After the Fall

Chapter 37

"Loki Odinsson!" Angrboda slapped the archangel on the back. "I was brought to believe you dead, another of your tricks? Our daughter was inconsolable."

"No I was actually dead." Gabriel said.

The Frost giantess frowned at the short trickster. "And yet you stand before us alive." She gestured at the gathered warriors and berserkers behind her. "We also saw naught of you among us."

"That's because he's a celestial." A voice growled behind her as Odin stepped forward followed by Baldur.

"So Kali was right, you damned archangels can die." Baldur said. "So tell me where do dead celestials go brother?"

"I will have peace in my hall!" Hel shouted as she stepped forward. "We are allied with the celestials; the one God has accepted us as have my uncles."

Odin caught sight of the two other archangels present, one of whom was Lucifer. The All-father lunged for devil responsible for his death only to find himself caught in Thor's grip while Gabriel held Baldur.

"Father he enters our realm as a guest as does Michael, their eldest." Thor spoke hoping to diffuse the situation.

Odin turned his glare on Gabriel. "You granted that bastard the status of guest in this realm?"

"Actually, mother granted safe passage to all celestials." Thor said. "They have been acknowledged as another branch of the family as the one God has acknowledged us. They Archangels helped to save the life of your grandson after Asgard was attacked by a demon named Abaddon and her allies among the Egyptian pantheon. The celestials descended upon the Egyptians in retaliation, they are no more."

"Humph. I don't have to like it that they are here but I suppose I can stay my hand from revenge." Odin said.

"I warned you back at the Elysian what would happen if you tried to face Lucifer." Gabriel said. "And he didn't even have his full grace at that point."

Baldur stepped forward. "And Kali, what has this Abaddon done to her."

"Nothing, Shiva is not stupid." Gabriel said. "They have prepared themselves for war and sought an alliance with heaven also."

"So you celestials are slumming now making alliances with pagans?" Odin snorted.

"The Hindu pantheon has been granted a truce with heaven." Michael answered. "Asgard received an alliance only because of your connection to Gabriel. As our niece pointed out, we have family among you."

"If you want someone to take your ire out on just be patient, we'll soon be sending nephilim your way." Lucifer said. "Among them is a male known as Hadrian, have at him with our blessing."

Sam parked the Impala and stepped out careful to take a moment to polish the door handle. The black car now sported black tint on all the windows making it impossible to see into the interior. The front license plate now bore the vanity plate that Sam had gotten for Dean and on the hood was a solid silver skull and crossbones hood ornament engraved with an Enochian spell to bind any grace that a nephilim might have access to. In the tape player was Lucifer's music to reap by cassette which was to Sam's amusement Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper on continuous loop.

A low whistle drew his gaze as Jake walked over and grinned. "Now that's a ride worthy of a reaper."

"We drew quite a bit of attention from pedestrians as we passed." Belarus said as he exited the passenger seat. "And a traffic stop from the town's sheriff who had to admire it."

"Jody thinks it's creepy as hell so I guess that means it's what Dean was looking for." Sam said. "Did you find a vehicle for you guys?"

"I found a few." Jake said as he turned and walked over to two identical motorcycles painted a solid matte black. Where the bikes would normally sport chrome was also a solid matte black. "Andy and I will ride these, but the real baby is over here."

Jake led Sam over to where a mint condition Tucker 48 sat with the hood up. "I was just finishing up checking under the hood. You know they only made 51 of these beauties." Jake gently lowered the hood. "The odometer only has 97 miles on it."

"This belongs in a museum! Do you know how much this would be worth at auction?" Sam gasped.

"The last Tucker to come up for auction on 2012 sold for $2.915 million." Castiel said as he and Belarus appeared in the garage. "Being that the vehicle was highly advanced for its time, it is to be expected that the Men of Letters would acquire one for their collection."

"And it is fitting that you should have it Samuel." Belarus said. "It is an appropriate symbol of your status."

"Can we not have this argument again?" Sam asked.

"Far be it from me to argue with my king," Belarus said. "But I will see that he has those things that display his status."

"You might as well give it up Sam." Jake chuckled. "You know he's going to have his way. Besides you should relax and enjoy what your status brings you. Stop being a pauper and learn how to be a prince, even if it's just for the sake of your knights."

"Erlang Shen wishes to speak to you and Dean," Castiel said. "It's why we searched you out; he knows Abaddon's last location."

"Well alright then, we can get this show on the road." Jake said. "I'll get the others. We'll be ready to go when you are."

"That would be wise." Castiel said. "I will notify Raphael of your intentions. However, I advise you not to leave until the Archangels have returned. Michael and Lucifer will wish to accompany you."

"Tell me child, have you ever dealt with a demon?" Verchiel asked Krissy.

"I've been hunting for a while now. I can help." Krissy said as she stubbornly crossed her arms. "This whole town helped before and they didn't even know that demons were real. And I've been studying."

"Krissy, reading a book is a lot different than facing the real thing." Jody said with a sigh. "It would be better if you stayed safely here at the station."

"When will everyone stop treating me like a child? I'm not!" Krissy argued. "Besides it's not just demons you have to worry about, it's the nephilim."

Verchiel looked at the girl stunned. "How do you know about the nephilim?"

"I think your father told me about them. At least that's who Sam thinks it was." Krissy said.

"What exactly did he tell you?" Verchiel asked.

"Not much just that they exist and that you can bind their grace if they have any." The girl answered.

"He told you how to bind their grace?" Verchiel was shocked. "But that is knowledge reserved only for archangels!"

"Well I guess now it's archangels and me." Krissy said.

"How exactly do you bind their grace?" Jody asked.

"It's a spell. It has to be written out in Enochian." Krissy said. "And I know the sigils to use."

"You know what? I think you can help." Jody said as she stood up and grabbed her keys. "Come on kid, let's get to work. We need to mark every street that leads into town."

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