After the Fall

Chapter 4

"Raphael, did you have enough time to memorize the genetic composition of your last vessel, the one that Castiel destroyed?" Michael asked his brother.

"My time with her was adequate, yes." Raphael answered curiously.

"Good, show me." Lucifer demanded placing a hand on his brother's shoulder. A moment later and brother had been changed to sister. "Perfect, but your attire needs changing."

"Lucifer! What is the purpose of changing my vessel? I was content with it as it was before." Raphael sputtered.

"Abaddon is only familiar with your male vessel. If she has managed to locate any of the others before they resurrect, her description of you would be in that male vessel." Michael said as if it made perfect sense.

"I still fail to grasp why Lucifer has taken it upon himself to change my vessel." Raphael protested.

"Because Zachariah has located the first of the resurrected nephilim and they will run away as fast as they can from our ugly assed male vessels, sis." A new voice belonging to a petite blonde who pranced in on 5 inch stiletto heeled boots interrupted. "At least that's what Luci thinks. Don't worry we can change back after we've caught the little half breed."

"Gabriel, do you not realize the purpose of changing your vessel is not to call attention to yourself?" Michael sputtered.

Gabriel glanced down at the bustier, daisy dukes, and thigh high boots all in shiny black patent leather. "Eh talk to Luci's girlfriend. Personally I think I look hot. I'd do me." The trickster waggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Hell Deano has already hit on me twice. Sam thinks it's hilarious."

Lucifer snorted. "I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finally finds out who you are."

"It will be priceless. But for now Spicy is waiting to get her hands on Raphael. Don't worry, I explained that you're an anal retentive prude. I wear this well, you would be too worried that someone might catch a glimpse of ass cheek to pull off this look." Gabriel said.

"Well you certainly don't have that problem." Raphael said. "So much of your nether regions are revealed that the whole world can see paradise without even trying."

"Don't hate cause I'm beautiful." Gabriel smirked and tossed his long blonde hair over his shoulder. "Get your ass over to Spicy and let her get you all dolled up." Gabriel frowned again. "Although in your case I'd suggest she settle for presentable."

"Gabriel, be nice." Lucifer scolded. "Raphael can't help it if he's the homely one."

"Well we can't all shine brighter than a supernova," Raphael countered "That is why some of us developed a winning personality."

"Only when you are in competition with Zachariah." Lucifer snorted.

"You know that's not saying much right?" Gabriel smirked as he grabbed Raphael by the arm to drag her from the room. "Compared to Zachariah, the Grinch has a winning personality."

"What are we waiting for?" Garth complained yet again. "It's just a rugaru, it only takes a flamethrower to kill it."

"It stands to reason that the now deceased Ira Jenkins also believed that this creature would be easily subdued and yet he found his death at this creature's hands." Inias explained. "Like us, he was mistaken in identifying this particular threat. It is not just a rugaru, it is something much older and more dangerous. Your safety is dependent on us how do you put it, having a bigger dog in the fight."

"Inias! That's no way to talk about Raphael."

Garth's eyes were drawn to two women who had just appeared in the clearing. The one that had spoken was petite and blonde and looking like she had stepped right out of an S & M porno. All she needed was a crop to complete the image. The other was dark skinned and dressed like a schoolmarm. The scowl on her face brought back memories of detention for the jovial hunter.

Inias immediately bowed to the dark skinned woman profusely apologizing for the insult. The woman gave a huff. "Oh stop it Inias, I know you meant no offense to me. Gabriel is just being an assbutt."

"Gabriel? Raphael?" Garth gaped at the two. "But you are male."

"Actually we aren't kiddo. Didn't the Winchesters tell you? We're junkless, it really doesn't matter what sex our vessels are." Gabriel said. "I actually like being girly as much as I like being manly."

"Although in the spirit of full disclosure," Raphael said, "I suppose that I should let you know that humans are also as Gabriel says, junkless since genitalia is a characteristic of the physical body which is nothing more than a temporary condition."

"You might not want to say that around too many humans, Raph. They are kind of attached to their junk." Gabriel smirked. "It makes them feel macho. Anyhoo, Inias where is he? I'd like to snag him and bag him in time to get back to see Dr. Sexy you know."

"Uh guys, I'm kind of lost here. Why are you so interested in a rugaru?" Garth asked then corrected himself. "Or something that acts like a rugaru."

"I guess Inias let the cat out of the bag. It's something with the potential to be much worse than a rugaru." Gabriel said. "It's a nephilim."

"A what?" Garth asked. "You mean like half angel?"

"The offspring of a human mother and an angel inhabiting a male vessel." Raphael explained. "These creatures have neither soul nor grace, but rather a corrupted combination of the two. Long before civilization arose, these beings roamed the earth. They were cleansed on the order of God."

"Cleansed?" Garth asked.

"It sounds a lot better than genocide. That's what it really boils down to. A systemic and what we assumed was thorough elimination of the species." Gabriel said with disgust.

"Have you not yet seen enough proof of their evil nature Gabriel? Do you yet doubt Father's wisdom?" Raphael demanded.

"I have seen proof of Abaddon's evil nature and the evil nature of a handful more." Gabriel snorted. "I have not seen proof that they are all equally evil."

