When Angels Fall

Chapter 110

"Is Gabriel okay?" Dean asked Michael. "I mean the guy tends to act like a dick most of the time but I prefer that to this creepy ass Terminator that running around now."

"He will be fine once we have dealt with Abaddon." Michael said. "His 'creepy ass Terminator' behavior as you call it is how he is dealing with his grief right now. He can't afford to break down so he has simply cut himself off from all emotion."

"I'm no expert but I did have to take a Psychology course as part of pre-law. I can't believe bottling up your emotions like that is good." Sam said.

"It's not and when he does allow himself to feel again, it's going to be like the eruption of Mt St Helens." Lucifer said. "It's not just grief he's choking down, there's a lot of anger too."

"It is how he will get through this. He has a large family of angels who will help him get through this." Raphael said. "For the moment I am concerned with how Hel is handling it. I get the feeling that Gabriel babied his pagan charges. He went overboard in smothering them with attention over the least little set back."

"Of course he did." Lucifer said. "After all that is what we did with him for centuries until the seraphs came along."

"Speak for yourself Lucifer." Michael said "I can remember you pacing with him in your arms for a full decade the first time he fell while learning to fly."

"Well at least I didn't tell him to angel up and stop sniveling like you did. It was a long fall he was in pain." Lucifer said.

A cupid appeared by the table and bowed to Michael. "A message from Zachariah, Commander."

Michael took the scroll and unrolled it. He scanned it quickly. "Zachariah has located Abaddon's reserve force. He estimates no more than 8 hours before he pinpoints her location."

"Tell him 4." Gabriel said without emotion as he entered the room. "I want that hell bitch and sooner rather than later."

"Tell you what little brother. You need a distraction. Care to go with me to do a little damage to her reserve minions?" Lucifer asked.

"They are in California? Why go at all? We could trigger the fault line and take them out of the equation from here." Gabriel said.

"No! We will not sacrifice millions of innocent lives just to get to her demons." Michael quickly interrupted. "Besides think of the enjoyment you will get personally slicing them open one by one."

"An Earthquake would be more effective." Gabriel said looking at Michael without flinching.

"True but it is not the method that we will take." Michel said. "Trust me baby brother. You do not want to do an earthquake. Eventually the guilt would catch up with you."

"He's right Gabriel, this isn't you. At least it's not the real you." Sam said. "You don't want the guilt. Believe me; I regret almost an entire year of my life."

"Sammy, that wasn't your fault." Dean said. "You were missing your soul. You wouldn't have done any of that if you had been yourself."

"That's my point Dean. Gabriel is not himself right now. I really didn't have anyone to hold me back when I started going off the rails." Sam said. "So maybe I can at least keep Gabriel from making the same mistakes."

Abaddon had expected the Egyptians to bear the consequences of the attack on Asgard, although she didn't expect the repercussions to happen quite so quickly. Of course she had been busy rearranging the deployment of her forces. That might be why things seemed to happen so quickly.

She stepped out onto the veranda of the large plantation home she had commandeered. A tour guide and several guests were now locked in the study. It was just their bad luck to be present when Abaddon had arrived. But their misfortune could turn out to be Abaddon's good fortune.

She made her way to the study where a couple demons were keeping watch over the humans. She looked at the huddled group. This confrontation with the angels had turned into a game of one-upmanship. The angels had destroyed the Egyptians so the ball was now in her court once again.

Abaddon looked at the group her gaze falling on the swollen belly of a young woman. The man standing at her side immediately moved to place himself between the woman and the demon. With an evil smile she issued an order to one of the demons. "Bring them."

Gabriel wiped his forearm across his face then looked at the pile of demons at his feet. Lucifer walked over to where his brother stood slinging the demon in his grip to the ground. "So what will this one lose? A spleen perhaps?"

Gabriel grabbed the demon's hair and lifted it to look at its face. Balthazar stood to the side and watched. Gabriel had gone through this same ritual with each demon Lucifer had tossed at his feet. After a moment or two Gabriel placed his palm on the demons forehead a blue light came from the demon's mouth and drifted upwards. Once the blue mist had dissipated, Gabriel let his angel blade fall into his hand and pressed the tip forward into the demon's abdomen and began digging around with it while the creature screamed.

"You know he's pretty sadistic for an angel." Lilith noted.

"It's not the angel in control right now." Balthazar said snapping up two glasses of wine and handing one to Lilith. "That is a pissed off father making sure that those responsible for the death of his children pay the price. Asgard was his second home after all. At least he's releasing the innocent souls before torturing them."

"Whatever, it's behavior more suited to a demon than an angel." Lilith said. "Somewhere deep down he's enjoying this. I don't think Alistair enjoys his work this much. Maybe Lucifer should hire him as Hell's torturer."

Zachariah was always quick to point out the fact that he had four faces. It wasn't just bragging on his part, he had four sets of eyes that came along with those four faces and it made multitasking a breeze. He was currently reading reports from the field, keeping an eye out for skirmishes, monitoring the gates of heaven and scanning the Earth for signs of Abaddon.

Zachariah sat up straighter as something caught his eye. Abaddon herself had crawled out from under her rock. Zachariah immediately dispatched a squad of angels to follow her and sent a messenger to notify Michael. Abaddon was with a detail of her demons and making her way into the outskirts of a small settlement in the swampland.

In addition to the demons, there were a couple of hairless apes one male, one female and gravid. The baby mud monkey was almost due to be born. Zachariah sat up straighter. Infants were truly innocent souls, to pour corruption into them almost always infected them with evil. Zachariah had to acknowledge that it was not a guarantee that the infant would grow into a monster. After all Sam Winchester had successfully fought his nature when everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion he would turn out to be pure evil.

Zachariah sent more angels with the order to stop Abaddon from accomplishing whatever she planned to accomplish and He sent another messenger to let Michael know of the new development. Considering how the Archangels had reacted to the attack on a pagan stronghold, this might all be over in time for tea and crumpets.

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