When Angels Fall

Chapter 109

The young woman stared at the doorway, stunned. She turned toward Thor. "Uncle, why did those angels refer to Daddy as brother? And why did he leave with them."

Thor looked toward Freya. Not quite sure how to explain the situation.

Freya took a deep breath. "Hel, we had hoped never to have to tell you the truth about your father. But we should have known that the time would come. Loki, is the Archangel Gabriel."

"I'm half angel?" she asked confused.

"No sweetheart, you are pure pagan. Your brothers were pure pagan, but Gabriel is your father in every way that matters. You and your brothers were always his pride and joy. By harming you, that demon and her accomplices have brought down the wrath of an Archangel upon their heads." Freya said.

"I do not envy them." Thor said. "I have seen your father in wrathful angel mode and it is not pretty."

"But I don't understand how he can be an angel and be my father." Hel said.

"When Gabriel came to us he was alone and depressed. The fighting within his heavenly family was too much for him to bear." Thor said. "Mother made him her mission she claimed him as her son right in the middle of Odin's hall. She concentrated a lot of effort in him and he eventually began to come out of his shell, then the frost giants attacked."

"When Loki stepped out on to the battlefield, even the berserkers feared to get too close to him. He had powers we had never seen and neither had the frost giants. When they saw the weapon that we had in him they retreated and we have not heard of them since." Thor said.

"But like any battle there were casualties." Freya said. "You and your brothers were left orphaned. I had gathered you all to me and when Loki came to me after the battle to check my welfare and saw you, he told me look no farther to find a home for you. He claimed you all and formally adopted you in the great Hall in front of everyone."

"From that moment on he never failed to dote on you all. He loved you all to excess." Thor said. "The demon has harmed his family, he places great importance on family both his adopted family and now his celestial family."

Jack came through the door of the rack room whistling a cheerful tune. He made his way over to the rack where Gordon Walker was strapped tightly down unable to move. "Well good morning Gordon! Today is a lovely day but I do have a bit of bad news. You will have to get by today without my attentions."

Jack grabbed a wicked set of manacles. The cuffs were made of leather and lined with tiny spikes on the inside. Gordon began making terrified little whimpering sounds.

"What's that Gordon? You must speak up so that I can understand you! Oh that's right I'm sorry. I gave you tongue to the cat yesterday didn't I? The cat literally has your tongue!" Jack continued his cheerful monologue as he worked. "You are worried about these?" Jack held up the manacles. "No need to fret, they are meant for someone else. You are being joined by a couple of VIP's today. Very Important Pagans. So important that Heaven itself has demanded they be tortured."

Jack then went to a large cabinet and begin opening drawers and pulling out all manner of surgical instruments. "I'm thinking an autopsy while they are alive and aware. You certainly screamed beautifully when I began dissecting your leg!"

Jack walked over and began laying out the equipment on the table and arranging it. He then set up a second rack with just the shackles. He took a step back to admire his work. "Did I miss anything Gordon? No? Well then let just tighten you're your bonds and give you your morning saltwater injection shall we."

Jack went over to the cabinet and took out a hypodermic needle and a bottle of saline solution. He prepared the needle and picked up a cotton swab. Making his way over to the now struggling Gordon he opened the alcohol wipe and roughly ran it over the exposed flesh of Gordon's arm. "Since you are skinless my friend, we have to keep up the sanitary practices! Wouldn't want you to get an infection now would we?" Jack pressed the needle into Gordon's arm and depressed the plunger letting his eyes fall closed as he enjoyed his victim's grunts of pain.

Jack looked up at the sound of a commotion outside of the room. The door opened and Spicy stepped in followed by Lilith and…and the angel called Balthazar. The angel and Lucifer's first demon were dragging a couple of pagan's who were uncomfortably shackled.

The two dumped their burdens to the floor. Spicy looked down at the two bodies barring her way. The angel shrugged and held out his hand. Spicy in her size 12 stillettos, stepped on the two prone beings to make her way over to where Jack stood.

"Good morning Jackie! I have your special delivery here." Spicy said as she lifted up the clipboard she was carrying. One female Egyptian pagan, name Hathor and one male Egyptian pagan, name Anubis. Special instructions for handling, the archangels want them torn apart atom by atom. Sign here please."

Spicy held out the clipboard and Jack eagerly signed his name. "Would you get a message to Alistair for me?" He said. "Let him know that I will keep the male on ice for him. No reason for me to have all the fun. Besides I think the mental torture he will endure knowing what is in store for him watching me torture the female will make his eventually torture at Alistair's hands even more effective."

"I will get that message off to him as soon as I get back to my office sugar." Spicy said. "Now would you like these two to help you get them strapped down?"

"If it's not too much trouble." Jack said.

"No trouble at all." Balthazar said grabbing Anubis and pulling him to his feet. "Where do you want him?"

Zachariah accepted the message that the Egyptians had been delivered to the pit. The Seraph snorted, those abominations should have been tossed in the pit in the beginning. He turned his attention to recording the devastation done to the Egyptians Pantheon. Why the morons thought throwing their lot in with Abaddon was a good move he would never fathom.

Zachariah moved on to updating the main battle data. A sweep of Alaska had shown that Abaddon had moved her reserve force. The place was completely clear of demons but those demons were somewhere. Zachariah sat down and began identifying Demon signs and putting all of that information together. Eventually he found what he was looking for.

Clever hell bitch he thought, but not as clever as you think. Zachariah called in a cupid. "Take a message to Michael." He ordered the angel. "Abaddon is gathering her forces in Southern California, namely, Los Angeles."

The cupid bowed and scurried off. How ironic trying to hide demons in the city of angels.

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