When Angels Fall

Chapter 111

Michael frowned at Zachariah's messenger. "He specifically said that she was with them?"

"Yes Commander and he dispatched a squad to prevent her from performing any rituals until you could arrive." The cupid nodded.

Michael turned toward the group in the bunker. "Castiel, be vigilant. This could be a trick. Dean, Sam You have the Colt, don't hesitate to use it."

"Loki gave us orders. No harm comes to Freya or Hel." A blond woman stood in the doorway. 'Their safety and well-being is tied to the strength of this stronghold. We will add our strength of arms to its defense."

"Thank you…" Michael prompted.

"Sif." She responded. "Thor is my husband."

"Thank you Sif. Abaddon should not be underestimated." Michael said.

"I never underestimate a woman." Sif replied. "I am a woman so I am fully aware of what we are capable of. It is men who underestimate women, usually when your brain settles betwixt your thighs."

Sam couldn't help but snort. Dean and Michael looked equally confused. "She just called us out for thinking with our dicks." Sam explained.

"Oh, I guess she must be talking about you Sammy." Dean smirked.

"In my long standing observation, it seems to be common to every creature that has a dick." Sif said. "The all father knows I have had to rein in Thor often enough. Since this demon appears to be female, I would hope that you take advantage of the females present before you rush of half-cocked and do something stupid."

"We seek to destroy Abaddon as soon as possible." Michael said. "We know where she is, we have been given an opportunity."

"And again, I caution you not to rush blindly into this. Do you know what she plans to do?" Sif asked.

"Loki is so consumed with grief at this point, he cannot think straight. This demon has successfully thrown the most unflappable of all pagans off of his game with a simple attack. He is ineffective, unable see beyond the loss of his sons." Sif explained. "How much easier for her should she throw the remaining Archangels into such an abyss of confusion?"

"Sif offers you wise counsel, Michael." Freya said as she entered with Hel and Jody. "It is a different mindset she brings to this conflict and while you may be blessed by your father with a brilliance of battlefield tactics, your thought process is much different than Abaddon's. You function on logic, much like Odin. The attack on Asgard was passion driven, without strategy or control."

"Really? So what do you suggest?" Michael asked.

"First and foremost, do not engage her now." Sif said. "This is a situation that she has arranged."

"Sorry lady," Dean said. "We don't just leave people to die."

"No you don't Dean Winchester. You simply rush in like some Marvel superhero and end up making things worse nine times out of ten. Michael thinks too much, you however don't think at all." Sif said. "You have eluded the reaper for so long you think that you are just as immortal as the angel, you are not. Sooner or later Death will tire of your constant escapes, exactly one second after you cease to amuse him."

"We can't just let her kill innocent people." Sam said.

"Sam, I see why Mjolnir chose you." Sif gave him a compassionate smile. "You have to understand that there are times when the innocent will suffer. Even those of us with the power of gods cannot save everyone. Abaddon may kill a handful today, but their deaths will save thousands tomorrow. I'm sure that Abaddon has learned which buttons to push. As long as you react she will continue to push."

"What you must do is to start pushing back." Freya said. "Learn to push her buttons before she manages to push yours. But for now, where is Gabriel?"

"He's with Lucifer. I think they were going to go take on her reserve demons with Balthazar." Michael answered.

"Call him. Sif is not the only one who has arrived." Freya said.

"Loki." Sif wrapped her arms around her 'brother-in-law'. "I have a surprise for you."

"I'm in no mood for this Sif." Gabriel said rigid in her embrace.

"So you are not in the mood to hear that you grieve prematurely?" Sif asked. "Freya and Hel were not the only ones who escaped death at Abaddon's hands. Do you think Fenrir learned nothing from you? Who do you think kept us on our toes when you chose to leave us?"

"I don't understand." Gabriel said.

"Fenrir has become as skilled as you in creating doubles." Thor said. "Fenrir, Jormangandr and Sleipnir are here. Jormungandr was gravely wounded but he is under the care of his sister and your brother Raphael. The odds of his recovery are very good."

"What? Thor this isn't funny." Gabriel said his hardened exterior cracking just the slightest.

"It is no jest brother, come. They are just inside this room." Thor gestured at the door.

Gabriel pushed open the door to find Hel sitting beside a bed occupied by an unconscious young man. Another young man sat on the other side of the bed while a third man straightened himself up from where he was leaning against the door with a relieved smile. Raphael was also in the room and made his way over to Gabriel.

"Father was watching over his grandsons it seems." Raphael said. "Sleipnir and Fenrir had minor wounds but Jormungandr's wound festers. But I believe that between the two of us we can draw the poison from his body."

Gabriel looked around stunned. All of his children were here and safe from further attack. Gabriel grabbed the slim man by the door and motioned to the one sitting by the bed to come to him. He let himself feel every ounce of relief there was to be felt. "Thanks dad." Gabriel mumbled over and over as he hugged his sons closely to him.

It took a while for the Archangel to calm down but when he did he made his way over to the bed and lifted Hel from her chair giving her a hug and then sat down on the bed and brushed a gentle hand over the unconscious man's forehead. "It's going to be alright Jorm, Daddy is here."

Raphael sat on the other side of the bed. "We should both try to heal him at the same time. I think that will force the infection out. The blow was dealt by a cursed blade. The wound itself is not life threatening and even with the healing we will be doing his recovery will take time."

"Let's just do it." Gabriel said. "I don't want him in pain any longer than necessary."

"Of course." The two angels sent healing grace into the pagan and Gabriel sighed with relief as Jormungandr's breathing grew easier and he settled into a healing sleep.

Gabriel stood up as Hel came and sat down taking her brother's hand. Gabriel turned to his other two sons. "How? I was told you all died saving Hel and Freya."

"Well, it seems Fenrir was actually listening when you were teaching him." Sleipnir said grinning as his brother started to blush. "He created duplicates of us that he sent against our attackers. We were lucky that they were so busy slaughtering our doubles they did not notice our escape until almost too late. Jorm noticed and engaged the Egyptian who thought to attack us from behind. He killed the bastard but was wounded in his side."

"We realized something was wrong when he collapsed soon after our escape." Fenrir said. "It was not a serious enough wound to cause that. It took us some time to get here caring for him and watching for attack."

"What is happening? The woman with the Egyptians said that the attack was the fault of heaven. Then Thor tells us that our father is an Archangel." Sleipnir said.

"It's a long story son. The woman is a demon called Abaddon. She is a threat that we cannot ignore." Gabriel said. "Give us time to deal with her and I will answer all of your questions but yes, I am the Archangel Gabriel. Even though it is not my seed that created you, you are my children I claimed you as such. My celestial origins do not change the fact that I love all of you and will do anything to protect my children."

"Father we are grown." Sleipnir protested.

"To me you will always be the little rug rats that I tucked in at night." Gabriel said with a smile. "That is a father's prerogative."

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