After the Fall

Chapter 44

Lucifer had been true to his word, none of the nephilim gave the four guardians a passing thought. They were now at the rear of Abaddon's army where a group had begun setting up a defense near the gates.

"Okay if they aren't worried about us leaving, what's with the whole rear guard thing?" Jo asked.

"It's to prevent reinforcements from reaching the front lines." Rufus said. "Abaddon has to know that there are angels on Earth and figures this way she can keep them from coming to the fight."

"I guess she doesn't understand how Heaven works after all." Ellen noted. "Angels just appear where they need to be; only souls have to enter through the gates."

"Let's just be glad that she isn't in the know." Bill said. "So let's see if I can remember any of those plagues. It's been a while since Sunday School."

"I've got it I think." Jo said pointing her stick at a nephilim who immediately began breaking out in boils. "Oh gross."

Several nephilim now began turning in their direction. Rufus held up the chunk of salt and the group watched as two nephilim immediately turned into pillars of salt before shattering into dust. "Somebody want to help out with a plague before we get overran here?"

Suddenly from nowhere, hundreds of frogs began jumping all over the gathered nephilim. Boils began forming on more of the nephilim and thousands of locusts also began making their presence known.

"If I remember right wasn't lice one of the plagues." Rufus asked. Almost in response to his words the nephilim not battling with frogs or locusts that were free of boils began scratching furiously at themselves.

Bill let out a snort of laughter. "If nothing else, it looks like we can keep them occupied for a while."

Sam growled as a demon tried to fling him away. "Sorry that doesn't work on me anymore." The demon burst into flames. He almost didn't notice the werewolf getting ready to attack his side. It was just an errant thought, why can't these bastards fight vampires like in the damned movies.

The werewolf immediately turned and attacked the vampire next to him. Dean wasted no time in reaping the bloodsucker's soul and sending it to Purgatory.

"What the fuck?" Dean realized the werewolves that had been attacking them were now attacking the vampires that they were supposed to be allied with. The vampires had responded in kind.

"Um, I think they're possessed?" Sam said.

"By what? The bastards are so busy fighting each other it's like they forgot we're here." Dean said.

"I think I did it." Sam said looking a bit ashamed.

"I take it back; I love demons named Sam Winchester." Dean grinned. "That takes care of the vampires and the werewolves. But Eve had a lot of little bastards and they still need taking care of."

Tessa appeared at Dean's side. "We'll take care of them; you might want to give your vampire friend a hand. He's got djinn on his hands."

"Thanks Tessa." Dean turned toward the South end of town where the fighting was heaviest. "Coming Sam?"

"Uh yeah." Sam said pulling out his gun. "Looks like the only demons left are ours now. Guess I'll have to do things the old fashioned way."

The two hurried down the street so finding Benny who was standing in the middle of the street with a catatonic stare. "Son of a bitch!"

"We need to find the djinn that infected him." Sam said. "But in the meantime we'd better get him back to the bunker so Raphael can take care of him."

"Dammit! Where's an angel when you need one!" Dean said and jumped back as Castiel appeared in front of him. "Cas, a djinn got to Benny, can you get him back to the bunker?"

"I will deliver him to Raphael." Castiel said. "You will be pleased to know that the bunker has been hidden using the Men of Letters spell."

"How are we doing?" Sam asked.

"We are receiving casualties from both the fighting here and in Heaven, but thus far Raphael has managed to keep fatalities to a minimum." Castiel said as he took the Vampire's arm.

"Wait casualties in Heaven?" Sam asked.

"Have you not noticed that Abaddon is nowhere to be found on the battlefield?" Castiel pointed out. "She has attacked Heaven with her nephilim only creatures will be found here." He caught Benny as the vampires legs gave out. "I should get him to Raphael with all due haste." The angel said and disappeared.

"Come on Sam, let's go find this djinn that infected Benny" Dean said.

"Ass is being kicked." Ash said "And Abaddon just capped her old man."

"It my understanding that you are highly intelligent; how is it that proper English escapes you?" Zachariah asked.

"Well pardon me if I don't sound like I acquired my education at one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the United States." Ash said. "I would venture to guess that my understanding of the subjects of Engineering, Electronics and Physics was of more importance than my ability to enunciate as if I were bred from an old blue-blooded New England family that made the trans-Atlantic crossing in First-Class instead of steerage. I would endeavor to speak in a manner that you find a bit more genteel but personally dude, I don't give a shit."

Ash made his way behind the bar and pulled out a beer. Popping the tab he guzzled the entire can before belching. "Why did Michael send you here again?"

"So we could both monitor the situation." Zachariah said. "Your little 'angel scanner is quite effective. SO you keep an eye on what's going on up here monkey boy and I'll keep an eye on what's happening down there."

"Monkey boy? How many angels did I kick to Bumfuck, Nowhere before you burnt down the Roadhouse again?" Ash asked. "And don't forget this is my heaven, I don't have a problem showing you the door. Best behavior Zachariah, that was Lucifer's orders, you don't want me to have to put it in my report that you were acting like a dick now do you? So sit back, have a beer, and do your job."

"I can't believe I've been reduced to this." Zachariah grumbled. "I think our Father was having an episode when he decided to give you mud monkeys wings. If I had my way…"

"Finish your speech later dickwad." Ash said as he reached below the counter and pulled out a sawed off shotgun engraved with Colt's sigils and began loading. "Looks like we've got Nephilim at the barrier."

Zachariah manifested his blade. "Rude little half-breeds; always interrupting the flow of things. Well let's get rid of them then."

Hadrian watched as the forces he commanded dwindled. The demons were gone and everywhere a werewolf and vampire were in close proximity to each other, the enemy was forgotten in favor of fighting each other. Reapers were quickly grabbing the souls and ushering them to Purgatory. Abaddon's spell to hide the creature's souls had been dispelled somehow.

The people of the town were fighting back with knowledge of the supernatural that they should not have. The most arcane ways of killing supernatural creatures were known to them. Like Hadrian had feared, the cause was lost.

The Nephilim turned from the field intent on escaping the carnage but found his way blocked by an angel. Not just any old angel, but The Archangel Gabriel.

"Going somewhere abomination?" The archangel asked.

"How are you here?" Hadrian sputtered. "You should be leading the forces of Heaven, or did you leave that for Raphael in favor of saving these humans."

"Raphael is doing what Raphael does best, healing the injured." Gabriel answered. "There is no need for him to lead the forces of Heaven since the Commander of the Host and The Morningstar are doing just that."

"Michael and Lucifer are dead!" Hadrian spat. "Consumed by holy fire!"

"About that kiddo, you see we Archangels weren't exactly truthful about the effect it has on us." Gabriel grinned a pure trickster grin. "All it does is banish us temporarily and piss us the fuck off. But I'm sure that Michael and Lucifer will explain to you exactly how much it pissed them off when they see you again." Gabriel snapped his fingers trapping the nephilim in a pocket dimension until the fighting was over.

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