After the Fall

Chapter 41

Chuck appeared across from Death in a small café outside of Paris. "Well I must say the Winchester boys are more than fulfilling the promise that we saw in them."

Death glanced up at his brother. "Yes, they do seem to exceed our expectations time and time again. However the Battle may have been won, but the war rages on."

"Have faith, they will succeed in fixing this situation." Chuck said.

"Let's hope so or we will be starting again from scratch." Death poured himself another glass of wine. "I have become rather fond of this existence."

"The kids turned out better this time around, Lucifer no longer completely hates humanity and this time Gabriel walked away rather than follow blindly. Metatron even managed to serve his purpose." Chuck created a bottle of bourbon and poured a shot into a glass. "All they have to do is win this final battle against Abaddon."

"Yes, that is the last hurdle." Death leaned back in his chair. "We agreed to let them get through this on their own and yet we've both interfered. So do we stay out of it or assist?"

"Well, I can't see the harm in a little coaching from the sidelines if necessary." Chuck said raising his glass. "Here's to paradise."

"Holy oil?!" Gabriel swore. "How in the hell did that bitch get her hands on holy oil?"

"He didn't say. He just told me to find you and pass it along while he recovered." Spicy said. "He also said that maybe you should stop keeping your secret."

"Perhaps it is time Gabriel." Raphael said. "The young ones understand the difference between us and are now adults. They understand to avoid the flames."

"True, but it's not just the Seraphs that are at risk." Gabriel said. "Holy fire will kill a human just as easily."

"Actually, it will kill everything except arch asshats." Dean said.

"Well then Dean, welcome to the arch asshats club. You and Sam have a loophole that saves your asses from the flames too." Lucifer said as he appeared. "I had forgotten just how much holy fire fucking hurts."

"How did you find out Abaddon had holy oil?" Gabriel asked.

"Let's just say it's getting to be a regular habit for me to get holy Molotov'd." Michael said as he appeared and pulled out a chair. "Twice in one decade is two times too many."

"Can we back up for a minute?" Sam asked. "What did you mean by a loophole that saves us from the flames?"

The archangels looked around at each other for a few moments and Michael finally spoke. "You both know that when your time on Earth is at an end you will ascend to take your place among the Guardians."

"You're right, we already know that." Dean nodded, "So what's changed?"

"Oh for Dad's sake! It's not like keeping them in the dark is going to change anything!" Gabriel sighed. "It's simple, there's only two being that can reap your soul Sam, and only one that can reap Dean's. And even if you happen to die; you have the ability to come and go as you please."

"So you're saying we're pretty much gank-proof." Dean said. "Now that is awesome!"

"Are you still going to feel that way when you find out exactly how much holy fire hurts?" Raphael asked. "We are the only beings in existence other than our father and Death that can survive holy fire."

"Huh?" Dean frowned.

"What he means is that there's an entire town full of people, angels, and demons that will die if they get hit with it, Dean." Sam figured out. "We get to play target for the holy fire to protect everyone else."

"Told you I got the vessel with the brains." Lucifer smirked.

"I am sorry to bring you such news." Castiel said.

"So my daughter is willing to face the wrath of Archangels." Samael said quietly. "And if she is willing to face their wrath, she may be willing to face the wrath of God himself."

Uriel nodded. "It is not like we didn't expect her to do so."

"I still want the chance to speak with her; I may be able to get her to see reason." Samael said. "At least I must try. I owe her mother's memory that much at least."

The trio looked up as Samandriel and a young man entered the room. "I still don't think that this is a good idea."

"Uncle Cas is here, he can introduce me."

"Fenrir, I expected you to return to Asgard with your siblings." Castiel regarded the young man who stood looking at Samael his face carefully neutral.

"I think Asgard will get along without me for a little while." Fenrir said. "I just wanted to meet him since his daughter is responsible for the attack. For all that she used Egyptians to do it."

"I do not believe that this is the proper time for such a discussion." Castiel said.

"Actually Castiel, it's the perfect time." Uriel said. "Samael has heard us tell him what Abaddon has done but it affected none of us. Fenrir was directly harmed by her actions; he can give Samael a clearer picture of how far she has fallen from the daughter that he adored."