"How is it that you remain so soft-hearted and naïve Gabriel?" Raphael sighed. "Even Lucifer can see the threat that they now possess."

"I can see the threat Raphael." Gabriel said shortly. "I just wonder how much of that threat was already there and how much we caused by exterminating them like vermin. I guess you were deaf to their pleas for mercy when they had done nothing to deserve the butchering heaven brought down on them. We slaughtered innocents who had done nothing, just on the off chance that they might have done something down the line. It was bullshit."

"Gabriel, your blasphemy is uncalled for! How dare you question Father's will and refer to it in such a vulgar manner!" Raphael sputtered.

"Maybe if you had grown a spine and taken the time to question it, your dumbass wouldn't have gotten splattered across the cosmos by Castiel!" Gabriel shot back.

"Brothers, please. Do not fight among yourselves." Inias spoke up carefully. After all he was getting between two arguing archangels. "The nephilim is nearby."

Gabriel took a deep breath and glared at Raphael. "We will finish this later Raphael."

"I look forward to it, Gabriel." Raphael glared right back.

"So are we going after the nephilim now?" Garth asked carefully.

"Raphael, Inias and I are going after the nephilim. You're going to the bunker with Sam and Dean. Tell them to get Metatron's old cell ready." Gabriel snapped his fingers sending the startled hunter away.

"Okay, this is the last one, hopefully." Dean said as he sat another box full of books, ledgers and scrolls on the table and stretched to work the kinks out of his back.

"So much for there not being any lore on angels." Sam said setting another scroll on top of the pile designated 'Archangels'. "Bobby would have loved this."

"Yeah, he would have." Dean said as he picked up a rolled papyrus sheet. "So all this is angel lore?"

"We think so. We'll have to get one of the angels to translate, though." Kevin said. "I can only pick up symbols here and there.

"If you need a translator, why didn't you just say so?" Crowley said as he entered the room. He sat his tumbler of Craig on the table and grabbed the papyrus from Dean unrolling it. After a few moments of scanning the document, the demon burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Dean demanded.

"Let's just say my boss has a sense of humor after all and leave it at that." Crowley said with a chuckle. I would hate for him to find out that I told a group of humans that he gave you meat suits the plans for the Tower of Babel."

"So what's funny about that?" Sam asked.

"Originally it was supposed to be built out of stone." Crowley said as if that explained everything.

"I still don't get it." Dean said.

"Lucifer convinced them that fresh cattle dung would be a better building material. He even made sure that it would stand for a while." Crowley chuckled. "Imagine the looks on their faces when it collapsed around them."

"So Lucifer convinced people to build a big pile of shit?" Dean whistled. "No wonder we call him the devil."

The group was interrupted by the appearance of Garth who blinked in confusion at his surroundings.

"Uh, Garth? What are you doing here?" Sam asked. "I thought you were off hunting a rugaru?"

Garth reached out and pulled the closest person in arms reach into hug. "Gabriel snapped me here. It wasn't a rugaru I was hunting. It was a nephilim."

"The nephilim are all dead. Abaddon was the last one and she ganked herself." Dean protested.

"Would someone please tell this oaf that I'm not a teddy bear!" Crowley squeaked as he struggled in the hunter's embrace.

"Are you sure it was a nephilim?" Sam asked as he peeled Crowley out of Garth's arms only to find himself now trapped by the human octopus known as Garth Fitzgerald. Sam glared pleadingly at his brother over Garth's shoulder.

"Garth you officially passed weird about thirty seconds ago, you're getting into the 'I want to get married and have your babies' phase." Dean said.

Garth unwrapped his limbs, gave Sam a nod, and then gave him a hard manly slap on the back causing the hunter to stumble forward before he caught his balance. Sam quickly sidestepped the hunter to sit down at the table while Crowley took a spot beside Sam's chair.

"Crowley what are you doing?" Sam asked as he shifted his chair to the side only to have Crowley shift with him.

"Feudal law moose. You are the 'Boy King and that makes me your subject." Crowley said. "As my liege lord I'm entitled to your protection, especially from Squidly over there."

"Squidly? Seriously?" Dean snorted.

"Castiel, Meg, Spicy and I watch Hanna-Barberra cartoons in our down time. So sue us." Crowley said as he brushed imaginary lint from his jacket.

Dean was about to make another snide comment when the sound of rustling feathers distracted him announcing the arrival of Raphael, Gabriel, Inias and a strange man who studied the Winchesters intently. The stranger spoke after a few seconds. "You lied! You said there were no other nephilim."

"Karel, meet Sam and Dean Winchester and they are not nephilim." Gabriel said. "They are vessels."

"Vessels?" The stranger looked confused.

"Humans descended from nephilim. Born to contain the grace of angels." Raphael said. "These two happen to be very special vessels. Born to contain the grace of Lucifer and Michael, respectively."

"Lucifer and Michael?" The nephilim nodded. "No wonder Abaddon ordered us to seek out and destroy them. It would prevent the oldest from walking the earth."

"Actually that ship sailed a while ago." Gabriel snorted. "Sam has already said yes. Lucifer knows his genetic sequence and Michael has gotten both their sire John and a brother named Adam Milligan to say yes. So they can both recreate those vessels at will. All Abaddon did was to resurrect you to be slaughtered all over again."

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