After the Fall

Chapter 36

"What the nephilim spoke was the truth, but not the full truth." Erlang Shen said as he appeared in the room. "There is truth that she kept hidden from you."

What exactly does that mean?" Michael asked.

"This third eye sees the truth not only of words, but of the mind. What she did not reveal to you was revealed to me." The pagan god continued. "She did not reveal that she knows Hadrian in the biblical sense."

Samael sighed deeply. "So I was right. I feared that Hadrian betrayed my daughter with another. It is why I tried to keep them separate. He spent more time than decent watching our daughters, all of them."

"Is that the actual truth or truth as she believes it to be?" Gabriel asked.

"What I saw was memory, not indulgent fantasy." Erlang said. "But the extent to which Hadrian is committed to her, I cannot say. She believes that Hadrian wishes to raise Abaddon to use her, but in this she blinds herself to the truth that Abaddon lives. She forces herself to turn a blind eye to the fact that Abaddon is already by Hadrian's side."

"So Abaddon lives, Hadrian is two-timing with Jana and possibly about to stick a knife in Abaddon's back to be with Jana." Gabriel said. "Sounds like a bad episode of Dr. Sexy."

"No, if he's bumping uglies with Jana it's just because she's a strange piece of tail." Lucifer said. "Hadrian is nothing if not ambitious and Abaddon is the one he thinks has the power. She was a Hell knight last he heard and my champion. Jana can't give him anything to compare to that."

"So we know that Abaddon is alive. We also know that she plans to raise Death just as we thought. I believe that we should arrange to speak with him." Michael said. "And Sam and Dean will need to finalize their plans. We don't know how long we have before Hadrian and Abaddon perform this summons."

"We also know that their plan is not just to attempt to summon Samael, but all those angels who died during the cleansing. They plan to raise all of the Gregori." Raphael said.

"And we know which side of the fight most of them are going to take" Gabriel said.

"Yes, Hadrian and Abaddon will convince them to march on Heaven itself." Raphael said.

"I have spoken to Robert Singer and Garth. They are already out along with John Winchester." Michael said. "Henry and Gertrude are going through the records trying to figure out how Abaddon cast her spell to raise the nephilim. Mary and Benny are handling the school and Uriel has a squad out looking for nephilim."

"I'll talk to Sam. If he is going to join Dean in facing down Nephilim; I'd better get him prepared." Lucifer said.

"I need to talk to Hel too." Gabriel said. "If we are going to keep these nephilim from coming back we'd better put them somewhere other than Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. We'd better put them somewhere that follows different rules of magic."

"And where exactly are we supposed to find a place like that?" Raphael asked.

"It's called Helhiem," Hel said as she came into the room tapping something on her smart phone. "And I rule over it. Any soul that comes there stays there unless I allow it to leave."

"No offense meant to you; but I would like to check the security of your realm." Michael said. "It is important that we can rest easy that they will not escape."

"None taken but between the Berserkers and my birth mother; your nephilim will behave themselves." Hel said.

"Angrboda?" Gabriel gave a shudder. "I don't even want to cross her. Thank Dad I was never really married to that ballbuster."

"Want to wait for me to talk to Sam and tag along?" Lucifer asked. "This Angrboda must be something to make our little brother tremble in fear."

"Hello Dean." Castiel said as the hunter turned reaper entered the kitchen. "I would have thought you would be busy with Death."

"It's seems that I'm a quick study." Dean answered with a grin as he opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. "So we tracked down that vampire Marcus. Abaddon is alive."

"We are aware. One of the nephilim showed up at the hospital and was interrogated by The Archangels." Castiel said. "They were able to confirm that she is alive. It appears that Abaddon's goal is not just to raise the nephilim, but to raise the Gregori."

"The Gregori? You mean the angels that fathered them?" Dean asked.

"Yes, and I doubt that they will be reasonable." Castiel said. "During the Cleansing it was said that Samael was the most reasonable of the Gregori. The others will have no qualms in marching on heaven."

"Okay then we need to get our shit together now. Did Sam get my message about the car?" Dean asked.

"Yes I did. It will be ready this afternoon." Sam said with a grin. "Oh and here." Sam tossed a license plate at his brother. "I figured you may as well go all the way."

Dean looked at the plate which read "REAP'R". "What you don't think blackout tint on the windows isn't enough?"

"Oh and Lucifer said not to say he never gave you anything." Sam held up a cassette tape. "He calls it music to reap by."

"I'm almost afraid to imagine what the devil considers music to reap by." Dean said.

"Gabriel also had a gift to celebrate your new status as a Reaper." Castiel said.

"I'm even more terrified at the thought of what that asshat considers an appropriate gift for a reaper." Dean said dryly.

"He said that you would recognize it when you saw it." Castiel said with a twitch of his lips.

"If you find it funny, I'm petrified." Dean turned back to Sam. "So are your Hell knights ready? I don't think we have much time before they summon Death."

"Well Bobby and Garth are out looking for Supernatural creatures around the state." Sam said. "Hopefully they can buy us some time by ganking what they find; but sooner or later it's going to happen. They will get their hands on one."

"I'm not sure of everything that they are planning," Spicy said as she popped a water chestnut into her mouth and chewed. "But I do know that they are planning on leaving that Garrison of angels here along with Mary and John. They are leaving Balthazar and Lilith here too."

"Wouldn't it make more sense to take them all?" Jody questioned.

"Not if this is just a big ruse to sneak attack the town." Gabriel said as he appeared at the table with a monstrous Banana Split in front of him. "Mary, Jody, Spicy; hope you don't mind me crashing your ladies luncheon."

"Not if you fill us in on what you all are planning." Jody said.

"Well it just so happens, I'm here to tell you that Raphael and I are also staying here." Gabriel said. "We've pretty much gotten confirmation that Abaddon is alive and it would be just like her to use the summoning ritual as an opportunity to attack Lebanon. In case you have forgotten this town pretty much kicked her little demon/monster army's collective asses, and that bitch is even better at holding a grudge than any angel in heaven including the Archangels."

Gabriel snapped up a can of Redi-whip and buried the ice cream treat under a full can of whipped cream. "We're making damned sure that we cover all our bases here."

"So I guess whenever she does her summons, I should have the town ready to fight?" Jody asked.

"To be honest, I'd give them the heads up now." Gabriel said. "There may not be time when she starts her summons."

"What about my boys? They are going to be alright aren't they?" Mary asked.

"I don't think you have to worry about your boys ever again, Mary." Gabriel said. "Dean accepting Death's offer really changed the playing field."

Mary narrowed her eyes at the archangel. "Which means what?"

"Well since Sammy is now a blue-eyed demon, the only reaper that has the power to reap his soul is Dean. And the only one with the power to reap Dean's soul is Death." Gabriel said. "But even if they do 'die', Sam is the boy king of hell he comes and goes as he pleases, not even Death can take that power from him; add to that the fact that he's also a Guardian it means he's tied to that vessel."

"So he can't really be killed?" Mary asked.

"Nope and Dean is a reaper second only to Death, and a Guardian, he dies and he ascends with the powers that he's gained from Death."

"That makes your boys a couple of Steven Segals." Jody quipped. "As in hard to kill."

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