When Angels Fall

Chapter 9

"So we have our own work to do." Michael said standing up. "With Abaddon involved and hunting for Sam, the warding around this place is not going to hold her for long. We need much more powerful wards put in place."

"And we need to ward Sam." Lucifer added. "Dean too. Believe me if we were willing to use you against each other as a last resort, it will be her first thought."

"What do you mean ward Sam?" Dean asked.

"Lucifer is talking about placing wards on the two of you, much like the anti-possession tattoos you already possess." Castiel said.

"The translator should be included." Raphael said. "He is completely without protection at this moment. Being a translator, it is the duty of the Seraphs to protect him. Until he can be assigned a detail I will see to it."

"Make sure that Metatron hasn't tethered himself to him." Michael added.

"What do you mean tethered himself to me?" Kevin asked.

"Archangels tether themselves to prophets." Raphael explained. "We know where they are at all times and we are instantly aware if they ever come under threat. You are Metatron's translator. He may have tethered himself to you."

"Wait, I thought Kevin was a prophet?" Sam asked.

"He is Metatron's prophet, not our Father's. He is not a prophet in the way that Chuck Shurley was a prophet. Chuck Shurley received revelation, Kevin translates the writings of Metatron."

"Whoa! Why do you keep saying that your father is dead if Chuck is chuck was receiving messages from him?" Dean asked.

"Our Father left many messages behind when he left. They are revealed at the proper time to the prophet meant to receive them." Michael explained.

"Like a holy time capsule?" Sam asked.

"That's a good way to put it." Lucifer said. "They simply remain dormant until the right time. Then the prophet is activated and he begins to receive the revelations that Daddy Dearest earmarked for him."

"Okay so Kevin gets the whole earthquakes and shaking walls thing, and me and Sam get wards. Awesome. When do we get started?" Dean said.

"As soon as we get rid of that spell on your ribs." Lucifer said.

Dean and Sam looked at each other before Dean turned to Castiel. "Cas?"

"Look Dean I understand that you don't trust us, but it would do no go for us to ward you if we can't find you when you are being threatened." Michael said.

"He's got a point, Dean?" Sam said.

"It is a reasonable conclusion." Castiel added. "But given past circumstances it is also reasonable that you do not trust them."

"Castiel, you're not helping." Lucifer said. "Look Sam, Do you think I wasted my grace saving your life just to harm you now?"

"No but I wouldn't be much good to you as a vessel if I'm dead or dying." Sam said.

"True, but right now we have bigger fish to fry." Lucifer answered. "When I was inside you, tell me how eager I was to fight Michael."

"You weren't. You didn't want to fight him." Sam said.

"And how did I feel about my siblings?" Lucifer asked.

"You were mourning for those who would die." Sam said.

"So you're a smart human, how do you think I feel right now based on what you know?" Lucifer asked.

"Look," Michael said. "You may have been valuable as vessels but seeing what Metatron is capable of, you are more valuable for your legacy."

"Huh?" Dean asked.

"What your grandfather left you. This place." Raphael said. "You are Men of Letters. We realized their importance when they first came together. Now the two of you have knowledge to be added to this library. You can't do that if you are dead and Abaddon will seek to not just kill you but to destroy your souls. That must be prevented at all costs."

"Damned bunch of trigger happy chuckleheads!" Gabriel said. "You tried to shoot us!"

"Gabriel? Balthazar?" Bobby stared at the two. "You're dead!"

"You know Singer; I believe that's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black since you are also dead." Balthazar said.

"You know these two?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah the snotty British guy is Balthazar and the dwarf is Gabriel. They're angels." Bobby nodded.

"No he's not." Samuel said pointing at Gabriel. "That's a trickster."

"You must have skipped out the day brains were handed out in your family Yul Brenner." Gabriel snorted. "Those yahoos you call grandsons figured it out."

"Believe it or not Samuel, that is an Archangel." Bobby said. "So where were you when we needed help with the Leviathans?"

"I guess you forgot I was on a permanent vacation thanks to Lucifer." Gabriel said. "I should have remembered no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to the Winchesters."

"I'll second that." A dark haired woman sitting at the bar spoke up. "Although I'll also add that you probably deserved whatever you got. You're an angel. I don't know what everyone is so worried about. The angels are gone, good riddance."

"About that," Mary said. "Where are they all? What happened?"

"Metatron happpened." Gabriel answered. "He cast them all down and sealed the gates. Balthazar and I are going to reopen those gates but we're going to need some help. Which one of you is Ash?"

Ellen nodded toward the back of the bar. "Pool table."

"Well wake him up we came here specifically to talk to him." Gabriel said then turned to Mary.

"So Mary Winchester. Those boys of yours are stubborn as hell, and you can thank them for the fact that we have a chance to fix what Metatron has done. If they hadn't tossed Michael and Lucifer in the cage; gotten me killed and corrupted Castiel to the point that he killed Raphael; the Archangels would have been connected to heaven, well except for me. We'd be just as human as the Seraphs right now."

"What do you mean my boys corrupted an angel?" John asked.

"Oh they just infected him with free will. Michael thinks that free will among angels is blasphemy." Balthazar stated. "It's why those of us who gain it leave."

Ellen came back over to the bar with a young man. "Wow! Now I know what happened to Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet." Gabriel said. "So Ash, a couple of mutual friends insisted we look you up. The shit has hit the fan my friend; but we can fix i, and we're going to need your help."

Abaddon had settled on her headquarters. It was the top floor of run down tenement in the Brooklyn section of New York. It suited her needs well and would keep her off the angel's radar. Who care if a few more people died around here, the place was already rife with crime.

The people were poor, she didn't need to tempt them with greed, most were happy to sell their souls for the necessities. Not to mention the gangs that roamed the streets already well versed in violence. Through them she had access to a network of Gangs throughout the city. The first order of business was the gangs. Several demons were out on the streets working on consolidating all the different gangs into one unit under Abaddon's direction.

The door to the apartment opened revealing a young man. "Abby. I thought you might like to meet my cousin. He lives in Philly."

"Philadelphia? Why would I want to meet him?" Abaddon asked.

"Well he runs a crew down there." The young man said. I was thinking maybe you'd like to find some recruits outside of the NYC you know?"

Abaddon stood up. "What's your name?" She looked the young man up and down.

"James, but everybody just calls me Dragon because I used to take karate lessons back in the day. Like the old Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragon."

"Well James. I see potential in you." Abaddon said. "If you could have anything at all, what would it be?"

"I wish my sister was still alive. She was coming home from work one night and got shot by some idiot robbing the corner store. She just stopped in to get some milk for her kid." James answered.

Abaddon leaned forward and kissed him. "Go home James."

She watched as the young stumbled out of the apartment. Walking across the room she reached down to pet something that only she could see. "We'll let him have a week and then you can have him."

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