After the Fall

Chapter 8

Sam was sitting crossways in the back seat of the Impala to accommodate his legs while Dean was sitting in the passenger seat and John was driving. Mary was back in Lebanon since the angels had called a mandatory meeting for everyone due to teach the hunting courses.

Sam hid a smile as Dean grimaced when Joan Baez gave way to Bob Dylan. "Really Dad? We have to listen to this."

While Sam secretly agreed with Dean that John's musical taste was horrible, he would never admit it out loud. Instead Sam took the opportunity to enjoy his brother's misery. "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his pie hole." Sam smirked. "Your rules Dean."

"Yeah thanks for that Sammy. You really got my back don't you?" Dean huffed.

"Broaden your horizons Dean." John said. "Metallica and AC/DC aren't the only groups that made music you know?"

"I know. There's also Zeppelin, Black Sabbath the Beatles." Dean groused while Sam chuckled.

Dean perked up when the familiar intro to AC/DC's Hells Bells filled the car; unfortunately it was just Sam's cell phone announcing a text message. Sam read the message before firing off a response. Flipping the phone shut he said "That was Belarus. He wanted us to know that he had taken care of getting us checked into a motel."

"So where are we staying? Motel 6? Budget Inn?" Dean asked as Sam turned beet red and mumbled something unintelligible. "What was that Sammy?"

"I said he booked us into the Hotel Murano." Sam said.

"Isn't that like a four or five star hotel?" John asked.

"Uh yeah but he thinks it's 'appropriate." Sam said. "For a demon he's kind of strait-laced and anal about 'proper' appearances. He says our usual motel choices aren't really appropriate for me to stay in. Being that I'm 'royalty' even if it is hell royalty."

It was Dean's turn to laugh at Sam's misery now. "Sammy has a snobby demon babysitter. Is he going to roll a red carpet out for you to walk on so your royal feet don't touch the same ground we peasants walk on too?"

"Shut up Dean." Sam said. "It's an old habit. Before he became a demon he was a high priest under Ramses. He served a Pharaoh and in his mind Boy King is the same as the Pharaoh's heir."

"Wait a minute, how do you know that?" John asked.

"Crowley gave me the history on all the current Hell Knights." Sam sighed. "And no, I'm not going to play 20 questions about them so don't ask."

Mary Winchester looked around the room at the gathered beings. There were demons, angels, pagan gods and a vampire all represented. She snorted as Castiel led her around introducing her. He stopped in front of the vampire.

"Mary this is Benjamin Lafitte. He is a friend of your son Dean." Castiel said. "And of myself."

"And how exactly did my son become friends with a vampire?" She asked.

"Well ma'am, I think leading him out of Purgatory might have something to do with it." Benny said. "Dean the angel and me; we did a lot of fighting together."

"He also assisted Sam in completing the second trial to rescue Robert Singer's soul from hell." Castiel said.

"You're the one they released to reverse Metatron's spell and open the gates of heaven!" Mary said. "Bobby spoke highly of you. Thank you, I owe you for both of my boys."

"There's no need to thank me. Dean saved me from Purgatory more than once." Benny said looking up as Uriel and Gabriel entered the room.

"Is everyone assembled?" Uriel asked looking around the room as Gabriel plopped down and a nearby table and snapped up a candy bar. "Then let us sit down and begin. We have much to go over."

"Michael has tentatively approved the curriculum that you submitted. The class listing is fine." Gabriel said. "Now he wants details. He needs everybody to develop a syllabus for your class. The college is insisting since you will be using their facilities."

"They are acting like this is some accredited course and people are going to get a degree out of it." Mary said.

"Thank Mikey, he has this thing about red tape." Gabriel snarked. "Can't get enough of it. Me? I was pushing to just rent a damned warehouse and run the classes the way we want to run them."

"So when does he want the syllabi?" Spicy asked.

"You've got two days." Gabriel pulled out a scroll and unrolled it. "Okay here's how we broke this down. Mary you grew up hunting, you're teaching basic hunting techniques like how to identify and track supernatural creatures. You get to cover all the ghoulies left over from everyone else."

"So I'm the catch all?" Mary said.

"Only on the creatures, we can't have one of everything teaching here. There are some creatures we can't trust. Meg you get demonology. We expect you to cover the signs and indications of a demonic presence and the different types of demons. You might want to toss the Hierarchy of hell in there while you're at it. After all you're a hell knight you may as well flaunt it."

"Does that mean I can pin my students to the ceiling when they don't do their homework?" Meg snarked.

"As long as you don't kill them, have at it. Thor hey bro! Pagan pantheons are all yours. Kali pretty much knows who is left so she can help you out. And make sure none of the damned winter solstice elementals are still hanging around. They are so sweet they even give me a toothache."

"As you wish brother. You should know that the children insist on returning from Asgard." Thor said.

"I'll get someone to help you find a house." Gabriel nodded. "Benny, you get two classes. Vampires, and along with Castiel you'll be teaching a class on Purgatory. Cassie you will also be teaching Enochian."

"We will endeavor to live up to the trust you have placed in us." Castiel said.

