When Angels Fall

Chapter 112

Gabriel snapped up some chairs and sat down, Raphael straightened up from checking Jorm and looked at Gabriel.

"The infection is no longer spreading, he will be fine." The healer gave his brother a slight smile. "I will leave you with your children. I believe that you have much to discuss with them." A flutter of wings and Raphael was gone.

"So kiddo, want to show me what you've got?" Gabriel asked Fenrir. "When I left you couldn't manifest a duplicate to save your life."

"I practiced all the time until I figured out how to do it. Eventually I learned how to manifest but I couldn't control them." Fenrir explained. Then I learned how to control them. I started manifesting multiple duplicates then."

"How many can you manifest?" Gabriel asked.

"The most I ever managed at the same time was five until the attack." Fenrir said. "I was hoping that you would be proud of me." The pagan continued quietly.

"I was always proud of you, of all of you." Gabriel said firmly.

"Then why did you leave?" Hel asked. "We just looked up one day and you were gone."

Gabriel seemed to deflate. "I'm not proud of that. I guess it just runs in the family. I didn't want to leave you, but it was the only way to avoid having you all dragged into the family feud that caused me to leave heaven to begin with."

"The old I left to protect you speech," Sleipnir snorted. "Yeah Pops, you did a bang up job on that score."

"Actually I did do a bang up job on it. I kept you out of the fighting between Michael and Lucifer. I kept Zachariah and Azazel from finding you and using you as weapons to drag me into the middle of things." Gabriel said. "Had either of them managed to get their hands on you, I would have done anything they demanded to keep you guys safe." Gabriel snapped his fingers producing and old parchment scroll. He tossed it to Sleipnir. "The original Book of Revelations. Read it although Michael and Lucifer appear near the end, the rest of the death and destruction in that book is all me. I was supposed to be the one to release the horsemen."

Sleipnir looked at the scroll.

"Zachariah and Azazel managed to find ways around some of the stuff, but I am the key to the final battle. I have to deliver Dad's message of final destruction before this world can be destroyed. Those two warmongers forgot that I am the messenger. You can't slip in a seraph and get the same result."

"Well that whole Apocalypse thing ended years ago and you never came back." Fenrir said.

"Believe me kiddo, if I could have; I would have." Gabriel said.

"Kali was telling the truth then?" Hel asked. "Lucifer killed you. But why didn't you come to Helheim?"

"If it had been a case of a dead vessel and injured grace, I could have. That's what would have happened had it been a simple angel blade. It was my own blade, Baby girl. My grace was 'destroyed bits and pieces of it scattered across the entire universe." Gabriel explained. "The only reason I'm here now is because I'm the most well-known of all the archangels except maybe Lucifer. But people haven't considered him 'angelic' for a long time now."

"You were with him earlier, why." Sleip asked. "He killed you!"

"He is also my brother. And I guess I spent enough time living with humanity that I learned how to forgive." Gabriel said.

"And I suppose I learned how to regret. I understand now the overwhelming torment in your grace, Gabriel." Lucifer said as he and Michael entered the room. "I regret now even more ending our confrontation as I did. I took you away from your children. It is a pain that all of heaven knows too well."

Sleipnir and Fenrir both moved quickly to place themselves between Jorm and Hel and the once fallen Archangel.

"There is no need to fear me. You are my family, niece and nephews." Lucifer said. "Things have changed drastically since that day. I have a feeling that our old man might not take too well to me harming his grandchildren at this point. He has his children once again joined together in a familial bond and has added several human souls to the family as Guardian angels. He has not ordered us to destroy you."

"He would smite you for the very thought Lucifer." Michael said. "He has been speaking to Joshua about his grandchildren. Joshua tells me that Father is overjoyed by the idea now. They are not nephilim, they are pagan. That seems to be acceptable."

"What are you two doing here?" Gabriel asked. "I thought the whole point of Raphael leaving was to give me some quality time with my kiddos."

"True but he also told us that Jormangandr is it? Is still weakened after being infused with grace from the both of you." Michael explained. "Lucifer and I are a bit more powerful than the two of you so we came to infuse him with our grace."

"Luci?" Gabriel asked.

"They are your children Gabriel; that is reason enough." Lucifer said. "You may have forgiven me but I still need to atone for what I have done. We angels seem to be able to turn doing penance into an art form."

"So Sam, did you ever in your wildest dreams think that we would end up on the same side?" Lilith asked as Sam continued to ignore her. "Oh come on Sam, if anyone should be holding a grudge here, it's me. After all you are the one who killed me remember?"

Sam slammed down the journal he had been trying to read on the table and looked up to pin the demon with a glare. "I did it once Lilith, I can do it again." He picked the book back up. "Besides, you and Ruby manipulated me into killing you to release Lucifer."

"The whys and wherefores really don't mean much Sam, only the end result. You killed me and I'm trying to extend the olive branch here." Lilith said. "After all you are they Boy King, second only to Lucifer himself. You do realize that when your time comes you will be a part of hell; you will run hell during Lucifer's absence. You will be as much a demon as you will be an angel. You might as well get used to us."

"Shut up Lilith!" Sam growled. "I'm not in the mood to listen to your lies."

"You seem to tolerate Meg, and Crowley. You even seem to like Spicy." Lilith pointed out. "If you don't believe me, ask any of them. Or better yet, ask Lucifer. He did have us all swear fealty to you after all."

Lilith stood up and went to the door, cringing as she brushed past Castiel who was entering the room. The seraph looked thoughtfully at the retreating demon's back before turning to Sam who was also glaring at the door Lilith had just exited through.

"Sam you appear troubled." Castiel noted. "Unlike Dean you appear to find comfort in discussing your concerns. Would you like to do so?"

"Cas, you would never lie to me or Dean, right?" Sam asked.

"I would never tell you an untruth or neglect to answer a question you have asked although I perhaps would not volunteer information that I understood to be harmful." Castiel said.

"Okay and if I spoke to you about something and asked you to keep it to yourself." Sam started.

"I would not betray your confidence Sam." Castiel said. "I would put your mind at ease Sam. You are my friend; I believe that I can even go so far as to say that you are my family. I would do nothing to cause you harm."

"Lilith just told me something about me being the Boy King and I realized that I really don't have a clue what that means." Sam said. "If she's telling the truth, I'm going to hell."

Castiel appeared to squirm a bit. "You will not be consigned to hell Sam but you will be required to spend some amount of time there, yes. But the time that you do not spend in hell will be spent in heaven. You are equally claimed by both Sam, much like Lucifer."

"So I'm part demon." Sam said.

"I am sorry Sam, but yes. There is a part of your soul that is demonic. It has been there since you were an infant, a result of the demon blood that you were fed. But that is a small part of your soul. The greater part of your soul is bright and pure. I believe it was the purity of that part of your soul that moved Gabriel to act and to ultimately sacrifice himself for you. Even with the evil taint within you, you still strive to do good, to do the right thing. I believe that this is why our father has directly spoken to you and even blessed you with gifts from his hand." Castiel gestured toward the journal Sam was reading. "Do not think of yourself as evil or unworthy Sam Winchester, our father doesn't."

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