When Angels Fall

Chapter 10

"So Metatron threw all the angels out of heaven?" Ash asked. "You know; you Archangels are real douchebags when you want to be."

"I should argue with you just on principle but hey," Gabrieal answered "We can be. Only in this case you're wrong. Metatron is not an Archangel. He's a step above being a cupid. He's a damned secretary with delusions of grandeur. You see after Dad finished creating the angels and decided to create Earth, he wanted someone to write it all down It was too much work for him between creating and guiding events. He pulled Metatron out of the secretarial pool and gave him a spot at the base of his throne."

"Unfortunately he let his little 'promotion' go to his head." Balthazar added as he picked up and discarded bottle after bottle behind the bar. "The rest of us used to get a good laugh out of it every time one of the Archs bitchslapped him." He sat down another bottle and sighed. "For father's sake don't you have anything around here remotely decent?"

"All of us had to remind him of his place more than once although Mikey and Luci were the hardest on him. Raphael and I would try to ignore him until he really got out of hand." Gabriel explained. "I guess when he found out we were all out of commission he took his chance tossed everybody out and put Heaven on lockdown."

"So how is it you turkeys are back?" Bobby asked. "You and Raphael were dead and Lucifer and Michael were in the cage."

"Well you can blame yourselves for insisting on praying to Archangel's every chance you get. Enough prayers and they come back." Balthazar said. "Like a bad penny."

"I tend to blame the fact that they keep shoving the top of a pine tree up my ass every Christmas." Gabriel joked. "Tell a woman she's pregnant one time..."

"So how are we supposed to help you?" Rufus asked. "You're all powerful angels."

"Well thanks to Metatron there are exactly six all powerful angels, and he's one of them." Gabriel said. "Balthazar and I have three objectives. Reopen the gates of Heaven, reestablish the gracelink, and prevent Metatron from becoming more powerful than he already is."

"And since there's only the two of us, and we don't want Metatron to catch on that we're here, we need help." Balthazar said.

"But before we can do anything we have to make sure that Metatron can't get to the human souls here. That means we've got to place hundreds of wards." Gabriel said. "I could use my grace to do it but as soon as Metatron sensed me powering up he could grab who knows how many souls before I could get the wards placed."

"And if he did that, placing the wards would be a moot point right?" Bobby ventured. "He would be too powerful for them to do any good."

"I knew there was a reason I liked you Singer, you're right just a couple of human souls would be enough." Gabriel answered. "It would go totally against one of Heaven's most rigid rules. The angel's who are here are bound to protect the humans souls in our care at all costs so you can have peace. Unfortunately Metatron no longer sees you as souls, he sees you as some kind of warped gods."

"So you need us to lay the wards." John said.

"Yep. I'll keep Metatron occupied and Balthazar will open the gates." Gabriel explained. "The minute those gates open the other Archangels will return and we can work on getting the gracelink back in place."

Metatron placed the book he was reading on the table and looked around him. This is what heaven should be. No fighting, everything peaceful and quiet.

It was too bad that the Archangels hadn't been able to stop fighting long enough to see his point. But they were a distant memory. Metatron's memories of those sanctimonious bastards was not good.

Heaven 2500 BC

Metatron struggled in Gabriel's grip. The Archangel's anger as usual was a sight to behold. Gabriel's wrath always seemed worse than Michael's or Lucifer's. Probably because the youngest Archangel was the most easygoing of them all.

Metatron's back slammed painfully into the column of the temple behind him as Gabriel shoved him backwards.

"When are you going to learn?" Gabriel hissed. "Michael forbade you coming to Earth again. He's tired of your constant chatter about humans being on a par with Father."

"But Gabriel..."

"Be silent!" Gabriel ordered. "Every time you come down here, the rest of heaven suffers for your disobedience. And it always ends with me having to come find you before Michael does. One of these days I'm not going get between the two of you."

Metatron schooled his features. Truth was he wished Gabriel wouldn't get between them. Father had hand picked him and placed him at the base of the throne just like the Archangels. They may be older but he was father's chosen one, handpicked by God himself.

"I know that look Metatron. Thinking you're the equal of the Archangels again?" Gabriel snorted. "Get that idea out of your head. Michael will smite you without a second thought, and proudly declare to Father that he has done so. Now go home!"

The present

Out of all of the Archangels, it was Gabriel that Metatron had resented the most. Gabriel always pretending to be Metatron's defender when he liked Metatron no more than Lucifer or Michael did.

And look what it got him, dead at the Morningstar's hands. It was no more than he deserved. Michael and Lucifer locked together in The Eternal cage was also appropriate. Their constant bickering was an unending annoyance. As for Raphael, he may as well not have existed for all of the impact he made.

And now they were gone. They were no longer an issue, heaven could now become the center of all creation as it should be. Now all Metatron needed to do was to begin to collect the millions of stories that the humans had.

Gabriel had just finished drawing a sigil. "The other sigil must be placed first. It will form an uncrossable barrier. But Metatron could easily erase it being Dad's scribe. Place this one on top of it and it will hide the first one from Metatron's eyes. He can't erase what he can't see and this is not one of Father's sigils. It's Pagan, namely one of Loki's." He ended with a smirk.

"Trickster magic." Samuel said. "Tell me something, how can you be an angel and work Pagan magic."

"Simple, I'm not just an angel anymore. I've gotten enough worship as a Pagan God to absorb enough magic that it's become as much of me as my grace." Gabriel said.

"So how do you justify all the things you did as a pagan? All the people you killed or injured." Samuel said.

Gabriel turned toward the hunter. "Now I see where Dean gets it from. So quick to hunt down and kill monsters because they are different and yet protect the human monsters that walk among you. For every one of you that made it here, there's a demon in hell that was once a hunter. They didn't kill monsters to protect people, they killed them because they were different, even when that creature different from you was killing to protect people."

"Monsters should die, they aren't human." Samuel said.

"You barely made it though the gates Samuel Campbell. The only reason you did was because of your wife and daughter. Why don't you tell them why you started hunting me? About the man I killed that brought you to my attention, even better why don't you tell them what he did? Why he was on my radar to begin with."

"He was an old man!" Samuel said. "He wasn't a threat to anyone."

"The scattered bones of 15 children were a testament to what he had already done." Gabriel said and grabbed Samuel's collar pulling him down to whisper in his ear. "And if you think the fact that he was 70 years old would have kept him from doing the same thing to a 3 three year old Mary, think again. I saved Mary's life by killing the bastard but I'm a monster for saving your daughter's life."

Gabriel shoved Samuel away from him. "You need to reevaluate what a monster really is."

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