When Angels Fall

Chapter 100 Just a little extra crack

"My Queen." A demon slunk into the study careful to stay as low to the ground as possible. "We still search for Ava and Gordon, but this was discovered on the door step." The demon held up a medium sized box.

Abaddon reached down and plucked it from the demon's hands. "Return to the search." She ordered.

Abaddon turned the box over in her hands wondering why it was left on her doorstep. The From the Archangels sticker made it clear. It was obvious that those murderous bastards knew where she was. She flipped the latch and it popped open. More importantly a small pop up figure sprang out of the interior of the box and now swayed back and forth like a jack in the box on a springy base.

The tiny head turned full circle on its neck and stopped facing her. It opened its eyes and she was looking into the golden eyes of a tiny little replica of the Archangel Gabriel. "Hey hellbitch. How's it hanging?" The little figure grinned revealing a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. "Since we helped ourselves to Ansem and Jake and Ava and Gordon Walker, we thought it only fair that you get something in return. So we sent you a fetish doll collection!"

The tiny Gabriel climbed out of the box and nimbly leapt down to the carpeted floor before brandishing a tiny spear which he used to begin poking her in the ankle. She kicked out with her foot just as the figure darted under a bookcase. Abaddon knelt down to look under the piece of furniture and was distracted by a stinging pain in her backside causing her to abruptly straighten up. Two more tiny dolls tumbled to the floor. Tiny dolls of Michael and Raphael.

Abaddon kicked the two dolls across the floor into the corner. She turned back toward the bookcase just as she felt a tearing pain in her calf. A tiny little Lucifer who like the rest of the dolls was in possession of a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, had latched onto her calf and was chewing on the muscle. She reached down and grabbed onto the doll to pull it off and the Gabriel doll darted forward biting her hand.

The demon snarled and began shaking her hand trying to dislodge the little Gabriel. This gave little Michael and Raphael the opening they needed to launch their own attack. The two dolls were stabbing her with their little spears and clamping their teeth onto whatever piece of her they could reach. She made her way to the kitchen grabbing a knife.

"Okay you little bastards, lets see who can draw the most blood." She growled as she pinned the little Gabriel to the counter and stabbed the doll pinning it to the cutting board.

"That bitch stabbed Gabriel!" The little Michael yelled. "No more playing around. Now we get serious." The doll hefted his spear and drew back his arm the spear came flying right at Abaddon's face causing her to flinch and back up.

"Yeah!" The little Lucifer agreed as he was now standing on her foot digging the point of his spear into the top of her foot. "No one gets to stab that little pain in the ass but me!"

The little Raphael had scaled the counter and pulled the knife out of the Gabriel doll. The two tiny pests had picked up the butcher knife and were holding it pointing toward Abaddon.

"Ramming speed!" The little Gabriel yelled as he and Raphael ran forward with the knife, off the edge of the counter stabbing Abaddon deeply in the thigh. "Payback is a bitch, bitch!" The Gabriel grinned showing those teeth again. He began using her clothes to make his way around to her back. Once he found a spot that would be difficult for her to reach he opened his mouth wide and lunged forward clamping on to the flesh.

Raphael climbed up to Abbadon's shoulder and began tangling himself in her hair. Once he felt he was seriously tied up in her hair he reached out and grabbed the upper part of her ear biting down and gnawing like a dog would on a bone.

"Well that's not fair." Lucifer yelled up at them. "You two are having all the fun! Come on Mikey lets try some rump roast!" Lucifer immediately began scrambling up the left leg of Abaddon's pants.

"Rump Roast?" Michael questioned as he scaled her right leg.

Lucifer was now even with Abaddon's left ass cheek. "Rump Roast." He pointed before taking a big bite.

"Oh I get it now!" Michael said before taking a big bite of his own.

Abaddon was struggling in vain to reach Gabriel between her shoulder blades and pull Raphael out of her hair. The addition of two more of these little terrors was more than she could handle. She called for her demons to come to her aid. Several demons ran into the room only to come up short as the watched Abaddon struggling with...nothing.

"Don't just stand there!" The hell knight schreeched. "Get them off of me!"

"I'm sorry my Queen," One of the demons said as they all knelt on the floor. "But there is nothing there."

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