After the Fall

Chapter 5

Dean stood up and made his way over to the blond. "So did you finish your important mission? We could get out of here. Go for a ride, I've got a car collection you wouldn't believe." The blond smirked and shook her head. "You really don't want to go for a ride with little old me."

"Sure I do. I could put in a good word for you with your boss. Get him to give you a little time off." Dean pulled out his most charming smile.

"Really?" Gabriel asked flashing a flirtatious smile right back at him. "You don't know my boss. He's a real hardass."

"Which one of those feathered dicks do you report to? Michael? Lucifer? Please don't tell me it's that sawed off runt of a trickster." Dean said as the blond shook her head no at the mention of each name.

"None of the above actually. I report directly to the big man himself." Gabriel said.

Dean frowned. "I thought all of the angels were under one of the archangels?"

"They are." Gabriel said with a knowing smile.

"Well I thought I knew all of the archangels?" Dean was frowning even harder now. He was getting dangerously close to a bitchface when the blond grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him close for a hot, wet, messy kiss.

She gave him a bright and somewhat mischievous smile then vanished.

Sam gave up trying to hide his laughter. "Dean come on. Stop trying to bag another angel before you get yourself smote."

Whatever Dean was about to say got caught in his throat when Lucifer and Michael suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lucifer had an expectant look on his face while Michael just seemed resigned. "Lucifer are you sure that this is necessary?"

"Of course it is, and as the eldest you are the head of the family when the old man isn't around." Lucifer gave Michael a push in Dean's direction. "Go on, do your duty. You are supposed to defend your sister's honor."

Michael's face grew determined at the mention of 'duty' and he stepped over to the table. "Dean I would like a word with you."

"Uh oh." Crowley said. "Looks like a pigeon is about to poop on your parade Winchester."

"Crowley," Lucifer growled, "Shut up or better yet visit a zoo. You are obsessed with the fauna of this world. Please Michael continue, there will be no more interruptions."

"As Lucifer has said, it is my duty as the eldest brother to insist that you cease making advances toward my sisters. You have already defiled Anael." Michael said.

Sam snorted. "Seriously Dean, you really want to listen to Michael. This is one slice of angel food cake you definitely don't want a bite of."

The flutter of feathers announced the arrival of the two strange angels. Well strange to Dean although everyone else was in on the joke.

Raphael let out a disgusted breath. "Michael just tell the mud monkey to cease his efforts to seduce Gabriel and be done with it."

Gabriel giggled his laugh becoming masculine as he morphed back into his more familiar vessel. "I have to tell you Deano, those were some of the worst pickup lines I have ever heard."

Dean's mouth was opening and closing like a fish as he processed the fact that Gabriel had kissed him. Then he processed the amount of tongue involved in the kiss. The hunter was busy wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his jacket.

"Let this be a lesson kiddo, never think with your dick when there's a trickster around." Gabriel said. "And stop being a drama queen. I didn't give you cooties."

"May we be serious now?" Raphael interjected as the others laughed and Dean glared at Gabriel. "We have acquired one of the nephilim and we waste time with this foolishness."

The group quieted and the laughter stopped.

"Raphael is correct, we waste time better spent discovering Abaddon's plans." Michael said. "Did the nephilim reveal anything to you?"

"Well they can't tell vessels from other nephilim." Gabriel said. "Oh and Abby is under the impression that you two still need them to wander around down here."

"She doesn't know that we have acquired the genetic codes necessary to recreate them if we so desire?" Michael asked.

"More a case of she doesn't know it's possible. I didn't tell her everything about us." Lucifer said. "There were some things that I kept to myself, self-preservation you know?"

"He has asked to speak to Lucifer. He does not seem to be as rabidly loyal to Abaddon as one would expect him to be." Raphael noted. "Nor has Abaddon issued any orders beyond finding and killing the vessels."

"But the fact that they don't know a vessel from a nephilim could work on our favor." Gabriel said. "It will be kind of hard for them to kill what they can't find."

"Virgil, long time, no see." Ellen said as she placed a beer in front of the seraph.

"Abaddon had kept us busy but she has ended her human life. She plots now to raise the nephilim but in the mean time she has put a resurrection spell in place that is raising every human monster that ever lived." Virgil answered. "I have been ordered to resurrect a few of you with your grace intact to deal with this issue."

"Resurrection spell?" Ellen frowned.

"A powerful one. Every time one of these abominations is killed, they simply come back after a while." Virgil explained. "It has gotten so bad that the hunters get out of bed in the morning and look at a list to see who may be due for resurrection so that they can be present when it happens to immediately remove them from life before they can cause harm."

"So who are you planning on resurrecting?" Ellen asked.

"Let's just say the archangels insist on a family reunion." Virgil said setting down his beer as Henry, John and Mary came through the door.

"Virgil, what are you doing here?" Mary asked. "I thought you were all on some kind of high alert."

"We are, but I have been charged with an important task." Virgil answered. "A series of resurrections; the archangels have decided that our current problem would be best handled by Winchesters."

"Who do you plan to resurrect?" Henry asked and what exactly do the head honchos have in mind?"

