After the Fall

Chapter 46

A/N: Yes this is the end and for me it's a long chapter but explanations are given. i may in the future do a one shot or something but no promises.

Michael and Lucifer popped in on an environment of controlled chaos. Everyone was pitching in a hand to either: treat the wounded, defend the bunker or calm the refugees from Lebanon. Unsurprisingly Andy seemed to be the best at calming the masses, usually due to a gentle mental nudge in the direction of peace and calm.

Michael glanced around until he managed to find Gabriel cornered by one of the many members of the clergy from town. Gabriel laid a hand on the man's shoulder and said something to him before making his way through the crowd to his older brothers. "Thanks for the rescue bro; I was getting very close to smiting his sanctimonious ass."

"Now what on earth could one of the old man's servants do to upset you little brother?" Lucifer asked. "I thought you liked the hairless apes?"

"I've been handing out punishment to the deserving since I've been here Luce; there are some of them I really can do without." Gabriel said. "Arrogant self-proclaimed expert on the word usually tops the list. So I take it Heaven's secure if you two are down here."

"Abaddon has been delivered to us in chains and Zachariah is contacting your daughter to begin transferring the Nephilim to Helheim." Michael explained.

"That explains why Erlang Shen disappeared earlier." Gabriel nodded. "She wants him to judge them before she decides where in Helheim or Asgard they end up."

"And the situation here?" Michael said as he and the others moved out of the way of a woman helping a wounded man by.

"Raphael has had his hands full treating the supernatural injuries; but the medical staff from the hospital has taken a lot off his plate by treating mundane stuff like knife wounds and the one odd gunshot wound we've got."

"Gunshot wound?" Lucifer asked.

"Somebody thought giving the town drunk a loaded shotgun was a good idea." Gabriel couldn't help the slight smirk that graced his lips. "Let's just say the mayor is going to be picking rock salt out of his ass for a while. Eh, no more than he deserved for that fling a couple of months ago with one of the members of the school board."

"Gabriel, really? In the middle of all this you have to play trickster?" Michael scolded.

"Actually bro, I had nothing to do with it." Gabriel said. "It was a happy accident."

"Has anyone heard from our former vessels?" Lucifer asked.

"Oh yeah they're around here somewhere. Tracked do a djinn that had infected Benny and brought the thing's blood back so Raph could cure him." Gabriel said. "I think they went to check on Angel and Mama Winchester."

"Find them, we have Hadrian and Abaddon. Now to decide what to do with them." Michael said. "Humans or at least hunters should have their say also. We will set up a tribunal to judge them."

The Lebanon Municipal Auditorium was packed. After all it wasn't every town that got to host a Heavenly Tribunal. In fact it was the only town ever to do so and only because of the unique circumstances that were now a part of the once quiet town.

Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel were all seated at a long table, stacks of books and scrolls in front of them. Michael glanced out across the gathering then nodded to Gabriel.

"Okay listen up everybody." Gabriel said voice ringing throughout the auditorium despite the fact that he didn't have a microphone. He waited until the hall was in silence before continuing. "Normally we do this upstairs but since this town is among the aggrieved, we will hold this tribunal here. Ground rules: The guilty are just that guilty; we don't need a judge or jury to point that out. We are not here to determine their guilt or innocence; we are here to determine their punishment."

The archangel picked up a scroll. "This scroll bears the names of those who will give testimony. That testimony will be considered by the Archangels Michael, Lucifer and Raphael while I will stand as witness to the proceedings and try to keep things down to a manageable level of chaos. Since there are thousands of you in this town, we couldn't possibly hear each and every one of you so a spokesperson has been appointed for you. There are also complaints to be heard from the vampire Benjamin Lafitte, and Robert Singer will speak on behalf of the hunting community."

Gabriel sat the scroll down then ordered, "Bring out the accused."

Alistair, Lilith, Uriel, Balthazar, Castiel, and Belarus dragged Abaddon and Hadrian out and forced them to their knees before the archangel's table.

Gabriel sighed and stood up in his most official voice he stated the charges. "Hadrian you are charged with the murder of several humans, attacking the town of Lebanon without provocation, trafficking in black magic, and conspiracy to destroy creation. Abaddon you are charged with trafficking in black magic, using celestial magic to breech the barriers set between realms, attacking heaven, insubordination to the hierarchy of celestial authority, infringing on the powers of Death, conspiracy to destroy creation and patricide for the murder of the angel Samael. Your guilt has been determined this tribunal will render judgment on the issue of your punishment only. Your sentences will be carried out immediately."

