When Angels Fall

Chapter 108

Abaddon snarled as she received the news of an angelic attack on her reinforcements. She had picked Alaska because it was sparsely populated. There was no way those bastards could have known where her demons were unless she had been betrayed in some way.

She made her way into the kitchen where her summoning altar still stood. Gathering what she needed she went through the ritual to summon the most obvious culprit, Thor. She performed the ritual with no success twice before realizing that Gabriel must have interfered in some way with the ritual.

She began to pace. Thor was beyond her reach and considering Maman Brigitte was among the Loa and a part of the loa were the acknowledged Catholic saints Michael and Gabriel, odds were that the same protections had been placed on Brigitte also. What Abaddon needed was a pagan with a long standing grudge against heaven.

She called a demon to her. "You, bring me a volume on Egyptian mythology."

The demon bowed and backed out of the room to carry out the order. It was well documented that the host had handed the Egyptian pantheon their collective asses when they helped the Israelites escape. Perhaps there were still some among those gods who yearned for revenge.

Abaddon's lack of response was putting everyone on edge. The four Archangels were gathered in Heaven's war room discussing why Abaddon had been so quiet.

"What is she waiting for?" Michael asked. "Balthazar and Lilith did a lot of damage to her followers. She can't let this slide without answering the challenge."

"Michael have you even been listening to me?" Lucifer sighed exasperated. "She is retaliating somehow, just not where and when we expect her to. She's crafty like that. It's how she earned her spot at my right hand. Believe me somewhere, somehow she is dealing out a serious blow to us."

"Yeah, so where?" Gabriel asked. "And how are we supposed to retaliate if we don't know where to find her?"

"The number of casualties will be higher than I first thought." Raphael said. "I may need to pull from your messengers brother, if the numbers become overwhelming."

"If necessary I will turn over the bunker to Castiel and take messages myself." Gabriel said.

"No Gabriel, you will remain at your station." Michael said. "I can spare warriors to assist Raphael if it comes to that."

The archangels were interrupted by Horton. "Gabriel you must come with me now. Thor demands your presence. Asgard was attacked. It lies in ruins."

"What?" Gabriel asked shocked. "Please tell me that I heard wrong."

Outside of the bunker, thunder rumbled and lightening flashed in accompaniment of Thor's anger. Freya sat at the table a huddled mess, nothing like the self-assured goddess that have given birth to a thunder god and adopted an archangel. "Does Loki know?" she asked.

"The angel left to notify him and bring him here." Thor said as he paced.

"Thor, he will be devastated. He may not be the father who created them but he is the father that raised them." Freya said as she hugged what appeared to be a young woman to her. "His sons lie dead in what is left of Asgard."

Sam cautiously stuck his head into the room. "I managed to get everyone settled and Gabriel is here. Along with the others including Lucif-ow!." Sam said as all 6'4 of him went tumbling to the ground knocked out of the way by a frantic Gabriel.

The young woman who had been clinging to Freya now lifted her tear-stained face and held her arms out to the Archangel. "Daddy!"

Gabriel slid to his knees pulling the young woman into his embrace. "Princess, Thank Dad." Gabriel held the girl like he was afraid she would disappear. "Thank Dad at least you made it out safe, baby girl."

"Gabriel." Michael prompted gently.

"This is Hel, my daughter, and Freya my 'mother'." Gabriel said never lifting his face from Hel's hair. "Thor what happened?"

"The boys gave their lives to protect Freya and Hel, and to save as many others as possible." Thor's fists were clenching at his side. "I am so sorry brother. Abaddon attacked Asgard in retaliation for my betrayal."

"No." Lucifer's voice cut in. "Abaddon attacked because it was a sound strategic move. Attacking Loki's family is a guaranteed way to knock Gabriel off of his game and cloud his mind with grief. The bitch is well trained in how to effectively fight in the most brutal manner possible and will use every weakness against us." Lucifer turned to Gabriel. "Pull yourself together little brother. We don't have time for this."

"Cut him a break dammit! He just lost his kids. He's allowed to fall apart." Dean piped up. "Gabriel, whatever we can do to take down the bitch, Sam and I will help." Castiel, Benny, Kevin and Jody had followed The Archangels.

"Lucifer is right. We cannot afford to allow our emotions to rule us." Michael said. "Mistakes will be made if we follow that path."

Raphael knelt next to Gabriel a hand on his shoulder. "Stow away your grief for now brother. Bury your pain and let us destroy Abaddon. When she is no more, all of Heaven will grieve with you, we will share in your pain. But for now you avenge your sons by hardening your heart and letting your logic rule."

Gabriel straightened up pushing his daughter away from him. Raphael tightened his fingers giving Gabriel's shoulder a squeeze. The Archangel stood up golden fire blazing in his eyes.

"How many survived?" Gabriel demanded of Thor.

"The Valkyries and a handful of Berserkers." Thor said frowning at the seemingly emotionless being in front of him.

"I expect them to add their might to the defense of this place. No harm comes to Freya or Hel. I will hold them personally responsible." Gabriel turned to Michael. "I want Abaddon's head on a silver platter but I want her to suffer all the agonies of heaven and hell first."

Michael nodded. "I vow to you that Abaddon will beg for destruction before that mercy is granted. She will face the wrath of the host."

"Loki!" Freya called out. "She was not alone. Asgard was hidden from her until Anubis and Hathor led her to our realm."

"Egyptians?" Lucifer noted. "They will be dealt with once and for all. Our father granted them mercy once and this is how that mercy was repaid. The racks of hell will soon be baptized in Egyptian blood."

"Not soon, immediately." Michael said. "I would send Balthazar and since he and Lilith worked so well together..."

"A sound strategy Michael. I will notify Lilith immediately." Lucifer said.

"I want the Egyptian Pantheon completely obliterated." Michael said as the two left the room followed by Gabriel and Raphael.

"So Sammy, think there are some Egyptian summoning rituals somewhere in all these books and scrolls?" Dean asked.

"Probably," Sam answered "But why?"

"Cause like it or not those feathered dicks are family. The whole Guardian thing you know." Dean said.

"Nobody messes with family." Sam answered. "And the Trickster is family Thanks to God's little reward."

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