After the Fall

Chapter 39

Dean pulled the Impala off the road in a small parking area next to a lake. Shutting the engine off, he turned to Sam. "We'll wait here, Death is going to meet us and let us know when to show up. We know where the sacrifice will be done. There's only one place that will work."

"Carthage." Sam nodded. "I'll send Belarus and the others ahead. Jake can set up an ambush."

"Make sure you tell them to hang back until Abaddon and Hadrian get there." Dean said.

"Jake is a trained soldier. He knows how to set up an ambush Dean." Sam replied.

"Plotting nefarious schemes, boys?" Crowley snarked as he appeared in the back seat. "I'm impressed."

"Crowley what the hell do you want?" Dean growled.

"Reporting in to my superior if you don't mind." Crowley directed his next words to Sam. "I'm supposed to tell you that terrifying woman named Missouri is safe at the bunker. Lucifer and Michael will cloak your knights while you wait for the summons."

"Everything is set then, now we just have to wait on Abaddon and Hadrian." Sam nodded.

"Oh by the way, Lucifer would like any wayward demons sent back to hell. I understand Jack is getting bored with his current pets and plans to turn their torment over to Alistair." Crowley said. "Alistair has been missing his old stomping grounds and he thinks jack is an apt pupil, he even surpasses you Dean; and you were Alistair's favorite."

"Is that all Crowley?" Sam asked. "You don't want to give me the idea that you're slacking do you?"

"And that boys is my cue" The demon disappeared.

"So I guess you pass along your orders." Dean said as he twisted around to pick up a box from the backseat. "And I get to enjoy this homemade apple pie Mom made." Dean opened the box and pulled out a fork. "You might want to get a move on if you want me to save you some."

Jody was busy passing out instructions to the gathered townspeople who volunteered to fight against Abaddon if she showed up. The group was gathered on the steps of the Sheriff's Office most of them armed with shotguns full of salt rounds or silver bullets, and supersoakers filled with holy water from the moat surrounding the town.

"Okay here's the deal. Abaddon is going to make a move soon; whether or not she plans on attacking Lebanon is up in the air." Jody said. "But if she does decide to come knocking, we'll be prepared."

The flutter of wings announced Raphael's arrival. He looked at the gathered group then turned to Jody. "The town seems well prepared for Demons and other monsters, but there are nephilim involved here. They should know what they face."

"I have no idea what to do about nephilim." Jody said.

"I do, our father commissioned us to destroy them once and they were cleansed from the Earth." Raphael said. "And so they will be again." He turned toward Krissy. "He has commissioned you young one. There is knowledge that he has given you. You will know when it is needed." He turned toward the crowd. "Know that the sons of heaven are among you. Two princes of Heaven stand watch over this town and the outlying areas. Your enemy is not just the demon and the abominations of Eve; but the children of the Gregori. These beings are the bastard issue of angels who went against God's word. Our father ordered them cleansed from this Earth but he has chosen to show mercy to those nephilim who are innocent at heart but they must be taken from this world. They will be judged appropriately and they will spend eternity in the place of their merit."

"That sounds an awful lot like kill them all and let God sort them out." Jody said.

"No it means kill them all and I will sort them out." A voice said from behind her. "I am Erlang Shen; Loki is an old friend of mine. I will judge the nephilim and they will be sent to Helhiem either as family or as disgraced by my word."

"You still plan to kill them all." Jody said crossing her arms.

"Yes Jody Mills, all nephilim who attack or fight will die. Those who avoid the battle will be spared this day but monitored. Remember what we are, and the purpose for which we were created; to do our father's will."

"Both Winchesters, I must say that I am not surprised." Death said as he appeared in front of the two. "Neither of you seemed to be able to grasp the concept of death. You have both seen Heaven, Hell and Purgatory; yet you still live and breathe. I believe it was less trouble for everyone involved to simply promote you to immortality."

"Now Dean, understand that you will appear before them unbound; Hadrian will quickly understand that his spell was diverted. Silence him quickly." Death turned to Sam. "Since you insist on accompanying your brother, make yourself useful. Abaddon has demons that still follow her; I assume that you still have the capability of exorcising them. Just as you did with my brother, Famine; I expect you are capable of immediately removing them from the fight.

"There is a legion of reapers ready to reap the souls of the creatures that you mark for death." Death turned back to Dean. "Remember what I have taught you Dean. You remove the creatures and your brother will remove the demons. Those two upstart nephilim will be left only with the nephilim that follow them."

Death settled himself at a picnic table with a coke and a bag of fried shrimp. "Abaddon expects the two of you to be just as human as you were when last she saw you. You are both much different creatures now." Death lifted his head as if he were listening to something only he could hear. "It is time; they have started the ritual for the final sacrifice. Go now with both my blessing and the Creator's."

Hadrian plunged the knife into the werewolf's body letting the blood drench the altar as he finished the final words of the chant. The clearing fell into silence as they all awaited the arrival of Death.

The sound of music drifted into the clearing from a distance steadily growing louder as it approached. Soon words became understandable.

All our times have come

Here but now they're gone

Seasons don't fear the reaper

Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain... we can be like they are

Come on baby... don't fear the reaper

Baby take my hand... don't fear the reaper

We'll be able to fly... don't fear the reaper

Soon the music was underscored by the rumble of an engine, a familiar 1967 Impala coming to stop in the middle of the clearing. The music played a bit longer until the engine was shut off. Two doors opened in sync as Dean emerged from the driver's door followed by Sam from the passenger door.

"You rang?" Dean asked as his form wavered from that of a young man to an almost mummified reaper.

Sam grinned as his eyes bled into a solid icy blue. "Abaddon, long time no see." He said as he closed his fist causing the assembled demons to smoke out of their meat suits.

Jake grinned and grabbed the closest body to him a vampire. "That's our cue." He said as he sliced the creature's head from its body.

A/N: I apologize for the long wait but I'm back in school for the summer session and had to work on a paper due this week.

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