"Well that takes care of the technicalities." Lucifer said. "Let's get down to business. As I am a part of the panel, Samuel Winchester will speak as my proxy on behalf of hell."

"Well Sammy, do you have anything you wish to say on Hell's behalf or will you accept the judgment of this tribunal?" Michael asked.

"Other than reminding you that Abaddon acted without the sanction of hell, no." Sam said. "I think she has managed to dig a big enough crater all on her own, she doesn't need me to convince you that she deserves whatever punishment you guys decide on."

"And what of Hadrian?" Raphael asked.

"I'm a hunter and he has killed humans." Sam said. "If you don't give him a death sentence, it's my job to hunt him down and kill him."

"It would save us the trouble." Dean piped up.

Gabriel sighed. "Anything else Sam?" When the hunter shook his head the archangel turned to Dean. "Since you're so eager Dean, would you like to make a statement on Death's behalf?"

"Just gank em and get it over with." Dean said.

"I guess that was to the point." Lucifer said. "Why don't you save yourself some trouble and us some time Gabriel and just ask if anyone here doesn't agree with a death sentence?"

Gabriel shrugged. "Well, you all heard him. Anyone not agree?" No one said a word.

"And we don't get to speak on our behalf?" Abaddon demanded.

"What possible excuse could you give us?" Michael asked. "You were so determined to attack heaven you killed your own father when he tried to speak to you. Your actions were so ill-advised that your own army chose to hogtie you and dump you at our feet. You have betrayed other nephilim and manipulated all manner of creatures toward your own goal, going so far as to block the reapers from collecting their souls. You have done nothing except cause death and destruction everywhere you have gone."

"I'm to be put to death for following a plan conceived by my lord and master?" Abaddon asked. "Death and destruction? Lucifer planned genocide!"

"And I thought better of it. I was accepted back into my family but you never even considered it." Lucifer snorted. "And this was never to implement my plans; it was to usurp my place in hell. You had no loyalty to me. In fact you spent an amazing amount of time hunting down the Men of Letters to find a way to open the cage and achieve my death. We are here today because of nothing less than your ambition. I took you in, sheltered you from heaven when the angels were ordered to spill your blood and this is how you have repaid me?"

"My father died for you and slinking make to heaven was how you repaid him!" Abaddon yelled.

"Your father never wanted hell set against heaven." Michael interrupted. "Lucifer was not responsible for a traitor's presence at our meeting. None of us could have predicted that he would break the truce between us."

Raphael reached out and placed a hand on each of his brother's arms to calm them. "Abaddon, this does not help your case."

"Do you think I care? You're going to kill me anyway right?" She said with a smile on her face. "Go ahead. I may not have found the Men of Letters repository but I found enough of them, I've learned a few things over the years. So stop flapping your gums and get to it."

"Very well, since you have nothing constructive to say we will get to it as you have asked." Michael stood up. "Outside in the square, bring them."

"I have it." Death said. "I believe that now would be an opportune time to intervene."

"I couldn't agree more." God said as he took on his Chuck persona and the two disappeared only to reappear in the town square where Abaddon and Hadrian were being forced to their knees.

Dean suddenly tensed and yelled "No! You can't kill her."

When Michael glared at him, he suddenly realized that Gabriel had grabbed his sword effectively putting an end to his attempt to kill the nephilim.

Two figures were making their way through the parting crowd, one looked exactly like the writer Carver Edlund and the other looked like Death warmed over. The cadaverous man paused to place a hand on Dean's shoulder. "You can be taught after all."

The two made their way to where the archangels stood with the seraphs and the two nephilim. The crowd watched as the angels all feel to their knees while keeping a good grip on the nephilim already there.

Sam hissed at the demons assembled around him. "Down now." The crowd also slowly dropped to their knees. Gabriel stood and bowed his head at the two men. "Behold your Creator and the end of your life."

Chuck gave a smile. "I don't think any groveling is needed here. It has taken the two of a while to figure out exactly what this bitch has done, but we did it."

"Well done Dean." Death said. "You realized that there must be some reason for her to goad those four even if you don't know what the reason is."

"Oh before I forget." Chuck said a moment before Metatron appeared in front of the group. "Metatron is forgiven, His actions really weren't his own; I kind of created him to act as he has."

"As for these two," Death nodded at the nephilim, "we have a nice barren destroyed world set up for the two of them. They will be caged and imprisoned there for all eternity. This cage is much like the one we designed for Lucifer only there are no seals to be broken. Once they are locked they can never be opened again."

"We will take them now." Chuck said. "I'll send Gabriel with an explanation once we have dealt with them."

