When Angels Fall

Chapter 103

"Michael, just let Sam do it. Angels and modern technology don't mix." Dean said.

"I will master this Dean, I simply need to understand the concept of this Microsoft Office 2010 Power Point." Michael said as he pressed a button on the laptop. The screen went blank. "What happened? Where did it go?"

Sam sighed and looked over The Archangel's shoulder. "This would go a lot faster if you would just let me do it."

"But where did it go?" Michael demanded.

"Michael, let Sam do it, please. We'll be here until the next ice age waiting for you to figure it out." Gabriel said.

"But it was all lost. I have to start over from the beginning!" Michael moaned. "I don't understand why you humans must make things so complicated!"

"Actually you didn't lose it." Sam said snatching the laptop away before Michael could push any more keys. Sam slid his finger along the touch pad and pressed a button and the power point presentation the angel had been working on was restored. "You just accidentally minimized the screen."

"See not complicated at all, for them." Gabriel said. "Know your limitations Bro."

Gabriel suddenly stopped, tilting his head as if he was hearing something no one else could.

"What is it Gabriel?" Raphael asked.

"A prayer from someone I didn't expect to hear from." The archangel stood up. "You might want to tell Luci to make himself scarce. And Mikey behave yourself."

Gabriel whispered something and a man dressed in battle fatigues was suddenly standing in the room. "Loki you veslingr! You live!" The man grabbed Gabriel in a bear hug lifting him from the floor with ease. Considering the guy had a couple of inches on Sam it surprised no one.

"Uh yeah, good to see you too Thor." Gabriel squeaked. "Could you put me down now?"

"Put you down? I should be fileting your liver! All of Asgard has been in mourning coming to believe that you had died alongside the all father and Baldur!" Thor said. "We had hoped you managed to escape that níðingr, Lucifer. You always were a crafty one. Of course Mother and I had hoped perhaps he would realize the importance of a brother's bond also."

"Actually I did die. I was brought back when the Angels fell from heaven. All of the Archangels were brought back, or released." Gabriel said. "Including Lucifer. He has earned his way back into the fold so please, control yourself."

"Thor?" Sam said awed. "As in the God of Thunder, Thor?"

Gabriel turned toward the others in the room. "Yes that Thor. So, introductions. Guys this is Thor, my other Asgardian brother. Thor allow me to introduce you to my celestial brothers The Archangels Michael and Raphael; the seraphs Balthazar and Castiel; and the two humans are hunters of the supernatural, Dean Winchester and his brother-Hey Sam where are you going?"

The younger hunter had run from the room leaving everyone with their mouths hanging open. Sam was back within a few moments carrying something wrapped in cloth. Walking up to Thor, Sam unwrapped Mjolnir and offered it to Thor.

"I think this belongs to you." Sam said as he grasped the handle and held it out to the god.

"Sam, wow I can't even touch Mjolnir without getting knocked on my ass." Gabriel said with a bit of awe in his voice.

"This is surprising indeed. Mjolnir does not accept just anybody." Thor said. "You hunt the supernatural? Mjolnir is an effective weapon against your enemies. How did she come into your possession?"

"It was one of the items that had been put up for auction when we were trying to recover a tablet written by Metatron." Sam said.

"Sam killed Mr Peanut with it." Dean said "I didn't know you had kept it."

"I figured it would be better for us to have it than some of those creatures that came to the auction." Sam said. "So I just hung on to it."

Thor reached out and grabbed the handle and the hammer vanished somewhere. "She was stolen centuries ago from The Asgardian Vaults. She can now return home." Thor said and bowed toward Sam. "I am in your debt Sam Winchester."

"So, I'm thinking that you didn't call me because you missed my smiling face." Gabriel interrupted before Thor could launch into a formal 'Declaration of Indebtedness' which would probably last until Sam died of old age. "So what brings you to darken my door?"

"What prank did you pull on a demon named Abaddon? She seeks your blood my brother; although I understand now why she says you have allied with her enemies." Thor said. "What I do not understand is why she thinks you would not ally with your heavenly family."

"She probably doesn't know." Dean said. "She skipped the whole apocalypse that wasn't, like Henry."

"That's right she went straight from the 1950's to 2012. We interred her before she had time to learn what had happened." Sam said.

"And she's probably been too busy with her whole topple heaven plan to take the time to find out now." Dean added.

"So you're saying that she is unaware of all that has happened?" Michael asked.

"Yep. The hell bitch doesn't have a clue." Dean said.

"Sweet." Gabriel grinned. "Anything that gives us an edge."

Lucifer sat upon his throne on the stage in hell's auditorium. He had to admit that hell was well organized thanks to Spicy's efforts and now ran like a well oiled machine. The seats were filled with miserable demons listening to the words of the new Hell Knights under the watchful but bored eye of their king comfortably ensconced on a large velvet lined thickly padded seat.

Spicy on the other hand, had wasted no time in assessing the potential threat these new demons presented to her position in hell. But it seemed that Lucifer had made it clear that Spicy was to be treated with the respect due her position and Meg seemed to be friendlier than Lilith or Alistair.

Lilith was all business. Lilith was consumed with consolidating Lucifer's power base and punishing those who thought to challenge him. Spicy admired the demon's single minded focus in standing between Lucifer and anyone who would thought to threaten him. Spicy supposed it was because Lilith was the first. That meant a certain respect had to be shown to her.

Alistair was a complete and utter sadist. He had chuckled when he saw the seating in the auditorium and suggested lining the seats with spikes to make them even more uncomfortable. He had also gone down to the pit and watched as Jack worked on Gordon Walker. And poor Gordon ended up strapped to the rack with Jack and Alistair talking shop and taking turns using him to demonstrate their favorite torture techniques.

Lucifer gave an almost evil smile as his Knights separated the demons into brigades under their command. Hell's army was coming together nicely. Abaddon had no idea what was about to descend on her. With Heaven's army needing to work off some aggression from the whole 'casting down' thing; hunters who wanted a piece of her 'just because' and demons in well wanting to tear her a new one to avoid the anger of Lilith, Alistair and Meg; well Abaddon didn't have a snowball's chance in…hell.

Lucifer realized the unintended pun and his laughter rang out over the arena sending chills down the spine of every demon present including those closest to him. Lucifer laughing was never a 'good' thing.

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