After the Fall

Chapter 43

Rufus leaned back in his seat. "You are one evil, underhanded son of a bitch."

Lucifer grinned. "What did you expect, I'm the devil."

"If we didn't believe it before," Ellen said, "We certainly have proof of the fact now."

"So that's why Michael sent Virgil to the armory to collect a few party favors." Ash said. "Not sure I want to know what you guys call party favors."

"I don't know how you expect the three of us to make a difference." Ellen said.

"Four, honey." A voice said behind Ellen. "And if our daughter turned out to be half the hellion that you are…"

Ellen spun around, "Bill?" She threw herself into her husband's arms and tossed a questioning glance at Lucifer."

"Well I just wanted to see if a complete set of Harvelles could cause as much damage as a complete set of Winchesters." Lucifer said then turned and smiled when Virgil appeared next to the table holding a small bag. "So now that we have all the pieces let's go over this plan one more time for Willie come lately's benefit."

Rufus had just finished shaking the other hunter's hand. "Well Bill, You're going to finally be able to say 'the devil made me do it' and be telling the truth. Bill Harvelle, meet Satan."

Bill looked confused for a moment, "How exactly did the devil end up in heaven?" he whispered to his wife.

"Let's just say there's a lot of catching up for you to do, but for now we're facing a big problem." Ellen answered.

"Indeed we are. A Nephilim attacks heaven and has opened a portal through the veil." Virgil answered. "She has an army of nephilim following her and those of you at this table have been chosen by our commander and his second in command to help thin out her army."

"Virgil has worked with everyone in this room, training them to defend heaven, a reward for those hunters who fought and died honorably." Lucifer said. "Ash is still sorting through souls looking for those who deserve to be here. Welcome to the ranks of the Guardians."

"The Guardians?" Bill said as he hugged Jo.

"That's right Dad. We've got wings." Jo answered letting hers out. "And you will too soon."

"We might want to save those explanations for later." Ash called out. "Looks like Abby's at the gates."

Virgil reached into the bag and pulled out three short sticks made from a small branch and a lump of salt. "The Staff of Moses, Balthazar cut it into three pieces and the Heart of Lot's Wife; as Michael commanded."

"Good Harvelles grab a stick. That was the Staff of Moses but each piece still does the job. You can inflict any of the plagues of Egypt on the nephilim." Lucifer explained. "And Rufus you get the Heart of Lot's Wife. Get a nephilim to look at it and they end up just like Lot's Wife, a pillar of stone."

I still don't know how you expect us to get past them." Ellen said.

"They have never been here; they don't know how heaven works so what if a few souls are wandering toward the gates. They opened a portal between Earth and Heaven." Lucifer said. "Makes sense that a few souls would try to make it back to see their loved ones and once you're at the rear of her army you can pick them off at will."

"And what about the rest of us?" Samuel Campbell asked.

"We will defend the entrance to the human side of Heaven." Virgil answered as he manifested his blade. "It is what you were ascended for."

Dean looked up at the darkening sky. "Um, did anybody see the weather report for today? I mean two minutes ago it was sunshine and no clouds."

"I know." Sam said as big fat raindrops began to fall. "The last time I saw rain come up like this it was when the archangels were screwing with the weather to fill the moat. This can't be natural."

"It's not." Balthazar said as he appeared with Lilith by his side. "It's dear old Dad and believe it or not, it's holy water."

"Wait, if it's holy water how is Lilith not screaming in agony?" Sam asked.

"Maybe because he brought me back or because I'm on the right side." Lilith said. "But it's not bothering any of the hell knights sworn to you or Lucifer."

"Not that finding out you're immune to holy water now isn't fascinating and all that, Is there some reason for your Dad to order a monsoon right before we have to fight Abaddon's asswipes?" Dean asked.

"Well, things don't burn very well when they're wet." Bennie noted with a shrug.

"Bravo Benjamin, and with this downpour I doubt they can even light a fire." Balthazar said.

"You know I liked it better when I could just call him a dick and be done with it." Dean grumbled. "I actually have to admit the guy is alright now."

"Dean." Sam growled out in warning. "So God is helping us out here; I guess he doesn't want Abaddon to succeed any more than we do."

The sound of a gunshot and Gabriel suddenly disappearing startled everyone in the group save Balthazar. "And that people is the starting pistol, the monster parade has arrived. Lilith, shall we?"

Hadrian arrived just as the skies opened. Looking around he located a couple of Vampires. "Have you poured the oil?"

"Yes the town is surrounded." One of the vamps answered.

"Then hurry up and light it before the ground it too wet." Hadrian said.

One of the vamps tried to light his lighter but there was too much rain for it to work. "We need some cover. I can't get the lighter to work."

Hadrian shifted the muscles in his back spreading his wings and tilting them forward. "Hurry and be careful of the flame."

The second vamp held a long stick with rags soaked in the holy oil wrapped around the end. With Hadrian's wings blocking the rain, the rags soon ignited. The vamps were able to set fire to a puddle of oil and watched as the flames slowly caught and began to creep along the oil soaked ground. With a nod Hadrian took to the air to check those on the opposite side of the town.

The two vampires were busy watching the flames when a voice behind them spoke. You shouldn't play with fire, you could get burned."

The two spun around only to find themselves flung backwards into the flames. Gabriel looked up to the heavens and snagged a gust of wind blowing the flames back from the town and into the small staging area the vampires had set up. The flames quickly caught on any flammable material available as the winds changed direction and the rain fell away from the small camp yet continued pouring down in and around Lebanon.

Looking up Gabriel grinned. "Thanks Dad."

There seraphs had quickly thrown themselves at Abaddon's forces, cutting a path through the line. The main part of her army was now cut off from her. She gave a quick glance backward then called out to those still with her. "Keep moving forward. We have to reach the garden."

She would have to trust that those now fighting with the seraphs could hold their own. She continued on engaging the seraphs in front of her with the handful of Nephilim still at her side.

"Abaddon!" Samael said as he appeared in front of her. "Please, daughter, give up this madness! You cannot win!"

"Do you fools think that I can be tricked twice with the same ruse?" She snarled. Pulling out an angel blade she had taken from a fallen seraph she lunged forward. "You will not use my father's memory against me!"

Samael looked at his child with shock grasping the hilt of the blade now buried in his chest. Slowly he collapsed to his knees before throwing his head back as his grace burnt out and he fell to the ground. Ashes slowly drifted down settling into the shape of wings framing his body,

Abaddon stood in shock. "Father? FATHER? NO!" She reached down pulling the dead angel's into her arms screaming out her anger and hatred for Heaven.

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