After the Fall

Chapter 40

Abaddon looked on shocked as demons and monsters were being destroyed with ease. Snarling she shoved the closest nephilim forward. "Don't just stand there! Kill them!"

Hadrian looked at the nephilim turned demon. "Who are they?"

"The two by the car, Sam and Dean Winchester." Abaddon snarled pulling out an angel blade. "They've been pains in my ass for far too long."

Hadrian grabbed her arm before she could go after the two. "What are they? They read like nephilim, but none of us can do what they're doing. Demons, vampires, werewolves; they are falling like wheat before a scythe."

"Hunters, that's what, the grandsons of another pain in my ass, Henry Winchester." She explained. "Luckily he's dead and gone."

"Come we must leave this place. The ritual didn't work." Hadrian said as he started pulling her in the opposite direction. "It should have raised Death, bound to our will and instead we have invited a slaughter."

Abaddon glared at the hunters, fighting her hatred of them. Hadrian gave her a gentle shake. "Come love, we will combine our forces and plan their deaths carefully. They will die in Lebanon."

With one last glance at the Winchesters, Abaddon nodded and allowed herself to be dragged away from the fight.

The two had not gone very far when they heard a voice coming from behind them. "Going somewhere?"

The two stiffened as they both recognized the voice. Turning, they found Lucifer leaning casually against a tree. "Sneaking off without saying hello to your uncle? I'm wounded."

"As am I." Michael stated from the other side. "Such disrespect for your elders, I think you both need a lesson in manners."

Abaddon snarled at the archangels. "So you bow down to heaven after all Lucifer. And such big talk about how you would destroy Michael and every other angel who stood against you. I'm just following your plan."

"Plans change." Lucifer shrugged. "Michael also vowed to destroy me and yet we stand here united. I have been welcomed back into the family fold; it's not outside the realm of possibility for you to also be welcomed with the proper contrition of course."

"Bend my knee to the bastard that killed my father and slaughtered my cousins for no reason? I don't think so." Abaddon and Hadrian pulled out to bottles with rags stuffed in the top and lit them tossing them at the two Archangels.

As the flames consumed the two, Hadrian grabbed Abaddon around her waist and extended his wings taking to the air. "We must leave now!"

"Dammit!" Dean said as he glanced toward the altar and saw that Hadrian and Abaddon were no longer there. "The son of a bitch is gone."

Sam glanced around at the retreating nephilim and the creatures and demons attempting to leave the area. "Jake, get my knights out of here."

Jake quickly gave a signal and Sam's small group hurried back to their vehicles. The reapers continued their job of collecting the souls of the dead. Dean looked at his brother who seemed to be staring at nothing.

"Sam. Sam!" Dean waved his hand in front of his younger brother's face and after a few long seconds Sam shook himself and focused on his brother.

"Some of the demons escaped but only a handful." Sam said. "The rest are back in hell."

Alistair grinned as the demons loyal to hell tore into the demons that had followed Abaddon. A glance at Jack let him know the other torturer was enjoying himself just as much. Spicy was directing the impalement of the newly arrived on meat hooks hanging from chains.

One of Abaddon's demons lunged forward in an attempt to attack the smartly dressed woman and ended up on the receiving end of a hard right hook. "Don't let the evening gown fool you Sugar; under this Vera Wang, I'm all man."

Jedidiah walked up to the demon lying on the floor and raised his axe. Chopping through the demon's leg, he picking it up sinking his teeth into the flesh of the demon's calf ripping of a large chunk of the muscle and began chewing letting the demon see the blood dripping from his mouth.

Lucifer appeared unexpectedly in the pit thrown there by the holy fire that had consumed him. The demons looked on in shock at Lucifer's huddled form as the massive burns healed, leaving their leader their leader whole and unblemished as he stood up.

"Lucifer?" Spicy questioned.

"So the bitch wants to play rough, Spicy, go to Gabriel." Lucifer instructed. "Tell him that Abaddon has a supply of holy oil. Tell him that I think it's time we stop keeping our secret, better yet, tell him to return the favor if he gets the chance before I return. It will take a bit of time for me to recover from the holy fire."

The demon nodded and disappeared. Lucifer turned toward the stunned gathering, "Alistair, Jack; let's have some fun." Lucifer grabbed the closest of Abaddon's demons in his grip and began flaying it apart, atom by painful atom.

Balthazar and Lilith were lounging in comfortable recliners in the middle of the main highway into Lebanon. Each held a tumbler of whiskey that they sipped from while Bobby sat on the hood of Garth's car with the rest of the bottle.

"Balls!" Bobby frowned at the bottle. "I keep forgetting I may as well drink water for all the good it does to booze it up."

"Really Robert, In need of a bit of liquid courage are we?" Balthazar snarked.

"Hell no! In need of relief from the boredom." Bobby growled. "I know you idjits are blessed with infinite patience and all that but I was human and I get bored. We've been sitting out here twiddling our thumbs for a good four hours now." Bobby felt Garth stir next to him. "I swear boy if you pull out that damn sock puppet again I'll smite you."

"I torched it three hours ago." Lilith said. "But you do have a point; there is a distinct lack of action around here."

"Maybe not." Garth said pointing down the road at the sound of engines. It didn't take long to recognize the familiar roar of the Impala as the small convoy headed their way.

Bobby got to his feet and walked over to the driver's side window as the car came to a stop. "So can we start singing ding dong the bitch is dead?"

"Abaddon and Hadrian got away." Sam answered.

"Yeah, but not before we laid a hurting on her ass." Dean grinned. "She's only got a handful of demons and monsters left. The rest are all nephilim. Michael and Lucifer were guarding the escape route."

"Speaking of which, where are the two old goats?" Balthazar said coming to stand next to Bobby. "They should have beaten you back here, but no one has heard from them since you left."

"They aren't back yet?" Sam asked alarmed.

"Not yet." Lilith said.

"Lucifer is in hell, I'm guessing Michael is probably in heaven." Spicy said as she appeared next to the vehicle. "He sent me to find Gabriel, Abaddon has her hands on holy oil."

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