When Angels Fall

Chapter 105

Ash pressed the button and turned on the flat screen TV. Everyone in the roadhouse was now looking at a large table. As they watched several angels and people began filing in including the Winchesters. Michael stood up and cleared his throat as Sam opened his laptop and began connecting wires to it.

"If you are seeing this it's because you are a part of a very important fight, a fight that has brought together several unlikely allies to battle a demon known as Abaddon. But before we get into strategy or even the background of this imminent war, Introductions should be made." Michael said. "I am the Archangel Michael, The first Archangel created and given command of the Heavenly host by my father. I'm sure that there are some of you out there who still do not understand what we are. You think of us as naked little winged infants flitting around delivering your Valentine messages.

While there is a small division of angels known as Cupids and classified as Cherubs that do have some influence in human procreation, they are not considered part of the Host. The host itself is the larger population of angelic beings made up of thousands of Seraphs and four Archangels. The host is an army."

Michael stopped and looked at the Archangels. "The Archangels are the command structure of this army. We command not only fighting troops but also logistical troops. The Archangel Lucifer is second to me in age and my second in command. But he also the king of hell, and as such has an army of demons at his command. Lucifer and I will be commanding our two separate armies in conjunction with each other to dominate the battlefield."

"The Archangel Raphael is heaven's healer who commands the angels of healing. While these angels are healers they are as much soldiers as any soldier under my direct command and just as deadly in their own right. Their knowledge of illness and injury is without measure. It was Raphael and the angels under his command the brought the Great Plague to humanity. They can cause illness or heal it with a thought." Michael nodded to Raphael.

"Finally we have the Archangel Gabriel, God's personal messenger. Angels of Communication fall under his command." A crafty smile crept across Michael's face. "He is also known among the pagan sects as Loki, The master trickster. As Loki he is a master of deception and manipulation, his pagan knowledge and abilities will figure prominently in this battle."

Michael moved along the table until he was standing behind Sam and Dean. "Among the humans we have allied with are hunters no hunters are better known to us than Samuel and Dean Winchester. Humanity owes more to these two young men than you can ever repay, you owe them your continued existence. Most of you are blissfully unaware that the events detailed in your 'Book of Revelations' should have already occurred. Sam and Dean nullified all that the prophet John revealed in his predictions. Armageddon, your Apocalypse has come and gone and you have not been wiped from the face of the Earth."

There are even some supernatural creatures and pagans who join with us in battle like the vampire Benny Lafitte and Thor, the Norse god of Thunder." Michael nodded at Benny. He then turned to Jody and Kevin. "Your human law enforcement is represented by Sheriff Jody Mills and Kevin Tran is a current prophet. The Demon Abaddon faces a force that has never before been brought together in a common cause."

Mary Winchester sat back and smiled at John. "We have sons to be proud of."

"Yes we do." John said then turned to Samuel Campbell. "If I remember correctly Samuel, you were constantly saying nothing good would come of our relationship. Well kiss my ass, twice!"

"I have to say, I always thought Jody had it in her to be a hunter." Bobby said. "It's good to see the gal found her place in the family. Although I get to have a little pride in those two idjits you two call sons too. Hell I taught them everything John missed teaching them."

"Well it's a good thing that somebody has." Ellen said. "If it takes all this to face Abaddon, those boys need all the help they can get."

"It will." Henry said. "Abaddon was a Hell Knight, Lucifer's second in command for a long time. She gained a lot of power from that. She's near as hard to kill as Satan himself."

Garth was watching his screen intently. Sam was doing something with his laptop. Suddenly the view of the conference table was replaced by a bullet listing

Lebanon, Kansas

Men of Letters Repository

Heaven's gates

Hell gates

Michael's voice continued providing an audio track to what was obviously a power point presentation. "Angels doing power points. Michael you so crazy." Garth commented.

"This battle will be fought on multiple fronts. We have no idea at this point how many fronts there will be, but we have identified several locations that will targeted by Abaddon. The first is the town of Lebanon, Kansas."

