After the Fall

Chapter 6

The sound of bickering floated out of the room that Gertie had commandeered for organizing and cataloging the bunker's massive collection of data. Which explained why Kevin stood in the hallway peeking around the doorframe.

"You might not want to go in there. It's like World War three." Kevin shuddered.

"So this is you staying out of the line of fire?" Sam asked as a new voice joined the racket, a voice that sounded suspiciously like the devil a second before the door slammed shut.

The sound of a snap was heard and Gabriel was unwrapping a chocolate bar. "Well I have to say I kind of saw that one coming."

"Sammy ask the dwarf what that's supposed to mean." Dean said since he had made it his mission in life to never speak to the trickster again.

"It means that I tried to warn my brothers that Gertie and Henry were guaranteed to bump heads. I don't think you chuckleheads realize just how stubborn Grandpa Winchester is." Gabriel said as he licked a bit of caramel from his upper lip. "All of you Winchesters make mules seem reasonable in comparison. How do you think you keep beating the odds? It's not because of your good looks."

"So why exactly are they bumping heads?" Mary asked. "I mean the collection needs to be sorted right?"

"They are bumping heads because Henry thinks Gertie system is too complicated and Gertie thinks Henry's system would make finding things too labor intensive." Gabriel said. "Lucifer is trying to convince them to come to a compromise since they both have valid points."

"Why exactly are you worrying about what's in here anyway?" John asked.

"How much did Virgil tell you about what we're trying to accomplish here?" Gabriel asked.

"Not much beyond the fact that you expect me to work with demons." Mary said.

"And that our youngest son is a, well you know." John added.

"Okay, let me set the record straight. I guess it's probably easier to start with Sam." Gabriel said giving the youngest Winchester an encouraging smile. "In order for you to understand, I need to fill you in on Dad's plan as it was originally written before everything went off the rails. You see in the beginning, Dad had it all figured out. The final destination for all human souls was meant to be heaven, angels and humans one big happy celestial family, only one problem; that pesky little present he gave you called free will. A fair number of human souls were too corrupt to pass through the gates. That's when Lucifer began to see you as failures. So Daddy dearest created hell; a place where the souls who fell short of heaven could atone and purify themselves to become worthy of heaven. Since Lucifer saw all your flaws our father decided he would place Lucifer in charge of hell only Luci didn't like the plan. Michael on the other hand was all for it and got a bug up his butt because Luci wasn't going along with the program and that's when the fighting started."

"So that's why Michael tossed him in the cage?" Dean asked forgetting that he wasn't speaking to the trickster.

"No, that happened after Lilith. At this point it was a lot of arguing and picking sides. Then there were those of us who tried to remain neutral, me Balthazar, Anael and a few others. We were way outnumbered but it was understood that they had my backing. After that Lilith happened." Gabriel said. "Luci was trying to prove a point with her, show Dad how easy it was for free will to change you into these twisted creatures. And so the first demon was born and that's when Anael decided to join Michael and Balthazar and I decided to get the hell out of Dodge."

"You know, this really isn't making me feel any better." Sam said.

"Were you just not listening when I said the part about hell being a part of Dad's plan and having a purpose?" Gabriel asked. "Sometimes I really wonder about you Sam."

"So if hell is a part of God's plan, why is it so screwed up?" John asked.

"It's not anymore. Lucifer is getting it back on track. And the first step to getting it back on track was to get the demons in line so he created a new demon. A blue eyed demon that was created from demon blood and an archangel's grace." Gabriel smirked, "That would be Sam, other than the handful that Lucifer has assigned to work with Sammy here, the name Sam Winchester makes them pee their pants. Although I sometimes think that more Dad's doing than Lucifer's, Sam always has been the Winchester with faith."

"So that explains why Sam is a demon, you said you were going to start with Sam so what comes next in your explanation?" John asked.

"That part has more to do with the reaction of the townspeople and why Gertie and Henry are bumping heads right now. You see between the archangels; we've got heaven and hell under control but that still leaves your run of the mill garden variety ghost, goblin and thing that goes bump in the night and these people know about it. They know about hunters. A lot of them want to be hunters. They came to us about setting up a haven for hunters."

"A haven for hunters?" Mary was curious.

"Yep, although a better word would probably be a hub. The bunker is here with its extensive collection of lore. We're working on getting Jody Mills to take over as sheriff and the general store is putting in orders for huge amounts of salt and iron. The community college is even working with Castiel, Uriel and a couple of demons to put together a curriculum to train hunters." Gabriel said. "That's where you come in Mary; we need an experienced hunter to teach."

"So Mary will be teaching and Henry is playing librarian; that's all well and good." John said. "So what am I supposed to do besides be the proverbial chopped liver?"

"You do exactly what you did when you were alive, hunt with your sons and hope your special situation puts these damned ghosts and specters down once and for all."