"Uriel you get hand to hand combat. Mikey, Luci, Raph and I will be teaching angel lore and history." Gabriel said as he rolled up the scroll. "Spicy you have great organization skills so you will be handling registration and administration. I hope you don't have any pressing questions because I'm late for a meeting. Check you later." Gabriel snapped his fingers and disappeared.

"A penthouse suite? Really Belarus?" Sam blew out a breath. "This is way too pretentious."

"It is fitting my king." Belarus countered, stressing the word king. "Much of your authority comes from your image. You must give the appearance of being the boy king of hell. That means you must adhere to the standards of royalty."

Dean poked his head out of one of the rooms at that point. "Dude, there's a Jacuzzi in here and one of those showers that sprays from all directions. I mean they even put two toilets in here!" Dean disappeared back into the bathroom.

"I think it's called a bidet Dean, not a toilet." Sam yelled turning to Belarus. "See this isn't what we're used to. I mean my brother is in the bathroom playing with the bidet…"

John took that moment to walk in with three beers in his hand. "We have a fully stocked minibar Sam." John said as he handed a beer to his youngest son. "Where's your brother?"

"In the bathroom, probably playing with the bidet." Sam answered as he took the beer. The sound of running water made both Winchesters grimace.

"Yeah, not so surprising." John said sipping his beer. "Your mom and I used to call him the Ty-D-Bowl man at one point. We couldn't keep him from playing in the toilet. Thank God you just liked to play in dirt."

"You see, even as a small child you carried yourself with some sense of decorum." Belarus noted. "Inias is on his way. He was good enough to secure copies of the police reports and other necessary paperwork."

John chugged down the rest of his beer. "I'll go drag your brother out of the toilet, then we can take a look at everything figure out how to approach this nephilim if that is what we're facing."

Sam grabbed his bag and took out his laptop, setting it on the large dining table. Belarus looked at it and shook his head. "Sam how does that thing even work. It should have been replaced years ago."

"You know hunters aren't exactly rich." Sam said as he waited for the machine to completely boot up.

"Well that is true but it doesn't apply to you, or your brother." Belarus said as they were joined by John and Dean.

"What doesn't apply to us?" Dean asked confused.

"I guess you didn't know that you both have American Express Centurion Cards issued in your names." Belarus asked. "And before you ask, yes they are legally obtained and the bills are paid through a special account at the Vatican Bank."

"Whoa! How did that happen?" Dean asked.

"Michael and Lucifer opened the accounts in your names." Inias said as he arrived holding a large box of paperwork. "They wish to make your mission as worry free as possible and believed that freeing you from the need to obtain currency would achieve that goal."

"You are smiling Inias, what has lightened your mood?"

Inias sat the box down and picked up a disc. "The paranoia of humans can be a wonderful thing. There was a camera at the intersection and the entire incident was recorded. We have an image of the being that we seek."

Jody fought the desire to squirm as she sat at the table. Michael had escorted her to the room and told her to simply explain her reasoning to the Archangels sitting at the table before deserting her at the door. Gabriel seemed to be preoccupied with a huge piece of saltwater taffy, Raphael was glaring at her hard enough to burn a hole through her and Lucifer just looked bored.

"So here we all are," Raphael spoke. "I believe you are supposed to be explaining why we should grant you authority over angels."

"You are asking me to do a job here, enforce the law within the jurisdiction of Lebanon Kansas. In order to do that, I need authority over everyone within that boundary; human or otherwise, up to and including angels." Jody said. "I have known Dean and Sam for several years, before that I was well acquainted with Bobby Singer so I know a few things including how to banish angels. But banishing an angel is not going to make them respect the law. If they are going to remain here then they need to respect the law and be bound by it just like everyone else."

"It's a valid point Raph." Gabriel said. "Having angels ignoring her authority will undermine her authority with everyone else."

"It is a problem that I would rather not have to deal with." Jody nodded. "Not to mention the fact that it will be seen as preferential treatment for angels."

"I still fail to see the problem. Angels are the children of God we were created to do his will." Raphael argued. "Yet you would have angels be dragged down to the level of mud monkeys?"

"You know Raph those mud monkeys are high on Dad's list of favorite things right? And in case you've forgotten he will give mud monkeys the authority to toss Archangels in the pit or did you forget about that?"

"I'm not comfortable with it either Gabriel. We are angels and we are created to be closer to him than humans." Lucifer held up his hand when Gabriel started to object. "Let me finish." He turned toward a smirking Raphael. "Just because I agree with you that we have to command a certain respect does not mean that I fail to see the sheriff's point. I was one of those archangels a human tossed in the pit, I'd like to think that I am smart enough to recognize the old man's chastisement and learn from it."

Lucifer frowned for a few moments and Verchiel arrived in the room. "I propose a compromise. Jody is right; the authority of her office cannot be compromised if she is to do the job we are asking her to do, so I suggest we elevate the office."

"I don't understand, what do you mean by 'elevate the office'?" Jody asked

"Meet your Undersheriff, Verchiel. He will work alongside you with the authority of the archangels behind him." Lucifer said. "This way all angels will understand that you have our authority and backing."

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