"You will continue as you have been Henry. They have located a librarian to get the collection of information that has been amassed organized." Virgil said then turned to John. "Some of your most successful hunts were accomplished when it was you and your sons working together. They wish for you to hunt with you sons once again. Mary will work with the angels and demons in Lebanon training the townspeople in hunting."

"With everything that demons have done to my family, you expect me to work with them?" Mary snorted.

"No Mary, he expects nothing. We expect it." Lucifer said as he appeared in the roadhouse. "You are being given a rare gift, one that not only benefits you but will benefit Sam and Dean also. They were robbed of their mother at a too early age. I for one would like to see that corrected. And John, your name is still infamous in hell, the man who could not be broken. We all now accept that there is something about you Winchesters. Your family has thumbed your noses at the sisters of fate more than once."

"That doesn't change the fact that you want us to work with demons." John said backing up his wife.

"They may be demons, but they are allied with heaven. They have gained the trust of Sam and Dean." Lucifer took a deep breath. "Perhaps it is time to reveal something to you, about Sam."

"What about Sam?" Mary asked.

"Let me guess, Sam is part demon." Bobby said interrupting Lucifer before he could respond.

"What do you mean he's part demon?" Mary asked as Lucifer refused to deny it.

"I know what Azazel told you when you made the deal to save Dean, John Winchester. He told you about Sam's destiny, you knew then that he was the chosen one, Hell's Boy King. You knew than that eventually he would become a demon. That's why you warned Dean that he might one day have to kill his brother." Lucifer shook his head. "Dean has learned to accept his brother, even knowing what he is. Sam has taken his rightful place in hell, second in power only to me. And yes, he is a demon, a blue eyed demon. Demons have nightmares about Sam, but he is also a guardian just like Dean and every hunter in this garrison.

When the time comes and they finally die and stay dead, they will join you here in this garrison. Sam will spend half of his time here and the other half ruling hell. The demons you will be working with are those that make up his inner circle. The new generation of hell knights who have sworn loyalty to Sam. They are as determined to see Abaddon removed from existence as any angel in heaven."

Dean, eyes half closed with sleep, walked into a wall on his way to the kitchen. No, not a wall; but a stunned Sam who stood in the doorway blinking in disbelief.

"Mary you are going to spoil them." John Winchester said as he sipped from a coffee cup. "They are grown men, not little boys that need their mommy to make them breakfast."

"Oh shut up. I never really had a chance to spoil them, and god knows you never did." Mary said turning around to see her sons standing dumbfounded in the doorway. "Well don't just stand there. Come sit down before breakfast gets cold."

"Mom?" Sam questioned. "How, what?"

"Come on Sammy, Dean; your mother has been slaving over that hot stove making breakfast. Sit down and eat and we'll explain what is going on." John said.

Mary walked over and took the boys by the hand leading them to the table. "I made cinnamon apple pancakes. You used to love them Dean. I would catch you trying to feed them to Sam."

"Cinnamon apple pancakes?" Dean's eyes lit up. "I must be dreaming. I haven't had those since…"

"Since I died, and Sammy has never had them." Mary smiled and hugged the two before nudging them both toward chairs and placing a couple of plates in front of them.

Dean immediately began stacking a pile of pancakes on his plate while Sam just continued to stare at Mary. "Sammy you'd better grab some quick or I'm eating them all."

"Something smells absolutely divine in here." Gabriel said as he and Lucifer appeared. The trickster's eyes lit up as brightly as Dean's had. "Mary Winchester's famous cinnamon apple pancakes?" The trickster snapped up a plate and sat down at the table helping himself to a pancake before placing one on Sam's plate. "You know we could hear John and Dean moaning about how good these were every time you made them."

"Sam it is really her, and since you haven't noticed your father is here too." Lucifer said.

"Eh, compared to Mary, John is chopped liver; no offense." Gabriel mumbled around a mouthful of pancakes before moaning "Sweet dad in heaven these are orgasmic!"

Sam finally looked to the end of the table. "Uh Dad, I'm sorry I know you weren't happy with me when Azazel…"

"We both made our mistakes, tiger." John said as he sat down his coffee cup. "Your mom and I both remember things that had been wiped from our memories now. There's nothing for you to apologize for. I owe you an apology. I remember Anna, and everything that happened that night."

"Sam even though you and Dean warned us what was going to happen on November 2nd 1983, it wouldn't have kept us out of the nursery. The only thing that would have changed was that maybe it would have been John and not me." Mary said "Neither one of us would have just stood by while Azazel did what he did. We both would have died to stop him. What happened that night was not your fault, it was mine."

"Mary, don't." Lucifer said. "In reality nothing that has befallen your family was anyone's fault save heaven and hell. That is why we decided on this course of action, resurrecting you, John and Henry. Angels and demons caused all of your misery."

"Since we're all getting along and happy now, we realized what we missed out on." Gabriel said. "We just decided that you Winchesters deserved some happy family time too. Of course that's in addition to kicking Abaddon's ass; but hey, every family needs a hobby, right?" Gabriel popped another mouthful of pancake into his mouth and moaned.

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