"Who is this creature?" Samael asked.

"Gabriel has spoken to you of his children." Castiel began. "This is his son Fenrir, The Great Wolf of Norse legend."

"His son." Samael nodded. "Well I have heard that Abaddon ordered an attack your home."

"My brother almost died, many did die." Fenrir said. "I also know that you were my Uncle Lucifer's second in command for a while and she took over your spot when you died. My father has a lot of faith in you; I simply want to know if that faith is warranted. Will you be able to do as he has done? Can you stand back and allow justice to be done."

"I don't understand." Samael said. "What has Gabriel done?"

"He would not be happy to know that I spoke of this, but you need to know." Fenrir sighed. "If you search deeply through the stories humans tell about us, you will find the names Vali and Narfi. But as so often happens, the stories bear very little resemblance to fact. Vali and Narfi were my brothers; but we do not speak of them."

"Gabriel had other children?" Castiel said. "He never speaks of them."

"No he doesn't, the memory is painful for all of us." Fenrir said.

"What happened to them?" Samael asked. "The fact that you have brought it up tells me that this has some bearing on our current circumstances."

"Narfi was a good kid, he had us all wrapped round his little finger. He was just really sweet, you know? Always following someone around getting in our hair, trying to do what we all did." Fenrir's face softened as he spoke of his brother. "We all thought it was really cute, well except for Vali. It's like he had no patience with him. We would sometimes catch him pushing Narfi or yelling at him. We just put it down to being annoyed by a little brother, you know? After all, Vali was a full-fledged warrior like Sleip; Jorm and I were in training to be. Hel was busy building her realm in Helheim. Then one day when Dad got called to Odin's Hall, Vali offered to watch him."

"I take it that Vali failed in his duty to his brother." Uriel said.

"He didn't fail in his duty; he betrayed Narfi and all of us." Fenrir said. "Dad returned home and could find neither of them. Vali returned and told him some story of Narfi sneaking off when his back was turned. All of Asgard turned out to search for him. We finally found him. He was just a child, barely more than what the humans would consider a toddler."

"You do not have to speak further," Castiel said gently.

"No I do, I want him to understand." Fenrir said nodding at Samael. "The Frost Giants had killed him. This marked the second time my father fought against them at the side of Asgardians. Although fought is not the word that I would use, decimated maybe? It was only blind luck that my uncle Thor was able to capture one alive and bring him before Odin. That is when we learned of Vali's betrayal. None of us wanted to believe it. It was only when Angrboda confirmed it that we could no longer deny it. Vali ran away, he left his baby brother as a sacrifice to the invaders to save his own skin."

"Perhaps there was nothing that he could do." Uriel said. "The force he faced may have had overwhelming numbers."

"It doesn't matter if he was outnumbered 1000 to 1, we fight to protect those weaker even to our last breath; it is what it means to be a warrior of Asgard." Fenrir snarled. "Vali left Narfi to the Frost Giants and then lied about what happened he hid his sin because he knew the punishment for leaving a child to die; humans call it the Blood Eagle."

Castiel, Uriel and Samandriel all looked at each other sadly; Samael looked confused. "Gabriel allowed this to happen to his son?" Uriel asked.

"What is this blood eagle?" Samael asked.

"A very brutal method of execution," Castiel explained. "The victim's lungs are drawn out through their back so that they die by suffocation."

"Father couldn't kill Vali himself but he stood by and watched while Thor did it." Fenrir said. "We all stood by and watched because Vali not only allowed his little brother to die; he put us all at risk by keeping quiet about the Frost giants' presence in our realm. His life was a small price to pay for our safety. I want to know, when the time comes if you will be capable of standing back and letting your daughter die to protect everything that your father the one god has created."

"Are you sure of this Abby?" Hadrian asked. "By now Heaven knows of the deaths of Lucifer and Michael, Raphael and Gabriel will be merciless in their vengeance given the chance."

"That is why we will proceed with the attack on Heaven now. We won't give those two the chance to wreak vengeance." Abaddon said. "They will be in mourning now and the loss of two Archangels will have thrown heaven into chaos. Send Eve's get to attack Lebanon. The children of the Gregori will march on Heaven itself.

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