When Angels Fall

Chapter 101

"So, would someone like to explain why Gabriel looks like the cat that ate the canary?" Balthazar asked. "The last time I saw him grinning like that the good citizens of Pisa had just discovered their beloved tower was leaning."

"Although Gabriel has taken a feline vessel in the past, I do not believe that he has ever ingested a creature of avian extraction." Castiel noted.

"Cassie, you really do need a lexicon of human idioms." Balthazar said dryly.

"He sent a little gift to Abaddon." Lucifer said. "Right now she's knee deep in 12 inch archangel replicas."

"Fetish dolls, Luci." Gabriel corrected. "Archangel Zuni Warrior fetish dolls."

"You created little Archangel replicas dressed in leather and carrying whips?" Dean cackled "Awesome!"

"Balthazar while you're picking up that lexicon for Cas, you might want to pick up a listing of pagan idolatry figures for my brother." Sam said with a sigh. "Get your mind out of the gutter Dean. Fetish dolls are figures created for use in ritual, magic, or worship of pagan deities; kind of like voodoo dolls."

"Okay. So are they wearing leather?" Dean asked.

Balthazar looked at Dean. "No wonder you and Cassie get on so well. You are equally clueless."

Gabriel snapped his fingers and a fearsome little wooden figure with a mouthful of teeth carrying a spear with a chain wrapped around it's middle appeared on the table. "That is a fetish doll Dean. The Zuni believe the spirit of a warrior lives inside the doll and that chain keeps it contained inside. Of course the dolls I sent to Abaddon were chainless and a lot more handsome. Especially the one that looks like me."

"And there's a little Michael, a little Raphael and a little Lucifer too." Gabriel said. "But I'm the one who got the looks in the family."

"Speaking of Michael, where is he hiding?" Lucifer said. "He should have been here by now."

"He and Raphael wanted to double check the town." Balthazar explained. "Make sure that none of Abaddon's demons managed to cross the sigils out of desperation."

"That is a reasonable precaution." Castiel said.

"Well I wish they would hurry up." Lucifer grumbled. "Now that Crowley has gotten Abaddon's location from Ava, we need to get to her before she moves. Gabriel's little doll collection will only keep her occupied for so long."

"If we're lucky it will piss her off." Gabriel said. "Especially when she realizes she's been duped. I don't think she'll take to kindly to being made a fool of."

"The question is who does she still have that's a big enough fish to be a problem?" Balthazar noted. "We've managed to strip her of all the short bus kids and Walker, but I for one don't want to go into this battle expecting low level black eyed demons and finding myself facing a white eye."

"Belarus hasn't just been sitting on his ass." Lucifer said. "He's been carrying out orders of execution."

"Decimating your army, there Bro? You sure that's wise?" Gabriel asked.

"If they balk at swearing fealty to all of Hell's upper echelon, they can't be trusted." Lucifer said. "This way I don't have to worry about them trying to stab me in the back on the battlefield."

"You have to admit you're weakening your position Bro." Gabriel said concerned. "We're facing a Hell Knight and you don't have any Hell Knights on your side. You need Generals to assist you. Belarus is only one demon."

"Unfortunately all of those who had the experience and knowledge to be Hell Knights were sacrificed to the failed Apocalypse." Lucifer said. "They were among my most loyal."

"I could talk to Michael, just as a temporary thing you know." Gabriel said.

"Are you suggesting an Archangel acting as one of Hell's General's? Mikey would shit a brick and you know it." Lucifer said.

"True but Mikey doesn't have any control over Loki." Gabriel smirked.

"We denounced our Pagan ties remember?" Lucifer said. "Loki is gone, you are the Archangel Gabriel now."

"Yeah but I'm sure Dad knows I had my fingers crossed when I agreed to that." Gabriel said. "You never know when a little paganism will come in handy. We already learned that lesson, remember?"

"Yes it has been handy hasn't it? And I'm quite aware that my youngest Archangel is more rebellious than the Morningstar, just not as bold about it." Everyone was looking at the man who had appeared in the bunker looking like he had just stepped out of the 1880s.

The angels immediately dropped to their knees. Dean and the other humans standing around looked confused. Sam simply breathed out a name in complete shock. "Samuel Colt."

"That is one of my vessels Sam Winchester, and you are also familiar with Chuck Shurley." The man said.

"Wait Samuel Colt? The Samuel Colt? Gun-making, Demon trap-building Samuel Colt?" Dean asked.

"And also the father of these winged ruffians." Samuel Colt said. "I have chosen to remain out of this Abaddon situation and allow you to handle it. Thus far you have been doing an admirable job of handling it yourselves, and I will not interfere with the plans that you have made but your discussion has raised a valid point. Lucifer's Army is not where it needs to be. Lucifer needs Hell Knights so I have decided to give him the Hell Knights that he needs."

"Father, I'm not sure what you mean." Lucifer said.

Dean and Sam suddenly stiffened and scrambled for weapons as Alistair, Meg and Lilith appeared next to Samuel Colt.

"They were your most loyal demons. The situation has been explained to them and they have been bound to serve as your Knights." Colt said. "Now take care of Abbadon. And Lucifer, I will trust that you have learned your lesson." Colt disappeared leaving an uncomfortable silence.

Meg finally stepped over to where Castiel was standing. "So Clarence, looks like you haven't gotten rid of me yet."

Abaddon had been angered before but nothing on the level of what she was feeling now. Realizing the demons couldn't see the little dolls she saw through the illusion. The straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that this was not grace she was dealing with. The dolls were the manifestation of a pagan god.

Somehow the Archangels had one of the most unpredictable and feared of pagan gods on their side. He wasn't the most powerful pagan god, but he was the most underhanded and cunning of them, Loki. What she couldn't understand was how the celestials managed to gain an alliance with a member of the Norse Pantheon. Especially after Lucifer supposedly slaughtered his way through several pantheons single-handedly and if rumor was to be believed, Loki was included in that body count.

If Loki could trick Lucifer, then he was more dangerous than even the Archangels. There was no telling what the pagan had up his sleeve.

Abaddon called one of her demons and gave him a list of things to bring to her. She busied herself drawing runes on the floor and setting up a trap. She wasn't stupid enough to summon Loki, but she needed information about him. There were still a few members of the Norse Pantheon around

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