When Angels Fall

Chapter 99

"You're kidding me right?" Dean said as he caught his breath from laughing. "Zachariah doing manual labor?"

"Please tell me it was the kind of manual labor that involved mud and dirt and grime." Sam asked.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and a photograph appeared in Sam's hand. Sam and Dean both cracked up again.

"Awesome!" Dean said. "He even has mud on that almost bald head of his!"

"So I don't get how you got him to work on the culverts. Zachariah looks like the kind of OCD case that uses a ruler to perfectly align everything on his desk." Sam said.

"Zachariah does indeed measure the space between items on his desk." Castiel said.

"You're shitting me!" Dean howled with laughter.

"You guys are so mean." Jody commented.

"Believe me Jody, if you ever have the misfortune of actually meeting Zachariah, You will realize that this is being nice." Lucifer said. "Even Metatron thinks he's an asshole."

"And when that Jackass thinks you're an asshole, you're an asshole!" Balthazar added his two cents to more laughter.

"Well aren't we having fun?" Spicy said as she popped in with Jed and another demon no one recognized. They just happened to pop in right next to Sam who jumped and managed to spill his beer in his lap.

"Dammit Spicy! Will you stop doing that!" Sam yelled.

Spicy plopped down in Sam's lap. "You know you think it's funny when Cas does it to Dean. What's good for the goose is good for the gander." She looked up at the other demon. "Jackie, allow me to introduce you to our boy King with the twelve pack abs and the cute little bitchface."

"What? Did I miss something here?" Lucifer asked.

Spicy reached up and twirled a lock of Sam's hair around her finger. "Lucifer we both know those Abs he's hiding under this Lumberjack chic he insists on wearing go way past 6 pack." She turned to Sam. "Come on honeybun. Let me give you a make over Queer eye style." She winked.

"Spicy stop flirting with Sam." Lucifer said.

"Your wish is my command, oh Fallen One!" Spicy said before disappearing from Sam's lap and reappearing in Raphael's. "Hello my Mandingo Beauty!"

Raphael stood up from his seat dumping the demon on the floor. Luckily Gabriel snapped his fingers catching her before she could hit the ground. "Lucifer control this demon!" Raphael snarled before sitting back down.

"Oooohhh. I'm wearing you down gorgeous! I used to be that 'creature'." Spicy grinned as she settled herself in Gabriel's lap. "So My King has a job for us?"

"I have a job for Jack and Jed. The Gemini has cornered Gordon Walker." Lucifer said. "With Abaddon on the loose I need to remain on earth, but I want Gordon on the rack, like yesterday."

"You have taken a personal interest in him?" Jack asked.

"Yes I have. I want him to pay for the insults he has offered Sam over the years." Lucifer said. "It's high time Sam's unwavering faith was acknowledged."

Jack turned to Sam. "He carries your grace." Jack gave Sam a bow like the proper Victorian gentleman he was. "I will ensure that he suffers for all that he has done to you Sam Winchester."

"Uh Lucifer, I'm not sure I understand what's going on here." Sam said.

"It's Simple Sam. You were born to a certain position in hell. Every demon knows this but since I was in the cage too many have ignored that fact." Lucifer said. "I have retaken my rightful spot as Hell's ruler, it is time the demons begin to treat you with the fear and respect that is your due. Now that you carry my grace also, your authority in hell is outranked only by my own."

"What do you mean Sammy carries your grace." Dean asked his voice dangerously low.

"Lucifer is the one who saved Sam's life and healed him of the damage that was done by the trials." Gabriel said. "Lucifer did for Sam what Castiel did for you. He pieced his soul back together." Gabriel explained. "They are bonded soul to grace for eternity. Why do you think Dad was willing to forgive Luci and bring him home? Although he's still Lucifer you have to admit he's 'changed'. That's Sam's influence on the connection they share."

"So now that we have that out of the way." Spicy said. "About Gordon, where will we find him?"

"I think that you should let Jack and Jed go after him. The Gemini is holding him in the Everglades." Lucifer explained.

"Everglades as in Swamp? Like water moccasins and alligators swamp?" Spicy shuddered. "I agree with you that's a job for Jed and Jack. The only snakes and alligators this Queen does are designer shoes and purses."

The Gemini sat quietly surrounding a hogtied Gordon Walker. Its numbers had grown to 15. And Gordon was finally showing fear.

"I was disappointed when Abaddon stole you from Limbo. I had plans to hunt you down. I had hoped you would offer me a challenge." The Gemini all spoke in unison. "You were not there long enough to understand where you had landed. You could not even understand why. You still don't understand why."

One of the Gemini tossed a small branch onto the fire they had built more as a signal to Lucifer's envoy than to the chill of the approaching night.

"You never even recognized the demonic seed that began growing inside you the night you killed your sister. And with every kill it grew stronger. You called your victims monsters, but the true monster was you." The Gemini said.

"That wasn't my sister." Gordon spat.

"No, then why did she put herself between you and them? Why did she protect you when her clan was ready to tear you limb from limb?" The Gemini said. "And you repaid her loyalty by chopping off her head."

"She was one of them! She wasn't human." Gordon snarled.

"And being human means you cannot be a monster?" The Gemini laughed. "Do you know how many Demons are in hell that were human monsters when they walked the earth? You will soon be one of them."

"I saved people from monsters." Gordon said.

"No, you never hunted to save people. You hunted so that you could experience the thrill of the kill. You had no understanding or concept of mercy or compassion or even the difference between murder and the hunt." The Gemini said. "You have no moral compass. You destroyed your morality in favor of the power killing gave you. That debt has come due. The devil will have his pound of flesh now."

The Gemini all stood as two Demons appeared in the clearing. "This is Gordon Walker?" One of them stepped forward.

"It is." The Gemini said. "I turn him over to you and continue my hunt for Abaddon." The Gemini turned as one and melted into the swamp.

"Well Gordon Walker. I have a special torture in mind for you." Jack said. "My king has told me to make an example of you. This will not be pleasant. Bring him." The second demon came forward and grabbed the ropes the Gemini had used to hog tie Gordon and began dragging him toward the muddy water.

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