After the Fall

Chapter 38

"Lawrence, of course she would be in Lawrence." Dean said. "It's where everything started."

"And it's going to be where everything ends." Sam said firmly.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get going." Lucifer said.

"Whoa, Luci. Hold up, slow your roll there." Gabriel said. "Lawrence happens to be the location of a psychic."

"There were like 4 or 5 the last time we were there." Sam said.

"This lady happens to be the real deal, I think you guys might know her, Missouri Mosely ring any bells?" Gabriel asked. "She's the real deal; those others are just jokers and charlatans. We have to be sure that Abaddon hasn't gotten to her, if she hasn't then we need to get her out of town fast."

"How do you know about Missouri?" Dean asked.

"It's in the job description for Heaven's Herald. Like all angels I know all the prophets but I also know all the real psychics. It helps when I need to drop a little knowledge on one of them."

Gabriel let his grace mingle with Michael and Lucifer's for a moment sharing the information about Missouri.

"Lucifer and I will attempt to contact the psychic; we should have handled the situation by the time you arrive." Michael said. "Take care of things here Gabriel."

"Yeah will do." The trickster said as his brothers vanished with no sound. "Now as for you two, you got your plan together?"

"Yes, my demons will take out any stragglers as they can." Sam said. "When Abaddon and Hadrian perform their little ritual; they'll get a double dose of Winchester."

"So Sam, ready to have a little fun and ruin Abaddon's day?" Dean asked. Sam answered by walking around the car and sliding into the passenger seat. Dean hopped in and started the car pulling out of the garage followed by two motorcycles and a Tucker 48.

Missouri Mosely knew when something evil was around, she could feel it. And for the past week or so her senses was telling her that something evil was in Lawrence. Missouri had a ritual for dealing with evil, or at least keeping it out of her house. There was the obligatory salt across the threshold and windows, devil's traps throughout her home courtesy of John Winchester but she also had other tricks up her sleeve. Every night she poured out a salt circle around her bed and kept Sage smoldering in each room. In addition she kept seven day candles of Michael the Archangel, St Jude and Gabriel burning around her home. She was spending a lot of time praying too. Whatever was in town, it wasn't a lightweight, it felt like Satan himself had decided to rise from hell and walk the streets of Lawrence. The last time she had this feeling was when John's sons came to town because of that poltergeist in the old Winchester home.

"You see what I have to put up with Michael?" Lucifer said as he appeared in front of the startled psychic. "She compares me to those two morons and burns candles in your honor." Lucifer very deliberately blew out the Saint Michael candle in his hand.

"Lucifer, behave." Michael said before turning to Missouri. "You have taken wise precautions Missouri Mosely, but they will not protect you from what is to come. Gather your things; you must leave now before Sam and Dean arrive."

"Sam and Dean Winchester?" She questioned before she turned toward Lucifer. "Boy put that down before you drop it. You may be the devil but that does not mean I won't douse you with holy water!"

Lucifer looked at the woman before carefully setting down the figurine he had been examining. "If you know who I am, you should speak to me with a bit more respect."

"You're in my house, and in my house you act like you are the son of God and not some hoodlum off the streets." Missouri said. "After all if he let you come home you can show your appreciation by acting like you deserve a place in the host. I swear you're worse than that brother of yours."

"Brother? Which brother do you speak of, Castiel?" Michael asked.

"I've never met Castiel but that damned Gabriel, first thing he did was scarf down a whole package of Double stuffed Oreos without so much as a may I. Y'all need some lessons in manners." Missouri said as she crossed her arms. "Now what's all this showing up in my home and making demands, you never learned how to ask nicely for something? And you the highest of the host, no wonder angels act like they haven't got a lick of home training."

Michael took a deep calming breath. "Missouri Mosely, would you please gather your things so that we may take you to a place of safety?"

"Well that's better. I'll just get what I'll be needing." Missouri turned and flounced out of the room.

"I guess she set you on the straight and narrow." Lucifer snickered.

"It was well after she set you straight." Michael retorted.

The two began bickering with each other only to be interrupted by a stern voice, "I know you two are not about to start fighting in my house. I swear I will go outside and find the longest greenest switch I can and give the two of you the whipping that your daddy should have!"

The two archangels gulped and looked at each other before answering in unison. "No ma'am."

There were those in the town of Lebanon that chose to stick their heads in the sand after the town managed to survive Abaddon's prior attack. They simply refused to think that their town was anything except normal. However the influx of hunters flooding into the town was quickly curing them of their disbelief.

Verchiel was kept busy enforcing the Neutral Ground law with hunters in a town populated by angels, demons and other creepy crawlies. In the end it came down to Bobby, John and Mary having to often intercede and speak to the hunters in order to keep the peace.

Verchiel had just 'disarmed' a hunter about to make the mistake of his life by tossing holy water on Lilith with Balthazar standing right there. Verchiel didn't understand the strange friendship between the two but he knew his brother well enough to know the hunter risked a smiting.

The trio lifted their heads at the sound of approaching vehicles. A familiar black Impala, followed by 2 black motorcycles and a mint condition 1948 Tucker pulling up to park in front of the hardware store drew a smirk from Lilith.

"Well, well what have we here; The Winchester Day Parade?" Lilith questioned as Sam and Dean got out of the Impala and Belarus and Meg emerged from the Tucker. Andy and Jake dismounted the motorcycles and stood just behind Sam.

"I don't see the local high school marching band following us." Dean snarked so "So I would guess no. And aren't you supposed to be getting the town prepared for an attack?"

"Well Balthazar and I were doing just that until that hunter over there decided he wanted to hunt a demon in a no hunting zone." Lilith said. "Lucky for him Verchiel came along when he did."

"Well shouldn't you be getting on with it then?" Sam asked. "We don't have time to play around Lilith."

"We were just getting back to that." Lilith said.

"Well, isn't that cute?" Meg snarked as she passed by. "Looks like someone can stop accusing me of having a pet tree topper now since she went and found her own."

"Meg, leave Lilith be." Belarus said as he took her arm. "We are here to secure supplies, not start a cat fight." Belarus glared at Lilith daring her to say anything else as he steered Meg into the store.

"Well Lil, want to go see who else we can upset?" Balthazar asked as he handed her a glass of champagne. "I wonder where Zachariah is. The idea of us together would really put his knickers in a knot."

Lilith gave an evil grin. "Are you sure you aren't a demon under those wings? I swear at times I think you're more evil than I am."

Abaddon smiled at Hadrian as he entered the room. "Jana has not returned from her mission to the human hospital. She was supposed to deliver her message and return."

"Hadrian, haven't you figured it out yet?" Abaddon gave an evil smile. "She was the message. Do you honestly think I would have her here? You are mine and I will no longer share you." She caressed the nephilim's cheek gently before shoving him away. "Find the final sacrifice Hadrian, it's time."

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