When Angels Fall

Chapter 104

"Lucifer, I need to speak with you for a moment." Michael said catching his brother as soon as he arrived at the bunker.

"Well that sounds ominous." Lucifer said still in a good mood from the little hell assembly he had just left. "What did I do now?"

"It's not what you've done lately; it's what you did a while back, at the Elysian." Michael said. "We have a little issue. Gabriel asked me to talk to you before our little issue becomes a big issue."

Lucifer's face took on wariness. "I thought that I had been forgiven for that."

"No he has forgiven you." Michael sighed. "It's not Gabriel, it's someone from his pagan past."

"Please tell me it's not that flaming backstabbing bitch Kali." Lucifer said.

"No, it's not her. His name is Thor and he is Gabriel's adopted brother." Michael said. "I guess you slaughtered another of Gabriel's adopted brothers and his adopted father. They were pagans and while Raphael and I don't have a problem with it, Thor holds a grudge."

"And Gabriel is stuck in the middle." Lucifer shrugged. "Will these pagans ever cease to be a pain in my ass? And I was in such a good mood too. I won't bother Thor as long as Thor doesn't bother me."

"Gabriel has spoken to him. He has promised to be civil." Michael said.

"So what exactly is this pagan doing here?" Lucifer asked.

"It seems that Gabriel has been playing Loki again. Abaddon summoned Thor hoping he would ally with her against Loki. He left her with the impression that there was bad blood between them and immediately contacted Gabriel to warn him of Abaddon's interest." Michael explained. "Right now he's in the kitchen with Gabriel and Sam who is practically in ecstasy listening to their stories."

"Well let's get this unpleasantness over with. The sooner the pagan and I come to an agreement, the better." Lucifer said as he headed toward the kitchen with a purpose. As soon as he entered the conversation stopped. "Gabriel, Sam." Lucifer greeted them and then waited expectantly.

"Lucifer, you're back." Gabriel said as the other being sitting at the table flinched. "Uh Thor, this is Lucifer."

"Thor, Gabriel's pagan 'brother'." Lucifer smirked. "I have been his brother since the moment of his creation, I hope we aren't going to have a problem."

Thor stood up so fast his chair tipped over. Gabriel was at his side in a flash, hand on Thor's arm in a pleading manner. The pagan god looked down at the Archangel by his side for a few seconds before relaxing and reaching down to right his chair.

"Gabriel has asked me not to fight with you so I won't." Thor said. "But understand that I'm standing down for his sake and his sake only. I know what drove him to us. I won't put him through it again."

"Well that at least is common ground, because I don't intend to put him through that again either." Lucifer said before turning and walking out of the room.

Dean, Balthazar, Raphael and Castiel all hovered over the demon as it worked. As if that wasn't enough to make the demon nervous, Crowley and The true king of hell came through the door causing the demon to screech and drop the adapter it had been holding to the floor.

"Lucifer, would you please tell this Nervous Nellie that he is perfectly safe?" Balthazar said. "He has spent more time dropping things and flinching every time someone stretches than he has working."

Michael who was sitting at the table typing on Sam's laptop shook his head. "I don't know what good that will do. I have assured him as the commander of the host that he is safe and he still looks ready to soil himself at the least little noise." Michael sat back with a triumphant smile. "Victory! I have completed this power point. Where is Sam? He was to help me add in the images and charts of the battle plans."

"I still say all of creation should have imploded by now." Crowley joked. "Angels and demons are working together with hunters. The Commander of the host is presenting his battle plan as a power point via computer. What happened to the good old days when you just needed a chalice and a little blood to make a call."

"That's what put the hunters on your demonic asses in the first place Crowley." Dean said. "So Garth spread the word among the hunters they all pretty much have laptops or smart phones so they can listen in."

"Virgil has informed me that Ash has everything set up in the Roadhouse and in Father's Great Hall." Balthazar said. "So Heaven is all linked in."

"Spicy took care of setting up the arena and all the demons are there under the direction of the current hell knights." Lucifer said. "Uriel has the townspeople gathered at City Hall. We are simply waiting for you to finish this presentation of yours."

"Well then once Sam and I get the images into the presentation and Butterfingers over there gets everything wired, we can begin." Michael said.

Abaddon felt a sense of unease. That damned illusion that Loki had plagued her with had said that many of her main followers had fallen into the hands of the angels. And the angels also had at least one pagan god on their side. That was troubling.

Lucifer had never made a secret of his distaste for the pagans. After Lucifer had always been loyal to his father and considered them affronts to the glory of the creator. It was an attitude shared by all who had fallen with Lucifer so Abaddon had always believed that it was the standard of belief among all angels. She certainly had never seen anything to convince her otherwise. Even her own father held nothing but contempt for the pagan pantheons.

Loki had somehow wormed his way into the celestial good graces. Thor had not been much help but Thor was not the only Pagan left. There were others and Abaddon had reached out for them. It seemed her call had been answered in the form of one Maman-Brigitte. Who now sat across the table from her.

"You offer me the chance for revenge. Lucifer is among those you face and the loa seek his destruction also." The voodoo demigoddess said. "The Baron Samedi was our leader, my husband and Lucifer killed him. That is a debt that he owes to us."

"Yes I do intend to destroy Lucifer." Abaddon said. "But I need your assistance in overcoming one of your Norse compatriots, Loki."

"Loki is not what he seems to be and in his way is as powerful as Lucifer." Brigitte said. "He is the master trickster that all others bow to. They fear him. All of the pantheons have always treated Loki with a respect born of fear."

"Loki is a second-rate Norse demigod. Thor has no fear of him. I sensed Thor's hatred of the trickster." Abaddon said.

"You believed Thor's lie?" Brigitte asked. "You have been duped. There is no animosity between Thor and Loki. Thor is one of the few who has always known exactly what, or should I say who, Loki is."

"I'm not following you." Abaddon snarled.

"I told you Loki is just as powerful as Lucifer. They only way he could be just as powerful, is if he is the same type of being as Lucifer, an Archangel." Brigitte said. "Loki is an Archangel who has walked among the Pantheons hiding his grace behind the façade of a pagan god."

"Loki is an Archangel?" Abaddon asked stunned.

"Loki is the Messenger, and one of only two Archangel's who carry the title of Saint." Brigitte said. "Loki and Saint Gabriel, the Archangel are one and the same."

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