After the Fall

Chapter 42

"So what's up with Sir Gawain and Sir Galahad?" Henry asked as he watched Gabriel and Raphael helping each other don their armor.

"They figure Abaddon is going to attack soon. They said they want to talk to Uriel's little Lebanon army and they might as well look the part." John said. "Considering whom they are Lebanon might just be in for a little wrath of God soon. At least we're on the right side of that wrath."

Raphael finished buckling the last strap on Gabriel's armor. Gabriel gave a nod and vanished; Raphael made his way over to the Winchester men. "Gabriel goes to the town to carry Michael's words to the Sheriff. I will remain here. The bunker has been designated as a field hospital. The wounded will be transported here for treatment."

"I should get to town then." John said standing up.

"You will remain here with Mary, Bobby and Garth. Gabriel is also sending that creature here to add to our defense." Raphael said. "She will be bringing a doctor and several townspeople unable to fight to act as nurses for the wounded."

"We are going to need trained fighters out there." John argued.

"We will have them; both Sam and Dean are headed into Lebanon now. The wounded will need defense also." Raphael countered. "You have a helpless daughter here who needs her parents. Although that may be a bit superfluous as Sam has ordered Ajax to protect the young one."

"I never thought I would say this but, she is probably as safe as she can be with that hellhound watching over her." John sighed. "I'll get with Bobby; we'll start organizing a defense for the bunker."

"Henry, somewhere among the knowledge collected by the Men of Letters is a spell; it's purpose is to hide a dwelling from prying eyes only those who have the counter spell can find and enter that dwelling." Raphael said. "Take Gertrude and the prophet; find it as quickly as possible, it will be the greatest defense at our disposal."

Andy and Rosario entered the library. "Sam told us to report to you. He ordered us to stay behind to help out." Andy said. "We aren't exactly the best fighters in the group."

"Go to John Winchester and follow his orders as you would Sam's." Raphael said as he began conjuring medical equipment to transform the library into a functional operating room.

"What's so interesting out there?" Benny asked his granddaughter as he wiped down a table.

"I don't know but the angels, they are walking by toward the town square like zombies." Elizabeth said. "It's weird. I wonder what's going on."

"Well we won't find out peeking out the window like the neighborhood busybody." Benny untied his apron and pulled it over his head lying in on the counter. He walked to the door and looked back. "We may as well go see, we don't have any customers right now anyway."

The two made their way outside joining the stream of angels heading to the center of town. It soon became apparent that the angels were answering a silent call from God's Messenger. As soon as they arrived each angel fell to their knees gazing up a the archangel standing on the city hall steps with something akin to awe on their faces. Benny saw Dean and Sam standing on the corner in front of the general store and made their way over.

"I'll take it you know what's going on here brother." Benny said.

"Gabriel is going on, that's what." Dean said. "He's calling them to battle."

Suddenly the humans scattered around the square all covered their ears as a high pitched whine rang out across the space. The angels all stood up in unison and bowed their heads.

"What was that all about?" Jody asked as she joined them holding her head. "I was in a meeting with Verchiel and he suddenly got up and walked out. And what was that God-awful noise?"

"I get the feeling you don't just blow off a summons from an archangel." Benny nodded to the steps of city hall where Gabriel stood silent and still looking more like a statue of an angel than a living creature.

"That was the sound of Gabriel's true voice." Sam said. "Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'having a voice like an angel' doesn't it? Usually it makes people's ears bleed."

The archangel stared off into the distance like he could see something the others couldn't. Being that he was an archangel, he probably could. The being in the square bore no resemblance to the angel that they were used to.

"Man that's just creepy. He's supposed to be hyper, not that." Dean pointed at the Trickster. He looks like he belongs in the House of Wax or something."

"Gabriel watches for enemies." Verchiel said as he joined them. "I apologize to you Jody Mills for walking out, but we were summoned to receive revelation from the Messenger. Abaddon's abominations approach. I will take you to the bunker. We are evacuating those who cannot fight; someone will be needed to keep order among them."

"Benny, you might want to go with them." Sam said. "Things are going to get pretty ugly out here."

"Can you take Elizabeth?" The vampire asked Verchiel who nodded. "I'm used to ugly; I used to call it Purgatory. Not the first time I've had your backs. Besides, we can't all hide, somebody has to do the fighting other than angels and demons. There are some vamps in that group too and they ain't friendly brother."

Dean nodded then laid his hand on Benny's shoulder. "That will keep the Reapers from grabbing you. I mean you and your Granddaughter are just getting to know each other, it wouldn't be right for you to end up at the Roadhouse just yet."

Abaddon looked around at the gathered nephilim. Hadrian was still trying to talk her out of what he thought was a stupid move. "Abby, there's less than 500 of us and you want to march on heaven? I know that our goal is to take over but there are still two archangels alive and they will cut us to ribbons. Have you forgotten that they wiped out the entire valley?"

"No I haven't Hadrian." Abaddon said turning to face him. "How much actual fighting di they do against us then? They sent earthquakes and landslides. They didn't want to dirty their pristine little fingers with bloodshed. Do you think they will do the same in Heaven? They won't destroy their home; they will have to engage us in combat."

"And do you think that they are not capable?" Hadrian asked. "They are God's Army!"

"And they are led by a messenger and a healer." Abaddon countered. "They don't have a commander Michael and Lucifer were the tacticians and they are dead! How well do you think Gabriel and Raphael will do against an army lead by a real general? They will be just as confused as the angels that they command."

"There's no reasoning with you." Hadrian said.

"Since you are so worried about it, go to Lebanon and take command of the creatures, I will march on Heaven myself." Abaddon's eyes flashed black. "My father always said you were an opportunistic coward. I see his words have been proven true."

"Abby…"Hadrian started reaching out a hand and was flung back by an unseen force.

"I have given you an order, follow it." Abaddon snarled. "The rest of you perform the ritual that will open the portal between Heaven and Earth."

Michael was meeting with Lucifer, Virgil and other commanders from the garrisons when a tremor shook the very foundation of heaven. "Go form your troops for attack! Abaddon dares to march on Heaven itself, let us show her why that is a very bad idea."

Leaned over to whisper in his brother's ear. A slow grin formed on Michael's lips. "Devious brother, downright devious."

Lucifer grinned and clapped a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Being the devil does have its uses." He said and disappeared.

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