"Hello Jody, you have considered our offer I take it?" Michael greeted the sheriff.

"Look, I know Crowley had a hand in this, I am not interested in any demon deals." Jody said.

Michael appeared to be honestly crestfallen. "I am truly saddened that you are not interested."

"I didn't say that I wasn't interested in the job. I'm not interested in being beholden to a demon for the job." She corrected. "I am willing to negotiate a contract on my own."

Michael immediately brightened. "Of course. We can renegotiate this contract with you or start again from the beginning."

"There are parts of this contract that I find acceptable so could we use this as a starting point and go from there?" Jody asked.

"That is a reasonable start to our negotiations." Michael said pulling out a paper notarized by a local attorney and handed it to Jody. "Since you are a representative of the law, I will assume that you will find this of import as you and I will be negotiating."

"You got a power of attorney?" Jody whistled. "I wouldn't think that would matter to an archangel."

"You humans put a lot of weight and trust into being legal. As my brother Gabriel once said 'don't rock the barge, to do whatever I see the Romans do'." Michael smiled.

"When in Rome huh? Okay so you are representing all of the Archangels." Jody unrolled the scroll Crowley had given her. "We may as well start with something easy like salary. This salary is actually more than acceptable."

"We wanted to ensure that you would be paid a wage in keeping with the local economy that will allow you to plan for your retirement when you are of age. Will the salary allow you to care for all of your son's needs?" Michael asked.

Jody bit her lip at the thought of her son. "About Sean, I am not sure that I want him brought back."

"Crowley seemed to be convinced that you would." Michael frowned. "We can resurrect him without a problem."

"He was already resurrected once. I don't want him back like that." Jody said as she remembered her first meeting with Sam and Dean.

"No Jody. He has never been resurrected." Michael said. "That thing that clawed its way up from your son's grave was not Sean Mills. It had no soul; it was the work of Death bringing him back. One of the tasks he was bound to do for Lucifer upon his rising. Your son's soul has never left heaven. We would resurrect him with his soul intact."

"I know Crowley meant this as a gift to impress me and I think that you guys mean well but I don't know if I could go back to being the loving mother." Jody admitted. "I watched my son eat his father like a burrito, that image is still in my head."

"We could remove that memory." Michael offered.

Jody thought for a moment. "No. He deserves a mother that can love him without needing angels rearranging her brain. Can we just drop that part?"

Michael looked at Jody closely. "Let's leave that item for now. Just know that we can resurrect him. After speaking with Castiel, we realized that we would need to provide you with a vehicle."

"Wait, before we start talking about my perks, let's talk about the department, the size and our duties since that brings me to an absolute must have." Jody said taking a deep breath and getting back to business. "You are asking me to enforce the law in a town that will be occupied by hunters, demons and angels; you are going to have to give me some sort of backing. I can handle humans but I am going to need some sign of authority to keep angels and demons in line."

"I am not sure what it is that you are asking. You will be the sheriff." Michael said.

"I want the authority to do my job, that means everybody." Jody said.

"You are asking me to give you dominion over angels!" Michael said shocked.

"No, I am asking for the power to do my job within my jurisdiction." Jody countered. "I have met some of your siblings and they can be real assholes when they want to be."

Michael stood up and paced back and forth for a few moments. "As a commander, I understand the need to keep order but this is not some small negotiation point. I will need to discuss it with my brothers."

"Well I happen to think exorcism is a reasonable topic to teach." Meg said. "Some low level black eye comes topside and gets out of hand a hunter can just exorcise them and they end up standing before Lucifer's throne. So not the place you want to be unless he has called you there."

"So that covers hand to hand combat, demonic identification, basic Enochian, warding, exorcism, and spell work." Spicy said. "What about basic hunting?"

"It is my understanding that the archangels will assign a hunter to handle those classes." Castiel said. "They intend to ask Mary Winchester."

"Isn't Mama Winchester dead?" Spicy asked.

"She has ascended. She and a number of other hunters have been welcomed into the body of the host." Castiel explained.

"So she's an angel." Meg nodded "And who else ascended?"

"Ellen and Joanna Harvelle, Robert Singer, Rufus Turner, and Henry and John Winchester." Castiel ticked off the list of names. "These are the ones that you may be familiar with; but the list is extensive, over 150 in all. Sam and Dean will ascend upon their deaths."

"Great and I suppose we'll be expected to hold hands with them and have happy sing alongs." Meg snorted.

"I did not believe that Michael and Lucifer expected us to include musical training in the proposed curriculum." Castiel said with a frown. "Have you been notified of an amended list of requested training needs?"

Spicy burst out laughing. "I don't care what anyone says, you are the funniest angel that I know."

"You know Clarence, we need to work on sarcasm. How is it that you have spent this much time around Sam and Dean and it still goes over your head." Meg asked with a smile.

Cas tilted his head and regarded the demon. "Gabriel often asks me the same thing."

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