The bunker had been cleared out. Casualties who still needed medical attention were transferred to the hospital while others returned to their homes. Only the residents, the archangels, the hell knights, and Balthazar remained.

The group looked up at the flutter of wings only to find Castiel with Krissy at his side. "Gabriel informed me that she should be here. We should also ensure that both Henry Winchester and Gertrude are present."

"Okay Henry I can understand, why that battle axe?" Lucifer asked.

"Well because Daddy decided to make her a 'Person' of Letters." Gabriel said as he plopped down in a chair. "So she needs to hear this also."

Balthazar had popped out and grabbed the two. "So can we hear this explanation now?"

"Okay let's start off with the easy part. "You Winchesters get the chance to do the whole Huxtable thing. Mary and John you get to remain here and raise Angel. Dean, Sam you have your responsibilities to Death and hell but in between you are expected to learn how to correctly become Men of Letters along with John. Henry, you are now Albertus Magnus, train your progeny well."

John grinned. "So this time all of us get a chance to get it right."

"Dad said that you should consider it "reparations for everything your family has gone through". Gabriel said. "Now, about Metatron. It seems that Dad created him with a trigger mechanism. If a certain spell was ever to be used; Metatron would work a counter spell causing the angels to fall. Dad knew that a threat to our younger siblings was the only thing that would be powerful enough to make us all get our heads out of our asses and put our differences aside."

"I guess it was provident that none of us were in a position to be affected then." Michael said.

"Actually it wouldn't have affected us at all. Archangels are immune to the effects; but he didn't tell us that on Death's council. Seems Death figured we'd work harder at fixing things if we thought our own asses were at risk."

"You mentioned a spell to counter Metatron's?" Raphael prodded.

"Yeah that would be the spell she piggybacked off of the trials. The first two trials gave her the power to create a bridge between creation and death. When she stabbed herself in front of us, she didn't stay dead; she came back with the location of the nephilim, Limbo. She was able to direct the power from her spell to create a bridge for the nephilim, with the death of every supernatural creature; another nephilim was resurrected."

"So every time we went out hunting something, we were building her army for her." Sam noted.

"Yep, and hunters managed to raise each and every one of them." Gabriel said then turned to Krissy. "And that brings us to you little Miss Chambers. Dad stuffed that knowledge about nephilim into your noggin for a reason. They didn't all have a chance to hook up with Abaddon, so they're out there."

"So we can add nephilim to our hunting list? Awesome." Dean grumbled.

"They aren't all bad Dean." Gabriel said. "Those who live peacefully among humans will be left in peace. As a matter of fact from what Dad told me their descendants seem to be predisposed to becoming hunters. You are descended from nephilim after all. But for those that go bad, well that's Krissy's job; nephilim are her specialty"

"So I'm a hunter now." Krissy grinned.

"Don't get ahead of yourself," Mary warned. "Nephilim are not the only creatures out there. You are going to learn the right way; then you will be a hunter."

"One more thing there, Deano." Gabriel added. "Limbo has been closed to nephilim. Death has assigned you to reaping nephilim personally; then you take them to Helheim."

"So what are we meant to do from here on?" Castiel asked.

"We do what we were meant to do, love and guide the humans." Gabriel said. "Or in Lucifer's case spank the bad little humans. But we have been ordered to withdraw to from Earth. Our only allowed direct contact on Earth is with the Men of Letters and this town. We can keep the vessels we have but there is to be no more descending and taking vessels to manipulate things."

"So the humans are on their own." Balthazar said.

"Anyone who disobeys the edict will suffer the same fate as Abaddon and Hadrian." Gabriel said. "Eternity locked in a tiny cage with nothing but your own company, separated from everything forever. And by the way those same rules apply to demons also."

"Well, I believe that it is time for us to return to heaven." Michael said. "There is much to be done there."

"Hell needs a little work too." Lucifer said. "At least we can come here when we need to get away."

"With everything that you have done for this town, you'll always be welcome." Gertie said.

"What about those who are helping at the school?" Mary asked.

"Uriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Spicy and Meg will be staying." Gabriel said. "Verchiel will also remain behind to assist the sheriff, but other than that, we go home. Oh and You Winchesters might want to get with Garth and Bobby. There are still a lot of the resurrected out there. Abaddon's spell has been broken."

The Archangel's looked at each other and all vanished.

"Well Sam, looks like we're back in the family business." Dean said standing up with a grin. "Ready to go hunt things and save people bitch?"

Sam stood up and went to the door of the conference room and waved Dean through. "Age before beauty, jerk."

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