After the Fall

Chapter 45

While the number of angels facing the Nephilim did not seem that large, outnumbered even, they fought as a well-disciplined army. The nephilim were falling to the enemy and falling fast. Many of the nephilim chose to make the prudent decision and run. Those who ran did not get far.

Michael and Lucifer for all their faults and disagreements over the years had always been a well-oiled machine when it came to battles. They knew each other too well; Michael led the frontal assault while Lucifer contained the rear. Abaddon's force was surrounded in the middle of what was known in military circles as a 'killing box'.

The nephilim were not unaware of their plight; they also knew who was responsible. They began to consider how they could gain mercy from Heaven's highest angels. While Abaddon continued to attack any angel who came close in her grief, her forces conspired to save their own lives. It didn't take them long to decide that the best course of action was a sacrifice, namely the one would had led them into this massacre, Abaddon.

Lucifer had to admit that seeing the young male nephilim who had fought so brutally to reach him fall to his knees in supplication had thrown him. The nephilim had thrown down his weapon and begged mercy.

"You attack heaven and then have the nerve to beg me for mercy?" Lucifer questioned completely dumbfounded. "Do you have any idea who you're kneeling before boy?"

"I kneel before the Morningstar, the favorite of God's sons before you were cast down." The nephilim said his head bowed in submission. "We know that we cannot win. Abaddon promised us victory and redemption; but she has led us to slaughter. We know this now; we beg your mercy in exchange for Abaddon."

"So you're willing to betray your leader in exchange for mercy?" Lucifer asked.

"It is known to us that you spoke in our defense during the Cleansing. You once had compassion for us." The nephilim answered.

"It is not my realm that you attack; it is not my mercy you need seek." Lucifer said bluntly. "It is Michael's place to grant you mercy should he so choose."

"Then I ask that you intercede for us. Bring me before Michael that I may make my plea to him." The nephilim begged.

"What is your name boy?" Lucifer demanded.

"I am Isaiah, son of Azrael." The nephilim answered.

"If you want me to intercede for you, then you must do something for me." Lucifer said. "Subdue Abaddon and bring her to me bound in these chains." Lucifer said waving his hand and producing a set of manacles and shackles engraved with old Enochian. "Subdue her; bind her, then throw down your weapons in submission. "Michael will judge whether or not mercy is warranted on each of you."

Sam held the struggling wendigo, using his hell-given powers in much the same way that demons had used it against him in years past. Only Sam was much stronger than any demon in existence now.

Dean picked up the glowing brand. "Where is the djinn? I know you can understand you aren't that far gone yet. Give us the djinn or we'll see just how slowly we can burn a wendigo to death with a cattle brand."

Jed stood quietly at Sam's side, thankful that he was on the boy king's side. The creature let out a screech. Sam turned to hell's resident wendigo. "Well?"

Jed gave a half grin. "He's calling your bluff. He says the Winchesters kill his kind; they don't bargain with them. Guess he doesn't recognize his own kind when he sees one."

"I guess I'll have to convince him that I'm not bluffing." Dean said as he set the hot metal against the creature's skin. "If you know who we are; then you should know I spent 40 years learning the art of torture from Alistair. I wasn't too happy about it at the time; but you know what?" Dean asked digging the metal into deeper flesh. "It does come in handy sometimes."

The creature moaned in pain as Dean sat the poker back in the coals and picked up a red hot knitting needle. "I wonder how this would work on your eyeball?"

The creature began babbling a stream of complete gibberish but Jed was paying close attention to the nonsense. After a minute or so Jed nodded and turned toward Sam. "There's an old salt mine about 30 miles north of here. The Djinn and wendigo used it for shelter. He said the thing most probably went back there."

"Take a message back to Jack." Sam said. "Tell him we'll be sending him a djinn earmarked for his special attention."

"So Sam with all these new superpowers of yours, can you shazaam us to the mine?" Dean asked.

Sam just gave his brother an exasperated look. "Dude, you're a reaper, you can shazaam yourself."

"Uh, we didn't have time to get that far in the lessons." Dean said sheepishly.

"Seriously?" Sam sighed. "I don't want to hear any complaints about you being constipated."

Sam, Dean, Jake, and Belarus appeared at the mouth of the mine shaft.

"Castiel said that Raphael needs a sample of the bastard's blood to cure Benny; so let's get a sample then send the son of a bitch straight to hell."

Michael looked out over the battlefield as nephilim dropped their weapons and knelt. He had no idea what was going on until Lucifer and a young nephilim appeared at his side and tossed a bound Abaddon at his feet.

"Here you go Mike; all trussed up and delivered personally." Lucifer said. "Oh and by the way we can add Patricide to her long list of crimes against heaven. Samael is dead again, this time by her hand."

"And Gabriel has imprisoned Hadrian; not a bad days work." Michael said. "They will be punished accordingly."

"This is Isaiah. He asked me to intercede on the nephilims' behalf. They turned against her when it became clear the battle was lost." Lucifer said. They give you Abaddon as a sign of concession. So this is me interceding. I did however tell him that the grievance was yours. I leave their fate up to you."

"I believe that the arrangements Gabriel previously made with Hel are appropriate. Summon Zachariah he can make the arrangements for their delivery to Helheim." Michael said. And now that Heaven is secure, we should check on things at the bunker. Sam and Dean have not yet returned although the hostilities in Lebanon have ceased."

"A good idea, we can also learn how much Abaddon's little power grab cost us in casualties." Lucifer said.

Michael gestured to a seraph that hurried over and bowed his head. "Ezekiel, I leave them in your charge. They have surrendered; treat them gently as long as they cause you no trouble."

"And should they cause trouble Commander?" Ezekiel asked.

"Then show them no quarter." Michael said as he and Lucifer disappeared.

Castiel stood quietly at the foot of Benny's makeshift bed while Elizabeth sat in a chair next to the bed holding Benny's hand and speaking softly to him as Raphael had ordered.

"I will not be able to hold him much longer; the poison spreads." Raphael said. "The Winchesters must return with the djinn's blood soon; or heaven will welcome its first vampire through the gates."

"Is there nothing more that can be done?" Castiel asked. "Perhaps my grace…"

"Castiel, if the grace of an archangel is not sufficient; the grace of a seraph will not help." Raphael said gently. The angel's both looked up at the doors to the library flew open admitting Sam and Dean. Dean held a plastic Ziploc bag and sealed inside was a knife dripping with blood.

"Tell me we aren't too late." Dean demanded.

"Your vampire yet lives." Raphael said. "Give me the bag."

Dean handed the bag to Raphael who opened it and removed the knife. The Archangel wiped the blood off of the blade onto the palms of his hands. The Archangel closed his eyes as his hands glowed softly with grace for a moment. More gently than anyone thought possible, Raphael placed a hand on Benny's forehead and another over his chest letting his grace flow into the catatonic vampire.

Nothing happened for a moment but then the vampire's eyes opened. He looked around at the faces surrounding him and then closed his eyes when a flash of grief went through them. "I almost wish you hadn't woken me up. I had a chance with my wife and daughter to go back and do it right. To avoid ever meeting that bastard that turned me"

"It wasn't real." Dean said.

"I know brother." Benny said. "I know."

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