When Angels Fall

Chapter 106

Balthazar grumbled as he and his contingent of angels appeared in Alaska. His vessel really did not like cold weather. The guy had been soaking up the sun on Aruba when Balthazar had first approached him and yeah, definitely not a cold weather lover. The first thing he noticed was Lucifer standing there with a very pretty blond being worn by a demon.

"Balthazar, Michael assigned you here, I'm assigning a contingent of demons here also led by Lilith." Lucifer indicated the blonde at his side. "I assume Michael gave you orders to find and eliminate Abaddon's reserve force."

"Of course." Balthazar said glaring at Lilith.

"Then you and Lilith can coordinate your efforts." Lucifer said. "I have already warned her to 'play nice'. The same warning applies to you Balthazar. Remember in this we are all allies." Lucifer said and then disappeared.

Balthazar looked at the demon. "So you're Lilith. I have to say you don't look like much."

"Lucifer has issued his orders I must tolerate your presence." Lilith said. "If I weren't under that order I would show you that looks can be deceiving. But then again I suppose you must also be a deception because you don't look like much either Angel."

"Really, and what exactly gives you that impression?" Balthazar asked.

"For one thing, you look like one of those people who want to be the trendsetter without being the trendsetter." Lilith smirked. "Tell me how many high end designer labels are you wearing right now?"

"Is that with or without my Ralph Lauren Boxers?" Balthazar snarked.

"With, definitely with." Lilith snarked right back. "I really have no interest in seeing an angelic dick's dick."

"Really? And here I thought all demons gave into their lust and greed." Balthazar said.

"And here I thought all angels locked themselves in chastity belts and threw away the key." Lilith shot back.

Balthazar burst out laughing. "This is going to be a very interesting deployment. You give as good as you get. Maybe Cassie is onto something with his little crush on Meg after all." Balthazar gave Lilith a courtly little bow and then held out his arm for her. Care to smite a few of the Hell bitch's minions?"

Lilith gave an evil smile. "I would love to."

Verchiel stood on one side of the room glaring at Alistair on the other. Alistair for his part glared right back. Talk about tense Garth thought to himself as he reached inside his duffle and did something for a few moments.

Taking his hand out of the bag he lifted it up and began speaking in a high pitched childish voice, "Mr. Fizzles doesn't like the tension in this room. Mr. Fizzles thinks we should all just get along."

"What in the name of Lucifer's left tit?" Alistair asked looking at the sock puppet.

Verchiel was also confused. "Mr. Fizzles?"

"I'm Mr. Fizzles and I'm here to help naughty little angels and demons be friends." Garth said in that same childish voice.

Alistair and Verchiel looked at each other before glancing back at Garth and his sock puppet. Verchiel sidled a little closer to the demon. "Perhaps the stress of the upcoming battle is to blame." Verchiel whispered to the demon. "Humans are delicate beings after all."

"That could be." Alistair agreed. "Some of them break quite easily and their mental capacity tends to be the first thing to go."

"Michael and Lucifer will not be happy with this development." Verchiel said. "Garth Fitzgerald is vital to coordinating the efforts of the other hunters involved. And with Abaddon's forces nearby, he could be a danger to our victory."

"Well what do you suggest?" Alistair asked. "I have no desire to tell Lucifer we have broken one of these humans. The blame will fall squarely on me as Hell's former torturer."

"Perhaps a bit of rest before the battle begins will refresh him and restore his mental processes?" Verchiel suggested.

"I think you're right." Alistair considered Garth and 'Mr. Fizzles' as Garth stood there smiling. "You angels are better at putting humans to sleep than us demons. If I do it he'll have nightmares."

Verchiel stepped toward the human.

"Uh what are you doing?" Garth asked as Verchiel reached out to place two fingers against his forehead causing the hunter to collapse unconscious.

"How long will he sleep?" Alistair asked.

"I'll wake him just before we attack." Verchiel said.

"Good idea."

Gabriel, Sam and Dean stood in the doorway watching Castiel and Meg who sat in the kitchen heads together talking quietly.

