Now do you think they can do that to you?"

"It was a nephilim, he called himself Hadrian." The vampire answered once he was able to breathe normally. "But the whole time he was talking to me and giving me instructions he kept glancing back at the car he had gotten out of; like he was getting approval."

"Now we're getting somewhere." Dean said. "Who was in the car?"

"I never saw them, they were careful not to reveal themselves." The vamp said. "But I heard him say a name, Abby."

Dean glanced back at Death who nodded. He placed his hand on the creature's forehead killing it before grabbing the corrupted soul to deliver it to Purgatory.

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