After the Fall

Chapter 7

Hadrian looked around the busy intersection. He had been standing there for some time amazed by all he was seeing. Like all of the nephilim, he had felt Abaddon's message upon her death and had felt the power building each day until he was able to cross over into this world. Although the message carried a warning about the things that he would find, it was still unnerving.

One of the strange chariots he had been watching halted in front of him and two men emerged from its depths. "Alright buddy it's about time you moved along, we're getting complaints about your loitering." One of the men said clearly expecting his order to be followed.

Hadrian glanced at the man before going back to watching the strange chariots. They seemed to respond to color. It seemed that a red beacon would make them halt.

The other man now broke into his thoughts, "What you never seen a traffic signal before?"

"If you mean the beacons, then no; I have never seen such a thing before." Hadrian said.

"Okay buddy, how much have you had to drink tonight?" The first officer asked.

"I have partaken of nothing for thousands of years."

The officers shared a look before the first officer spoke again in a calming voice. "Sir, we are going to ask you to come with us."

"I am afraid that I must decline." Hadrian said. "I am otherwise engaged at the moment." The nephilim turned back toward the intersection and the traffic light.

"We can do this the hard way if you insist. You can come with us of your own free will or in handcuffs." The second officer said. "Your choice."

Hadrian finally gave the officers his attention. "Free will? Yes there is that."

"What is the problem Michael? We gave you what the mud monkeys call 'power of attorney' to handle any issues that came up during your discussions with Jody Mills so that we would be free to handle other business and yet you have called us here." Raphael grumbled.

"Yeah and no use waiting on Luci either, he's busy trying to mediate the disaster called Henry and Gertie." Gabriel said as he popped onto the room. "Not to say I told so, but I told you so."

"It would be best to have Lucifer present also." Michael said. "I want all opinions noted."

"He said he would tune in with his grace." Gabriel sat down and propped his feet on the desk. "If he doesn't like something we will know. Now like Raphael asked, what's this about?"

"The sheriff wants authority over the angels in Lebanon." Michael said.

"Absolutely not!" Raphael shouted.

Gabriel pursed his lips thinking. "Why?"

"It doesn't matter why! It is out of the question!" Raphael said. "These hairless apes cannot be given that authority!"

"Would you shut your trap, Raphael. She obviously had a reason for bringing it up and I for one want to know why." Gabriel said. "I think maybe we should listen to her and at least understand her reasoning before we veto the idea."

"That is why I called you all here. I will leave the decision between the three of you. I fully understand her reasoning but I will not take part in the decision." Michael said. "I am afraid that my decision would be based on bias."

"We should wait for Luci, let her talk to all of us and give us a chance to ask a few questions." Gabriel said.

"I agree. I will speak to Jody Mills and let her know that she will need to state her claim to you." Michael said. "Raphael, you may return to your duties. Gabriel stay, I wish to speak with you about the proposed curriculum that Castiel has delivered to me."

Dean and John were in the garage working on the vehicles. "For Christ's sake when is the last time this truck had a tune up?" John groused.

"I'm not sure. It was sitting in the back of the police impound lot until about a month or so ago." Dean said.

"Impound lot?" John asked ask he unscrewed another spark plug. "What was it doing in an impound lot?"

"It had kind of been there since you left that time to meet with Meg." Dean said. "The angels brought it to us when we had to put baby in hiding." Dean patted the Impala's hood. "Once we got her back it sort of became Sam's truck, so don't be surprised if there's rabbit food hiding under the seat and an I-pod dock."

"Sam's been driving it? Guess I should consider myself blessed that it even starts." John said. "I never could teach him anything when it came to cars."

"Dad," Dean started.

"Relax Dean. I understand that getting under the hood of a car just isn't Sam's thing." John sighed. "Sam is the white collar overachiever in the family. That's not a bad thing although I didn't like it. But I intend to get along with him now. He's my son and I'm proud of him just like I'm proud of you."

"Damn straight you will get along with your sons." Mary said breaking in to the conversation. "I won't have you fighting with either of the boys." She smiled at them. "Especially when Sam has spent the last two hours researching a hunt."

"Sammy found a hunt and didn't let us know?" Dean sputtered.

"He wanted to make sure that it actually was something before he got you two all riled up." Mary said. "He's gone to get Lucifer, Henry and Gertie are still fighting. But he thinks we need archangel input on this. Either Zachariah has gone off the reservation again or we've got ourselves a nephilim problem."

"I thought Michael had the angels under control?" Dean questioned as they made their way toward the conference room.

"That's the general consensus." John said.

"Then why would Sam think that it's angels?" Dean asked confused. "Did somebody get their eyeballs burnt out or something?"

"No." Mary answered. "An overturned police cruiser with two dead cops was found in Tacoma Washington."

"Nothing about that sounds angelic. So how did Sammy make the jump to angels?" John asked.

"Actually he made the jump to nephilim." Lucifer said as the trio entered the conference room where Lucifer, Sam and Kevin were waiting.

"There's a witness," Sam said. "If it had been an angel, I doubt we would have a witness. Or our witness would be in the hospital with their eyes bandaged instead of multiple broken bones. The witness saw a guy practically snap two cops in half, toss them into their car and then flip the car with one hand. Unfortunately our witness was in the path of the car when it flipped."

"So how do we get to angel or nephilim from that?" Dean asked. "There are a lot of things with the strength to flip a car; pagan gods, werewolves , it's a laundry list."

"The fact that the killer had wings might be a big clue." Kevin said.

"Occasionally a human is born that can look at our true forms, but it is rare when it happens." Lucifer said. "And most of them were born a long time ago, before that carpenter's son was born."

"Wait a minute, something's not adding up here." Dean said. "That nephilim that Raphael and Gabriel stashed in our dungeon didn't have any wings that I could see and Abaddon damned sure doesn't have any."

"All humans are not born with freckles, but does that make them anything other than human?" Lucifer asked. "Some nephilim were winged and some were not. I will speak to Michael. Knowing this may help us to identify who he is. In the meantime, this is the opportune time for the Winchester men to ease back into hunting as a unit."

"What about research?" Sam asked.

"I have been trying to be reasonable in dealing with your grandfather and the old lady; I suppose it's time to make them fear the devil." Lucifer said. "Don't worry; I'll get them straightened out."

Inias suddenly appeared in the conference room. He gave Lucifer a nod of respect. "Morningstar, what orders do you have for me?"

"The Winchesters will be heading out on a hunt; there has been a possible nephilim sighting. You will accompany your younger brothers and protect them." Lucifer said. "You will make an effort to secure the nephilim but not at the cost of their lives."

"Lucifer you do realize that we have wings right?" Mary said.

"Yes, and I also realize that you are fledglings. Inias is a seasoned warrior. I would rather none of you face your first battle alone." Lucifer said. "Besides Michael would have my balls if I sent you off without backup. Sam I have contacted Belarus, he will join you in Tacoma."

"So we get babysitters from heaven and hell?" Sam asked.

"Sam it is your due as my second in command to have a hell Knight at your side. And I think Belarus is the only one who hasn't in some way directly caused your family harm." Lucifer said. "I would much prefer to send Alistair but I don't think John would be able to control himself, and the same goes for Meg."

"Besides Belarus has something in common with you Winchesters." Inias spoke up. "It is a badly kept secret in heaven and hell, he hated Azazel with a passion also."

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