The presentation changed showing a map of Kansas and on the map Lebanon was surrounded by what looked like a massive devil's trap.

"We have taken steps to fortify the area. The main fortification is a devil's trap surrounding the town. There is also a contingent of angels assigned to the area under the command of one of our most experienced soldiers, Uriel. Uriel will lead the angels and the townspeople in defending the town. A contingent of demons lead by the Hell Knight Belarus will form a defensive in the terrain outside of the 10 miles outside of Lebanon, while Uriel will deploy his angels just outside of the devil's trap. The townspeople are prepared to defend the area inside of the devil's trap on the unlikely event that Abaddon's troops manage to make it inside."

Brigitte calmly sipped a cup of tea as Abaddon raged and threw things. Abaddon had not taken the news of being played for a fool by Gabriel twice in one day very well.

"Spending your energy raging at a being that God himself is hard pressed to control will not help." Brigitte said. "Deception is the forte of Gabriel. How do you think he has made such a profound impact on such a variety of different people over the years? He is able to make others see and believe what he wants them to believe, and to infect others with that belief."

"Then how come the demons weren't able to see those dolls?" Abaddon said. "They saw nothing; and yet I saw them, I felt the pain of every attack."

"If they did not see then he did not mean for them to see." Brigitte said. "It was a distraction only. Obviously an effective one."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Abaddon said her voice dangerously low.

"You rant and rage because the angels play you for a fool and prove yourself an even bigger fool. What do you think they are doing while you waste time with your tantrum?" Brigitte asked. "You scream and stomp your feet like a toddler while they strategize. Your time would be better spent preparing a response to the attack they are more than likely planning at this moment."

Michael took a drink of water and then sat his glass on the table. "The Men of Letters Repository is more than likely one of Abaddon's primary targets. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Men of Letters, it is a 1000 year old society of scholars who have been collecting information on the supernatural and mysticism.

The arcane knowledge this organization has amassed could be catastrophic in the wrong hands. Membership in this organization has been handed down from Father to son for generations in a process called Legacy. Abaddon came very close to destroying the organization and getting her hands on this knowledge once before. Currently there are only two surviving Legacies, Sam and Dean Winchester.

All of heaven understands the importance of this knowledge repository. For that Reason Sam and Dean will remain here to defend it. They will not be alone in this, the angel Castiel and a contingent of angels under the command of the Archangel Gabriel will also be on hand. Gabriel has been on Earth for centuries and is better equipped to relate to humans. Gabriel will also be the one to coordinate human efforts in the battle.

Lucifer will as I said earlier command hell's army in defending the gates of hell. He has given orders to the current hell knights and there is no need for me to involve myself in his battle plans. I can say with complete confidence that Lucifer is as skilled a commander as I am."

I will be commanding the garrisons that will stand in defense of heaven. This is the main force of angels but several garrisons will be scattered around the Earth to fight as needed; the angels Inias, Verchiel and Balthazar will command these units."

Michael finally went to Raphael. "Raphael will oversee the tending of the injured, as is fitting for a healer."

"I do have a question." Thor spoke up. "When do we begin our attack?"

Michael smiled. "We already have." Michael snapped his fingers and a woman appeared kneeling before the group.

"Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel," Maman Brigitte raised her head. "I have the locations of Abaddon's troop deployments. There are large forces located in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tampa, Boston and Miami. Smaller forces are in Lawrence Kansas, Sioux Falls, and Pontiac Michigan. She has reserve troops outside of Juneau Alaska."

"So how did she take the news?" Gabriel asked.

"She had no idea." Brigitte smirked. "And you were right, she is about as stupid as mud. Finding out about your other identity threw her for a loop. She completely lost all focus on the battle at hand to throw a temper tantrum that would have done any cranky two year old proud. She scrambles now to come up with a plan."

"But let's not forget. She has troops and once she gets her bearings back, there will be hell to pay." Lucifer said. "No pun intended. She is a former Hell Knight and she will bring all of her cunning and experience to the table."

"So will we my brother," Michael said. "So will we."

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