After the Fall

Chapter 9

Michael made his way down to the cells in the basement of the bunker; in his hand was a photo that Dean had faxed to Kevin. The nephilim was not aware that his image was being captured and the look of joy on his face as he snapped the spine of one of the two officers had even disturbed the archangel. This was why father had ordered them cleansed; too many of them took pleasure in the destruction they caused.

Turning the corner, he was not surprised to see Crowley sitting with Jake, a chess board sitting on the table between them. Jake spent a good amount of time with Hell's regent, the young demon earnestly trying to gain the trust of Lucifer and Sam, Crowley was a means to an end.

Nathaniel was sitting with Metatron in his cell, their heads bent over a set of plans. The engineer angel was fully immersed in rebuilding father's throne and since Metatron was the one who had recorded the original plan, it was understandable that Nathaniel would consult with him. In the final cell, the nephilim Karel sat with his nose buried in a book.

"These humans have far surpassed what we thought them capable of." The nephilim said turning the page. "Such a profane imagination they possess, have you read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? To even imagine the power of resurrection in their hands." Karel carefully placed a page marker and closed the book setting it on the little table beside his cot. "So tell me, what brings the oldest of God's children to seek me out?"

"Thus far you have been satisfied to sit here and read, I'm told you offer no trouble to those set to guard you." Michael noted. "I'm curious as to how long this good behavior will continue as more of your brethren are resurrected."

"Ahhhh." Karel got to his feet and moved closer to the door. "You wonder if I will yearn to join them. And you would not wonder if another had not made his presence known. So what is it you want, Michael?"

The archangel opened the folder in his hand and held up the photo. "Who is he?"

Karel schooled his features but not so quickly that Michael missed the flash of fear in his eyes. "I can tell you nothing about him."

"I think you can." Michael said in a no nonsense tone of voice. "I saw the look of fear that crossed your face. Who is he?"

"He is not someone that I wish to cross. I am content simply reading these books and learning how the world has changed." Karel said. "I have no desire to get involved with the schemes that have been set in motion. That one," he gestured at the photo in Michael's hand "He will delight in the destruction he causes. I will ask you this, why have you not asked Lucifer about him. Abaddon was not the only one who escaped the cleansing after all."

Dean was adjusting his tie in the mirror when Lucifer and Gabriel appeared in the room.

"Belarus, escort the Winchesters back to the bunker immediately. Inias go with them." Lucifer ordered.

"We're working a case here you know?" Dean interrupted.

"You were working a case," Gabriel said. "Now you're not."

"Is there something going on that we should know about?" Sam asked.

"I know this particular nephilim, his name is Hadrian. He was Abaddon's second." Lucifer said. "He is too powerful for you to face."

"Sam, Dean; they are right. You should go back to the bunker." John said.

"You too, John." Lucifer said. "This is not a fight for a fledgling. Now get out of here, Gabriel and I will track this bastard down."

"It is best you listen to them John." Inias said gently. "They are our elders and they have always had our best interests at heart."

"But." John started to protest.

"Dean is the elder of your sons, did you not admonish him to protect and guide Sam?" Inias asked. When John nodded the seraph continued. "And so our father admonished the archangels. And as with Dean they do so not because our father admonished them but because it is their duty as the elder brothers, now come let us return. We must pass this information to the host."

"Gertrude, it should just be filed under angels." Henry said. "There's not enough angels mentioned by name to warrant an alphabetical subcategory."

"So you suggest that someone looking for information on Michael just search through an entire section of angels to find it?" Gertie said. "That would be a massive waste of time."

"How about we subdivide the angel section into levels of angels?" Kevin suggested to put an end to the argument. "Archangels, Seraphs and Cherubs; that will cut down on the search time without being too complicated."

"And what if someone has been living under a rock all of their life and don't know that Michael is an archangel?" Gertie asked.

"Well we can add a description to the subcategory to guide a search." Mary said. "Honestly you two are making this far more complicated than it needs to be."

The group turned at the sound of feathers rustling to find John, Sam, Dean, Inias and Belarus had appeared in the library.

"Belarus give me a hand. We need to find all the information available about this Cleansing." Sam said pulling off his jacket and tie.

"I doubt you will find anything here but Metatron did record the details. There is a tablet in heaven's library." Inias said. "Unfortunately only Metatron and our father can read it."

"What about him?" Belarus pointed at Kevin. "He is a prophet right?"

"I will retrieve the tablet." Inias said as he disappeared.

Mary was staring at the demon. Belarus nudged Sam, "I believe that an introduction is in order. She looks as if she might smite me at any moment."

"Mom, this is Belarus, a hell knight." Sam said introducing the demon.

"Yeah, and Sammy's babysitter." Dean added.

"It is my privilege to serve Samuel." Belarus said before bowing to Mary. "Mary Winchester, I have heard much about you. I now understand where Sam gets his strength of character from. A necessary trait in a monarch."

Mary shook her head. "Flattery doesn't work on me. Now tell me what you are doing back so soon?"

"Gabriel and Lucifer insisted." John broke in. "I guess they know about this Hadrian character."

"Yes, all of the host knows of Hadrian. He is one of those who sought shelter with Lucifer after the Cleansing." Michael said as he joined them. "Lucifer cast him from hell soon after giving him sanctuary."

"He got kicked out of hell?" Henry asked. "How in the hell do you get kicked out of hell?"

"By disobeying Lucifer's orders." Crowley answered. "He was long gone by the time I got there, but the story of his eviction was still bandied about the halls. Lucifer only kept him around as long as he did for Abaddon's sake. It seems that she and Hadrian were a bit of an item, back in the day."

"He was Abaddon's boyfriend?" Dean asked.

"Her betrothed actually. From what I understand Abby's father was against it." Crowley said. "They tried to do an end run around Daddy and get Lucifer's blessing, but Samael had already warned good old Luci and well let's just say the results were worthy of a Shakespearian tragedy."

"What happened?" Gertie asked.

"Michael tossed Lucifer in the cage and Abaddon disappeared." Crowley said as he conjured a glass of Craig. "Everyone assumed the two had come to a romantically tragic end ala Romeo and Juliet. At least until Abaddon resurfaced. We were all waiting for the other shoe to drop but I assume that Abaddon resurfaces because Hadrian was dead."

"So we get to deal with Romeo and Juliet from hell." Dean said. "Awesome."

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