"Gabriel what's wrong?" Sam asked seeing the frown on the Archangel's face.

"I know I said Cassie needed to get laid, But I didn't mean he should grab the first demon to come along." Gabriel grumbled. "It's bad enough Luci is ready to shack up with Spicy. Now Castiel is calling Meg his 'Thorny Beauty'? Dad just smite me now."

"What? Are you jealous or something?" Dean asked. "Maybe you need to get laid."

"Not hardly Deano, or have you forgotten I can snap up a willing companion or two whenever I like?" Gabriel smirked. "Castiel, planning on losing your V card Bro?"

"I do not understand, what is a V-card?" Castiel turned to look at Gabriel curiously.

"Uh Cas remember when we thought the world was ending?" Dean asked.

"Dean, don't remind me that you tried to corrupt an angel by taking him to a brothel." Sam shook his head.

"Speaking of which," Gabriel said. "You're going to have to share with the class. The thought of little Cassie in a brothel?" The archangel laughed.

"I'm surrounded by perverts." Sam muttered. "You two, out, now!" Sam began shoving his brother and Gabriel into the conference room. "Let the two lovebirds have a little privacy."

Gabriel was halfway out the door when he suddenly stopped and turned around. He stepped up to the table next to Meg and crossed his arms puffed out his chest and put a deadly serious look on his face. "Okay since Mikey and Luci aren't around, it's my fraternal duty to embarrass Castiel."

"He is going to give Meg the big brother speech." Dean snickered.

"Meg, you hurt our baby bro and I can guarantee there will be four Archangels using your soul for a chew toy." Gabriel glared at her for a moment. Then his whole demeanor changed the trickster taking over as he smirked. "Carry on." He said suggestively waggling his eyebrow at the two of them and turned to leave.

"Clarence," Meg said. "There's something definitely wrong with your brother."

"Yes." Castiel agreed his face fire engine red. "He is an assbutt."

Belarus looked at the angel standing in front of him. This one was not one to mess with. He stood erect, and at attention; poised to react in a split second to any threat. "So you are Uriel. I have heard stories of your prowess on the battlefield."

"Belarus, Your reputation precedes you also." Uriel said formally.

"Obviously this area is of strategic importance. Both of our commanders have chosen to assign us here." The demon said. "I suggest we agree to work together and aid each other should the need arise."

"I concur. We will hold this line." Uriel said. "Neither Michael nor Lucifer will have cause to regret their deployment choices."

Michael stood on the steps leading up to the spot where God's throne had once sat. Surrounding the base were angels of all classes. Zachariah (Cleaned up from his impromptu construction career) stood by the Archangel's side.

"There is no need to tell you why you are gathered here. We are now at war." Michael said. "Zachariah has reviewed our battle plans and will monitor the combat situation. But there are specific orders to be given now in the peace before the storm."

Michael turned toward Bobby Singer and John and Henry Winchester. "I understand that as angels guardians are mere fledglings, but you do have the experience and knowledge from your lives as hunters. The human section of heaven is yours to protect. Henry Winchester, I have special orders for you."

Michael suddenly appeared in front of the elder Winchester. "Abaddon disrupted the transfer of knowledge along the line of Legacy. Sam has taken quite well to his place as a man of letters. Dean not so much, but his dedication as a hunter fits well with Sam's studiousness. However Sam cannot absorb thousands of years of knowledge overnight. I'm sending you to the bunker. You will be able to interact with Castiel and Gabriel. Help Sam with locating knowledge as needed."

Michael went back to his spot on the steps. "Scribes, you will be under the supervision of Zachariah. He will need constant up to the second updates. Cupids Gabriel has already spoken to you of your deployments. Horton you will report to Gabriel and act as his messenger."

Michael now turned toward the rest of the host. "A third of you will be deployed to the gates of heaven to secure them. The rest of you will act as reinforcements for the units already deployed. From this moment, we are committed to war. And we will not cease to wage war until Abaddon is destroyed."

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