When Angels Fall

Chapter 102

"Lucifer, free of your cage and back in heaven's good graces." Alistair said before catching sight of Dean, "And my protégé. Tell me Dean, how many others have experienced the benefit of your, ehem, skills?"

"You know Alaistair, if you are not happy with the arrangement, there are four Archangels who could see you returned to where you just were." Michael said as he and Raphael appeared.

"I'll adjust." The former torturer said.

"I will follow Lucifer as I always have." Lilith said. "But I made no agreement to consort with angels."

"We are allied with heaven and with the hunters in this Lilith," Lucifer said. "You will consort with anyone I order you to consort with."

"It's nice to know all that time in the cage didn't completely smother your tendency to act like a dictator." Meg said. "So we're all here and supposedly Hell Knights as a reward for our loyalty to you. And we're supposed to face Abaddon?"

"You will lead the demons that face her." Lucifer said. "But first there is a requirement for you to renew your loyalty to me and to hell. Sam come here a minute."

Meg was the first to react. "Well I always did say you Winchesters were full of surprises. Look who's been eating his demonic Wheaties."

"The Boy King has accepted his place. Sam Winchester reeks of you Lucifer." Alistair said.

"He has. You will swear fealty to him." Lucifer ordered. "The only higher authority than Sam is me. You will treat him with the same deference that you would treat me."

"Well this should be fun," Meg said. "and are we absolutely sure all of Sam and Clarence's crayons are in the box?"

"We are both completely sane Meg." Sam said.

"That's open to interpretation." Gabriel mumbled seeing how Castiel was watching Meg.

"What are your orders?" Lilith asked.

"For the moment return to hell, organize the demons into brigades under your command." Lucifer said. "I must consult with my brothers as we organize a plan of attack. I will return to advise you of that plan. Oh and if you encounter a demon known as Spicy Tabasco, you will offer her all due respect as my personal companion. Crowley is also under my protection as my regent."

"Things have changed if you've brought that pest to heel." Meg said with a smirk. She turned to Castiel, "Try to stay out of trouble my little tree topper unicorn."

The three demons disappeared to carry out Lucifer's orders.

"Dude! This is seriously messed up!" Dean said. "Okay I won't say that we trust Meg, but we can at least tolerate her."

"Meg knows how to be a team player. Alistair is a freaking sadist and I don't trust Lilith as far as I can throw her." Sam said.

"I understand your concerns but Father brought them back for a reason." Michael was trying to calm down two extremely pissed Winchesters.

"Sam, Dean; your experiences where Lilith and Alistair are concerned is understandable, but Lucifer needs powerful demons such as them to lead his army. Alistair and Lilith will command the obedience of Lucifer's minions." Castiel said. "And they have all sworn fealty to you Sam. In their eyes to harm you would be the same as betraying Lucifer. Our father would not have brought them back if there was any risk of them betraying Lucifer."

"Dad bound them." Gabriel said. "They can't betray Lucifer or Sam or any of us."

"Yeah and your father has proven himself so trust worthy in the past." Dean said.

"Lucifer himself will deal with them. There is no need for you to have any contact with them." Raphael said. "We are not uncaring, no matter the impression you formed of us during the unpleasantness of a few years ago. We are capable of emotion and compassion. But we do not allow ourselves to be ruled by our emotions. Lucifer has need of these demons and for that reason the two of you will need to deal with your animosity."

"Yeah we'll deal with our animosity. Sam get the Colt." Dean said.

"Sorry Deano, that's not going to happen." Gabriel said. "I get where you're coming from, I do but the Terror Trio are off limits. So you have two choices. Take a vacation or deal with it. TV Land is still there you know and since you seem to have a lot of aggression to burn off, I'm thinking something along the lines of the WWE. You and Sam would make a good tag team."

Dean glared at the trickster archangel. "Fine! Just keep them away from us."

Abaddon dropped a match into the bowl of powder that sat in the middle of the summoning circle. She chanted a ritual and ended with a name, Thor. It didn't take long for the Norse god to appear. She studied the so called god.

His appearance was to be expected, tall and muscular, Thor wore the uniform of a soldier. He glared at Abaddon.

"Call me stupid, but I cannot imagine any situation that would call for our paths to cross demon," The God said. "I do not consort with demons and they do not consort with me."

"As they say, there's a first time for everything." Abaddon replied. "The time has come for you to speak face to face with a demon. I have questions. You will answer them."

"There is nothing you could ask that I would have an answer for." Thor said.

"Loki. I have questions about Loki." Abaddon said. "A subject that I'm sure you are quite knowledgeable about."

"Loki? I threw myself into the celebrations the day he chose to leave us." Thor snorted. "If fortune smiles on us the little bastard suffers nightly at the hands of the Berserkers in the great Hall of Valhalla. The one thing Lucifer did right at the Elysian was to put that pain in the ass out of his misery."

"Loki lives." Abaddon said.

"Really? More's the pity." Thor said. "If he was smart enough to escape Lucifer's wrath, then I'm sure he has the brains to stay as far away from me as possible. I would finish what Lucifer started."

Abaddon looked at the god consideringly. "You don't like him?"

"What makes you think that I would?" Thor asked. "He was nothing but an annoyance with his constant mischief. He delighted in bringing tears to the eyes of our women and humiliation to our men. I don't know why Odin allowed him to stay."

"Then perhaps you would consider a proposition." Abaddon said. "Loki lives and he has aligned himself with my enemies. Join me. Loki can die by your hand."

Thor considered for a moment. "I fight for my own gain. Presently I'm under contract, but ask me again in six months. As for Loki, should our paths cross, he has much to answer for. But that is between he and I. Now if there is nothing more I was in the middle of an assignment. I pride myself on providing services contracted for and I waste valuable time here that allows my quarry opportunity to escape."

"Tell me how much you are being paid. I will double your fee." Abbadon said.

"You could triple it but it will not stir me to break a contract; I would think that a demon would understand that." Thor said. "When my contract is completed, I will be free to consider your offer but until then demon my services are not for sale."

"When your contract is up, call for Abaddon." She said. "But I cannot guarantee that Loki will not already be dead by my hand."

"If he is dead, then he is dead." Thor said. "There will always be another in need of killing."

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