When Angels Fall

Chapter 107

Balthazar had forgotten how enjoyable it was to take to the field of battle and smite his enemies. He was currently blazing a path through Abbadon's reserve forces. The demons were fighting back fiercely. He took a moment to rest as there was a lull in the fighting.

"Nice armor." Lilith said as she stepped to his side.

Balthazar took a moment to wipe a bit of blood off of his breast plate. "Damned cold and heavy armor. But if I don't wear mine these fledglings I've been saddled with won't wear theirs. Then they'll get themselves killed and I'll have to listen to Michael bitch about the loss of lives under my command."

"Well so far we haven't lost anyone." Lilith noted.

"We did have the element of surprise on our side." Balthazar said "But they know we are here now. I'm sure this little retreat of theirs is for the purpose of reorganizing themselves. Let's not get cocky."

Balthazar beckoned to an angel who had been studiously avoiding fighting. The angel hurried over to him.

"Report back to Gabriel. Tell him that we have joined together with Lilith's forces to begin the attack on Abby's forces." Balthazar said. "Let him know that we have no casualties at this point but we were fighting under the element of surprise. Abaddon's reserves have retreated for the moment, but we expect them to engage us again as soon as they have regrouped. Go and stand by for any new orders to be relayed to us."

"So that's his whole purpose for being here?" Lilith said. "To carry tales?"

"He is a messenger. It's his job to deliver reports to Command and relay their orders." Balthazar said. "That is an essential duty now that open hostilities have begun."

Gabriel looked up as Horton entered the room along with Henry Winchester. Horton hurried over to bow to The Archangel. "Michael has assigned me to act as your messenger for the duration."

"Good but why is a guardian here instead of in heaven?" Gabriel asked Henry. "Last I heard that's where you all belonged."

Henry drew himself up to his full height. "My grandsons were thrust into their Legacy with no preparation or training. Michael has asked me to assist in helping them locate information as they need it."

"Oookay. And how exactly is that going to work? You don't possess the level of grace needed to manifest a physical form you know?" Gabriel pointed out.

"I am aware. He told me that I could interact with you or Castiel, or Horton here. I believe that I can interact with any angel." Henry said. "I do however seem to have some psychokinetic ability. I am able to move objects."

"Son of a bitch!" Dean and Sam walked in just as Henry was demonstrating that ability with a chair.

"Relax Deano." Gabriel ordered. "And stop calling your grandfather a 'son of a bitch'."

"Our Grandfather?" Sam questioned. "Samuel or Henry?"

"Henry Winchester in the grace." Gabriel said. "In the flesh is a bit beyond the capabilities of a Guardian since Dad didn't mean for them to leave Heaven. He's here to help you muttonheads find what you need in this place." Gabriel paused for a moment and tilted his head then nodded. "And to give you some of the training that you never received. He says you aren't yet Men of Letters, only Legacies. The two of you, and mini prophet are the seeds of the new generation. He also wants to know if there's anyone else you'd like to pull in. After we're done with Abaddon of course."

Castiel suddenly appeared in the room holding onto Metatron's arm. "Metatron you get your change to begin to earn your way back into Heaven's good graces. Henry here needs an interpreter to speak for him to Sam and Dean, you've been volunteered. But, and this is a very big but so I suggest to you take it very seriously; should you misinterpret anything or in any other way fail to accomplish the task I have given you, I'll toss you back in the cage myself and throw away the key. Got it?"

"I will talk for the fledgling." Metatron said. "Besides this is much better company than those demons in the basement."

"Castiel keep an eye on him." Gabriel said then saw Horton trying to get his attention. "Well what are you waiting for? Go." Gabriel waved to the group out of the conference room as Horton stood with another cupid whose name Gabriel did not know.

"Balthazar sends his first report and requests and updated orders." The cupid handed Gabriel a scroll and then backed away to stand quietly in a corner.

Gabriel unrolled the paper and read before he called out for Meg. "I need you to take a message to Luci. Tell him that Lilith and Balthazar have attacked Abaddon's reserves. The first contact was an overwhelming success as they used the element of surprise. Abaddon's forces are regrouping Word will reach Abaddon soon if it hasn't already. Let him know that I will send the same intel to Michael."

The demon nodded and disappeared.

Michael and Zachariah were in Heaven's war room studying a scale model of the cosmos. Earth heaven and hell were represented in the model and the two were placing markers at key points to represent the monstrous army allied against Abaddon.

The two looked up when the door opened admitting Virgil. The seraph hurried over and held out a large parchment. "The first reports from the battlefield. Balthazar has attacked Abaddon's reserves in conjunction with Lucifer's forces. They fight together."

Zachariah took it and realized bore the Seal of the Archangel Gabriel." Gabriel sealed it, you will have to open it."

Michael huffed and took the parchment opening it and reading his younger brother's message. Michael then closed his hands around the paper causing it to burst into flame. "Did Horton wait for a reply?"

"He's in the meditation room now." Virgil answered.

"Tell him to let Gabriel know that I will submit the request but not to hold his breath awaiting a reply. If Gabriel feels that it is necessary to act without sanction to do so. I will bear the responsibility." Michael said as Virgil nodded then turned to go deliver the reply to Horton.

"Michael may I ask what that was about?" Zachariah started.

"No you may not. It will not affect the battle or any plans made for the battle. It was a personal communique between Gabriel and I." Michael reprimanded. "Now are there any adjustments that you can foresee needing to make?"

"Not until Abaddon responds to the attack." Zachariah said studying the model.

Lucifer was in the administrative wing with Spicy who was more than dressed the part for war wearing six inch stilettos, a mini skirt, and a cut off T-shirt all sporting a camouflage print. Meg shook her head and hid a smirk.

"Gabriel asked me to bring you an updated report. He sent the same report to Michael." Meg said. "Lilith and Balthazar attacked Abaddon's reserves."

"Has Abaddon responded yet?" Lucifer asked.

"Not yet." Meg answered.

"Her response will not be at the point of attack. She knows that would be expected." Lucifer said. "She will pull her reinforcements and attack a different objective. Pass the word to Belarus and Alistair to be on alert. Have Gabriel relay that to Michael also. Abaddon is not going to respond as we think she will. She is unpredictable to say the least, we need to be prepared for anything."

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